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Video: OMB Controller on modernizing government with fewer resources

Excellence in Government
Danny Werfel, Controller at the Office of Management and Budget, spoke at Excellence in Government on May 7, 2012. There, he spoke about the lessons he learned from setting up, how data and transparency are key to transforming government and how, despite declining resources, we can still modernize government.

An excerpt: 

“How do you modernize an environment where the resource base is declining? Well, you’ve got to be smart and strategic about your investments. In’ve got to eliminate unnecessary costs and non-performing investments...On one side, we’ve got to modernize and invest in new ways of doing business and on the other side we’ve got to tackle the underlying inefficiencies that often exist within our government. 
Whether it’s cutting down on improper payments, eliminating expensive high-risk contracts or managing our real estate more effectively. There are significant opportunities [to cut costs] and we see it throughout our entire government operational footprint. There are always opportunities to do  things more efficiently, to reduce errors, to reduce waste. The demand on us to do this has never been higher. Because ...we have to modernize, we have to meet this mission and we have to do so on a declining budget and resource base.”
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Mark Micheli is Special Projects Editor for Government Executive Media Group. He's the editor of Excellence in Government Online and contributes to GovExec, NextGov and Defense One. Previously, he worked on national security and emergency management issues with the US Treasury Department and the Department of Homeland Security. He's a graduate of the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs and studied at Drake University.

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