Cautionary Tales from Past Attempts at Pay-for-Performance

Merit board warns of pitfalls in changing compensation structures.

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Route Fifty

Survey: Consumers Value Real-World AV Testing. Just Not Where They Live arrowRecent high-profile crashes have “cast a shadow” on driverless ...

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CBO Boosts Transparency In the Face of Lawmaker Wrath arrowCongress’s nonpartisan budget arm wants you to understand how it comes up with its ...

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Route Fifty

FCC Floats Ideas to Fill In Wireless Dead Zones arrowBoth Democrats and Republicans at a congressional hearing agreed that gaps in coverage ...

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VA Opens Bids on Revamping its Main Website arrowVA wants to improve its web presence in a big way.

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FCC Chief: I Was Between a Rock and a Hard Place on Debunked DDoS Claim arrowAn inspector general determined last week the commission ...

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Pay & Benefits

USPS Must Rescind Its Ban on Employees Taking Leave to Campaign for Union-Backed Candidates arrowRepublican senator, watchdog agency had ...

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Federal Acquisition Workers Rate Themselves Highly on Most Skills arrowSurvey shows pricing for combat-area contracts as one area of difficulty.

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Excellence in Government

The Benefits of Listening More arrowIt's a skill too many leaders underestimate.

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Route Fifty

The States Where Salaries Stretch Farthest arrowThe purchasing power of your salary depends largely on where you live, according to new ...

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