Play of the Day: Rex Tillerson Speaks

In December, the former State Department chief reiterated his feelings about the president.

One of the late-year stories of 2018 was the saga of the National Enquirer's involvement in reporting -- and not reporting -- stories during the 2016 campaign, including those about now-President Donald Trump. Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about the news by tying it to the Stormy Daniels, saying that Trump has to separate "the publicans I pay to silence my porn stars and which publications my porn stars spank me with."

Former State Department chief Rex Tillerson broke his silence -- kind of -- on his relationship with Trump. Talking to CBS News reporter Bob Schieffer, Tillerson said that Trump mostly operated by his gut and didn't take in most of his briefing documents, prompting Jimmy Kimmel to joke that Tillerson's comments don't "sound like the president at all." Trump lashed out at Tillerson in the aftermath of the interview, so Kimmel also joked about Trumps earlier tweets praising Tillerson when he nominated him.

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