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Play of the Day: Ivanka's Email Usage

The president's daughter used private email for government business. This sounds familiar.

Earlier this month, a company starting airing an ad on Fox News for a teddy bear named and styled after the president. Late Late Show's James Corden joked about Trumpy Bear, saying that the big difference between it and President Donald Trump is that First Lady Melania Trump will actually sleep in the same bed as Trumpy Bear.

The Washington Post reported that Ivanka Trump, who holds an official advisory position in the White House, used her own non-government email to conduct government business, eschewing public records rules.Jimmy Kimmel noted that irony of a major 2016 talking point against Hillary Clinton, saying "the jokes write themselves." People close to Ivanka Trump said that she only used her personal account to conduct business with her family, prompting Late Show's Stephen Colbert to note that her family includes the president himself and her husband (who has a job in the White House) and joked that one of her emails to her husband might end something like "don't tell anyone that my father got confused and tried to fight a mirror."

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