Viewpoint: Trump’s Most Shameless Act of Profiteering

The president is bringing the G7 to the struggling Trump Doral resort.

The Trump administration has a lot to grapple with at the moment—Turkey’s disastrous incursion into Syriaa strong likelihood of impeachment, a tough reelection campaign—but there’s always time for the president to profiteer from his job.

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney announced today that the United States will host the 2020 Group of Seven summit at Trump National Doral, the president’s golf course near Miami. In other words, Trump is choosing to host an important international conference at a resort he owns, which has been struggling badly. In a presidency marked by the shameless intermingling of the personal and the political, it may be the most brazen act of self-enrichment yet.

Mulvaney barely tried to justify the ethics of the choice during a briefing.

“He’s not making any money off of this just like he’s not making any money from working here,” he said, without offering any explanation for why such a statement was true. The president broke precedent by refusing to separate himself from his businesses when he took office, and while he initially claimed that his sons Eric and Donald Jr. would run the company in a semi-quarantine, it’s become clear that they’re in frequent conversation with their father.