Second Furlough Notice and Another Missed Paycheck Appear Likely for Shutdown Feds

Congress skips town with key deadlines pending for furloughed and excepted federal workers.

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Trump’s ‘Major’ Border Deal Is No Deal for Democrats arrowThe president offered three-year protection for “Dreamers” and immigrants with ...

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Route Fifty

Where Public Sector Union Membership Is Shrinking and Growing arrowNewly released employment numbers show a small decline last year in the ...

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Route Fifty

Colorado Joins States Seeking to Boost Electric Vehicle Sales arrowAutomakers are slow to sell EVs in places without zero emission vehicle ...

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Trump’s New Science Adviser Arrived Just in Time for a Shutdown arrowScience advocacy groups take turns imploring leaders to open agencies.

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DHS Pauses Most Contracting Deadlines Until After Shutdown Ends arrowThe extensions only apply to seven department procurement offices and do ...

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Pay & Benefits

Labor Dept. Denies Request That Excepted Feds Be Eligible for Unemployment arrowD.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser had asked for the change to bring ...

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FAA Rule Would Let Drones Fly Over People and At Night Without a Waiver arrowThe move would greatly open the use of small drones but at least ...

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Excellence in Government

Let’s Make This the Last Shutdown. Please. arrowWe can end this folly with a simple piece of legislation.

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White House Widens Its Clampdown on Congressional Travel arrowAfter cancellation of Pelosi trip, OMB instructs agency security teams to get ...

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Lawmaker Warns Shutdown Will Stop SEC From Policing Bad Actors arrowNew House Financial Services Committee chairwoman's oversight agenda ...

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Government Data Detectives: How agency data shops are fighting fraud image description As federal agencies turned to data analytics, they've been able to break up high-dollar fraud rings in the mail, health care and even prisons. This special report examines how successful scam-busting shops tap tools and talent to save taxpayers' money.

Software Enables Innovation image description As policymakers in Washington continue to debate information technology strategy, IT professionals in federal agencies need to be ready to put it all into place to better serve the agency’s objectives and the public interest.

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