Agencies Begin White House-Mandated Training for Every Fed on Consequences of Leaks

Employees across government are receiving training this week on unauthorized disclosures.

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Momentum Builds for Probe of HHS Secretary’s Travel Costs arrowAgency says using charter planes helps Price move power out of Washington.

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IG: Immigration and Border Agency Execs Used Security Details Without Legal Authority arrowHomeland Security agrees to review protection ...

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The Air Force Will Dole Out $1 Billion for Cloud Migration arrowDell EMC, General Dynamics and Microsoft teamed to win a big Air Force contract.

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Trump Is Having a Profound Impact on Regulatory Policy arrowDespite a lack of legislative success, the new administration is making its mark.

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Play of the Day: Trump Wants to Repeal and Replace Obamacare arrowHe may not know what it means, but he definitely wants it done.

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Route Fifty

Local Governments Prepare for a Federal Fight Over ‘Double Taxation’ arrowLittle Rock Mayor Mark Stodola: “Coupled with the declining federal ...

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SAMMIE Awards Honor Team That Cracked Volkswagen Emissions Cheating arrowAward winners will be feted at a black-tie event in Washington on ...

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Can Block Grants Save the Day on Health Reform? arrowStates haven’t necessarily proven to be more efficient managers of health care funding ...

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Congress Wants to Boost Agency Use of Evidence in Program Evaluation arrowImproving data to measure outcomes is not a pretext to cut spending, ...

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Infrastructure Management and Operation—Freeing Agencies to Execute Critical Missions image description Trained specialists within the federal government carry out a wide range of critical missions, and partnering with experienced professionals for complex infrastructure management and operation lets the specialists concentrate on their missions without distraction.

Solutions for Mission Success image description A dedicated resource center to equip government and military leaders and organizations to address the complex technical challenges needed for mission success.

Harness Your Data at Mission Speed image description The era of big data is here. And with it, agencies have the opportunity to make faster, better decisions to improve mission performance. But every agency and organization faces the same challenge: managing and analyzing the large volume of data.

Emerging Tech as an Enabler image description Emerging technologies like cloud and analytics have produced significant benefits in mission performance, the reduction of waste, fraud and abuse or disrupted the status of bureaucracy.

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