Getting to 'Ready' - A Survey on Trends and Challenges in Government Technology Adoption Initiatives

Too often, government IT projects run over budget, fall behind schedule, and fail to deliver the intended results. As pressure mounts to more quickly develop, deliver, and integrate technologies, what are federal agencies doing to ensure the successful implementation of mission-critical tools and systems?

The government has a poor track record in acquiring, developing, and managing technology initiatives. To better understand the challenges agencies face when trying to evaluate technology maturity, assess risks, and successfully implement new tools and systems, Government Business Council (GBC) conducted an in-depth research study of federal and defense employees.

Download GBC's Insight Report to learn more about:

  • The demand and appetite for technology adoption initiatives in federal and defense agencies
  • How effectively agencies are embedding technology adoption goals and plans into organizational policies, processes, and procedures
  • The stages of the technology adoption lifecycle that present the most significant challenges for organizations and the top impediments to success 
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