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Play of the Day: A New Immigration Plan From the White House

President Trump has a merit-based framework in mind.

The Defense Department hosted KISS frontman Gene Simmons -- without the Kabuki makeup -- at the press room podium on Thursday to talk about military service and late-night joked about the musician. Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about the aged singer, asking "what, you couldn't get Kid Rock?" while Late Late Show's James Corden joked that President Donald Trump was jealous of Simmons' fame and showed a mocked-up image of Trump in Simmons' KISS makeup.

The Trump administration released a new immigration plan this week that would include a point system based on skills, education, age and health. Applicants would have to take a civics exam to get into the U.S., prompting Corden to say that immigrants said to Trump "You first." Jimmy Kimmel outlined part of the plan and joked that the point system is for men because "for women, it's based entirely on looks." Colbert joked about the administration saying the plan is solely a "conversation starter," joking that feces on a coffee table also starts a conversation… just not the conversation anyone wants.

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