Play of the Day: Joe Biden's Vertical Video

The former vice president shot a vertical non-apology.

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders raised $18 million dollars in the first quarter of fundraising. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon noted the news by joking about Sanders' looks, saying that "in Vermont, I guess, a haircut costs over 18 million."

Lucy Flores, a former Nevada candidate for lieutenant governor, wrote an essay recently that recounts how former Vice President Joe Biden inappropriately sniffed her hair and kissed her head during a campaign event in 2014. Fallon joked about the news, saying that former President Barack Obama used to spray him with water like a cat when he was sniffing hair, while Saturday Night Live's Michael Che joked that Biden looks like the the type of old man who calls spring "sun dress time." Biden released a video late last week explaining his actions and promising to learn but shot it in vertical mode on a mobile phone. Full Frontal's Samantha Bee has some profane hand gestures for Biden's video, while Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost joked that Biden's vertical video looked like something out of "premium, adults-only Snapchat."

Click here to play the video if it does not appear above.