Government's Quest to Attract (and Keep) Millennials

Agencies could do a better job of recruiting younger workers.

As agencies across government grapple with the challenge of attracting younger workers, especially those with critical technical skills, they must contend with a perception (also the reality sometimes) that government work is a path to soul-sucking boredom. While most employees—at least the desirable ones—prefer meaningful work, millennials are less inclined than older colleagues to tolerate disappointment on the job.

So what are agencies to do? While they may not be able to compete with the private sector on pay, there are nonetheless steps agencies could take to do a better job of attracting and retaining younger workers. From tapping student loan repayment programs to developing more opportunities for training, there are things agencies can do to ensure they have a robust pipeline for talent. Government Executive Senior Correspondent Charles S. Clark explores the issue in our new ebook, “Government’s Quest to Attract (and Keep) Millennials.” You can download the free ebook here.