Play of the Day: The AHCA Is Not TrumpCare

The president has finally found something on which he will not affix his name.

Director, actress and ineffective 2016 Hillary Clinton surrogate Lena Dunham told Howard Stern recently that she "stopped being able to eat food" after President Donald Trump's election in November. Fox News' Greg Gutfeld joked Saturday about the revelation, saying "somewhere, a Twinkie breathes a sigh of relief."

The new Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act has not yet been dubbed TrumpCare in any meaningful way, which prompted late-night hosts to wonder why. Saturday Night Live's Michael Che noted that Trump not named the new health care law after himself is like Kanye West calling his next album But Enough About Me… and Last Week Tonight's John Oliver noted all the things the president has named after himself, including ties, vodka and his son.

(Top image via Flickr user jerseygal2009)