GovExec Daily: Climate and a National Green Bank

Kathleen Sifer and Phil Kangas join the podcast to discuss one avenue for the federal government to advance environmental policy.

President Joe Biden’s administration has promised to make the environment a major part of its agenda. The administration has brought in officials specifically to address climate change, has brought the U.S. back to the Paris Climate Accords and has directed agencies to employ “green” considerations in their procurements and strategies. But, there are other ways to further the climate agenda

Kathleen Sifer, Managing Director, and Phil Kangas, Principal, are with Grant Thornton Public Sector LLC, where they focus on federal financial and regulatory issues. They are authors of a post on headlined “How a National ‘Green Bank’ Could Help Advance Biden’s Climate Agenda.” They joined the show to discuss their post and how a green bank could further Biden’s environmental agenda.

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