Latest Count of 'Revolving Door' Defense Contractors Names Names

Advocacy group blasts ethics law "loopholes" that allow agency alums to lobby.

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Pay & Benefits

What You Need to Know About the Public Service Loan Program arrowA higher education professor explains the complex rules behind Public Service ...

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DHS and Pentagon Memo Details Future Cyber Cooperation arrowThe memorandum of understanding comes after the Defense Department prepared to ...

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Pentagon Began Clampdown on Senior Leaders’ Public Speaking Months Ago, Memos Reveal arrowDOD says it’s to save money and time. Critics say ...

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Play of the Day: The President Examines Voter Fraud Again arrowAre voters wearing disguises to vote multiple times?

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‘Redo’ Nuclear Posture Review, Says Next House Armed Services Chair arrowRep. Adam Smith laid out new terms for a debate over the Pentagon’s ...

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D.C.-Area Agencies Open With Unscheduled Leave, Telework arrowFirst winter weather event of the season hits region.

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Route Fifty

Pressuring Gun and Ammo Manufacturers Through Police Procurement arrowSTATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | A grim search in Calif. for the missing in ...

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Route Fifty

In Cities Rejected by Amazon, Some See Upsides to ‘HQ2’ Process arrow“It wasn't just a sense of winners and losers in this,” says Mayor Karen ...

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Unions Sue VA Over Official Time Edict arrowDecision to ban medical employees from official time is "clear violation of the law," labor ...

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DISA Plans to Award More Than $27.5B in IT Contracts Next Year arrowAn analysis of contract opportunities announced at the Forecast to ...

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Federal Salary Council Revives Fight Over Federal Employee Pay Comparability arrowAdvisory group debates changes to pay disparity methodology.

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Advancing Munitions Accuracy with 50 Years of Defense Electronics Expertise. image description For the world’s most critical missions — where precision and performance are paramount—today’s leading defense industry partners know you need more than just superior components to build the latest generation of missiles and munitions. You need integrated signal chain design that only an electronics supplier with deep experience in the category can help deliver.

Technology Advances. Federal Impacts. image description Technology is now firmly embedded throughout our everyday activities, but its reach is larger than that: businesses are using their products and services to reshape, reimagine, and transform how our society works, communicates, and lives.

Artificial Intelligence Unleashed image description How agencies can use AI to automate & augment operations to improve performance.

Powering Opioid Outreach with Digital Marketing Platforms image description The opioid epidemic is a human tragedy, one that is taking 116 lives daily in the United States. This nationwide epidemic requires that treatment and recovery information be delivered in a coordinated and rapid-fire manner to reduce the number of people falling prey to addiction and help those in the throes of it.

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