Oversight Group Files Hatch Act Complaint Against White House Press Secretary

While not as “outrageous” as the Trump administration’s actions, that doesn’t “mean we should be casual about compliance with an important ethics law,” the group’s president says.

Lawmakers Question Accounting Firms Over ‘Revolving Door’ With Federal Agencies

A recent news investigation detailed potential ethics issues over the past four presidential administrations. 

Analysis: The Bobblehead Dilemma

Liberals’ love for America’s bureaucrats stands in tension with the country’s deep need for institutional reforms.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Buddies Tried to Get the VA to Sell Access to Veterans’ Medical Records

A congressional investigation prompted by ProPublica’s reporting found Trump’s “Mar-a-Lago crowd,” wealthy civilians with no U.S. government or military experience, pursued a plan to monetize veterans’ medical data.

Inspector General Urges Ethics Review at Federal Election Commission Following ProPublica Report

The FEC’s inspector general has called for the agency to review its policies and internal controls after ProPublica revealed a key employee’s undisclosed ties to Trump.

Inside William Barr’s Breakup With Trump

In the final months of the administration, the doggedly loyal attorney general finally had enough.

GOP Lawmakers Question Ethics Waivers for Former Union Officials at OMB, OPM

House Republicans asked why Democrats have not objected to the use of ethics waivers by the Biden administration, although experts took no issue with the appointees in question.

Ethics Experts Say Administration’s Hiring of Top Biden Advisor’s Kids Raises Questions

A White House official said the Ricchettis have relevant qualifications for their jobs and their levels of experience are similar to those of their predecessors.

Analysis: Trump’s DOJ Was More Dangerous Than We Knew

Revelations since Biden’s inauguration are adding detail to a portrait of ethical decay at the department.

GovExec Daily: Brian Miller and Pandemic Oversight

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss her conversation with the Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery and other oversight stories.

Why Is the FDA Funded in Part by the Companies It Regulates?

The FDA receives almost half its funding from companies it regulates, such as drug and medical device makers. Is this something you should be concerned about?

Were Biden’s Ethics Waivers for Labor Ties Justified?

“Not all ethics waivers are bad,” said a former director of the Office of Government Ethics.

The Model for Fixing the DOJ

Joe Biden has inherited a department plagued by scandal, just as Gerald Ford did in 1974.

Documents Show Trump Officials Skirted Rules to Reward Politically Connected and Untested Firms With Huge Pandemic Contracts

House Democrats investigating the COVID-19 response say Trump adviser Peter Navarro pressured agencies to award deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Birx Joins Air-Cleaning Industry Amid Land Grab for Billions in Federal COVID Relief

Air-cleaning companies with limited oversight are targeting a growing market of schools desperate for COVID-19 protection. Donald Trump’s former adviser lands with one that built its business, in part, on ozone-emitting technology.

GovExec Daily: The Hatch Act, Enforcement and Congress

The Project on Government Oversight's Walter Shaub and Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette rejoin the podcast to discuss how ethics rules can be strengthened.