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The Agencies That Will Remain Open in the Initial Days of the Shutdown

OMB has ordered agencies to scour their budgets to see if they have the money to keep their doors open. Some have succeeded.

During a government shutdown, most federal agencies close down at least part of their operations. But in the days prior to the current shutdown, the Office of Management and Budget asked agencies to scour their budgets in search of funding that could be carried over from previous spending measures in order to keep their doors open temporarily. Such funding includes “multi-year funds, no-year funds [and] mandatory appropriations,” a senior administration official said during a call with reporters Friday evening.

The following agencies have indicated that they have uncovered funding that will allow them to stay open temporarily despite the shutdown. (The list does not include agencies that have independent sources of funding, such as the Postal Service, or those like the Transportation Security Administration, which stay open under exceptions involving the protection of life and property.)

The list will be updated if other agencies make announcements about staying open.

Energy Department

DOE officials identified sufficient multi-year funding to stay open temporarily, according to various news reports.

“Bottom line — the Department of Energy will be open for business on Monday,” DOE spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes told The Hill Friday.

Environmental Protection Agency

Administrator Scott Pruitt sent the following message to agency employees on Friday:

As many of you are aware, annual funding for the government expires at midnight.   

At this time EPA has sufficient resources to remain open for a limited amount of time in the event of a government shutdown.  All EPA employees should follow their normal work schedule for the week of January 22, 2018.

Should the shutdown occur and remain in place through January 26, 2018, we will provide further updates on the agency’s operating status. In addition, all travel needs to be approved by the Administrator’s Office.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and patience through this process, and for all that you do for the EPA and the American people.

Federal Communications Commission

The FCC issued this announcement Friday, via Twitter: “In the event of a partial government shutdown, because of available funding, the FCC plans to remain open & pay staff at least through the close of business on Friday, January 26.”

Veterans Health Administration

Advance appropriations for VHA account for 86 percent of the discretionary budget of the Veterans Affairs Department, the VA has reported. As a result, the vast majority of VA health workers will stay on the job during the shutdown.

Photo: Flickr user Tim Evanson