The Worst Behaviors of Bad Bosses, Ranked

Most workers agree on what makes the worst bosses.

There are many different ways to be a good boss, but if your goal is to be a bad boss, it’s pretty clear what you have to do.

Taking credit for their underlings’ work is the worst of all bad-boss behaviors, according to a new survey of more than 1,200 full-time US workers, conducted by software company BambooHR. When asked to rank a list of odious managerial tendencies, 63% of respondents said hogging credit was unacceptable, or something they would consider worth quitting over.

Women were particularly offended by bosses wrongly taking credit—71% called it the worst behavior—and the habit seems more noxious the older you are. Workers over 60 were much more likely (77%) to find it offensive than workers under 30 (57%).

Other common behaviors are much more tolerable. More than half say its fine if their bosses don’t socialize with them out of work, and 64% say it’s ok if their bosses don’t friend them on social media.

Here’s BambooHR’s ranking of the 10 worst behaviors:

Almost 44% of the workers said they had quit a job because of a boss, and the most commonly cited explanations—the respondents could provide up to three reasons—were management style (37%), inappropriate behavior (26%), or harassment of employees (24%).