Unions Accuse Administration of Circumventing Court Order Through Bargaining

Employee groups say that despite a court ruling overturning Trump's workforce executive orders, the administration continues to push the provisions.

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After a Slow Start, Trump’s Civil Service Reformers Connect With Experts arrowGood-government groups, some still skeptical, say they’re being ...

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Route Fifty

Will California Make It Harder for Police to Use Deadly Force? arrowA change in standards could be copied by other states, but has not yet ...

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Route Fifty

Lawsuit Will Test State Plan to Shift Retiree Drug Coverage to Medicare arrowMaryland enacted changes to save billions of dollars on health ...

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Immigration Judges’ Union Leader Warns of 'Dark New Era' arrowJustice Department plan for case quotas and deadlines kicks in Oct. 1.

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Pay & Benefits

Contract Expires for 200K Postal Workers, Negotiations Extended a Month arrowAPWU says it will not agree to any more pay freezes or new tiers ...

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Survey: Cyber Pros Leave Government For More Than Just Money arrowOther factors like leadership and mission play a factor too, according to a ...

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Senators Are Asking Whether Artificial Intelligence Could Violate U.S. Civil Rights Laws arrowSenators are pressuring government agencies to ...

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DHS Needs to Define Network Disruptions Before It Can Fight Them arrowAgencies have different definition of what an outage is and that matters.

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Largest Federal Employee Union Files Contempt Motion Against VA arrowAFGE accuses the department of refusing to comply with a court ruling ...

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Democratic Senator Questions Mulvaney’s Hatch Act Compliance arrowWarren sends offices of Government Ethics and the Special Counsel a letter ...

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Kim Jong Un Liked His Trump Summit So Much, He’s Calling For Another One arrowKim Jong Un is likely aiming for economic concessions and a ...

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