Purpose-Driven Government

The public sector is experiencing colossal changes that challenge models of the traditional workforce. In today's demanding environment where employees are expected to deliver more results faster, and with fewer resources, what can agencies do to implement a more purpose-driven model of government?

The pressure from ongoing fiscal constraints, reductions in headcount, and increasing public expectations have exposed rifts in how government agencies meet their critical missions and serve citizens with purpose. In an effort to better understand the challenges public sector organizations face as they strive to implement a more purpose-driven model of government, GBC conducted an in-depth research study of nearly 400 federal, state, and local employees.

Download GBC's Insight Report to learn more about:

  • Perception of citizen expectations, and how agencies are responding
  • Government processes leaders and managers feel are most in need of transformation
  • How effectively agencies are leveraging data, as well as their priorities for using it in the future
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