Play of the Day: Rudy Giuliani's Twitter Hack Confusion

A typo meant that the president's cybersecurity advisor was inadvertently linking to an anti-Trump site.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed a highly anticipated sentencing memo suggesting that former national-security adviser Michael Flynn serve no prison time for his crimes. The memo was heavily redacted, prompting The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon to joke that President Donald Trump asked "did he try to highlight using a Sharpie? Because I do that all the time."

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani tweeted a typo this week -- "G-20.In" that turned into a link to a domain that was not occupied, so a man in Atlanta bought the domain and put up a site with a message calling Trump a "traitor." Giuliani -- who has been a cybersecurity advisor to the White House and runs a cybersecurity consulting business -- mistakenly tweeted that "Twitter allowed someone to invade my text with a disgusting anti-President message." Late Late Show's James Corden joked about the news by suggesting that a photo of Hillary Clinton in a mustache was the culprit, while Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about Giuliani's ignorance, saying that Giuliani yelled "Someone hacked my landline! I can't get an operator to connect me with Klondike 532!"

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