Education Department Proposes New, More Restrictive Telework Policy

Action follows unilateral implementation of a new management edict by agency leadership.

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The FDA Says It’s Taking The Lead On The Regulation Of Cell-Cultured Meat arrowThere's a fight over how to manage the safety of lab-grown ...

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Play of the Day: President Trump is Making America Some New Friends… And Enemies arrowJustin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron are too hot to be ...

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Informants Aren’t Spies – They’re Essential FBI Tools arrowAn informant gathered information from Trump campaign staffers for the FBI's Russia ...

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Route Fifty

State Budget Forecasts Could Shift in a Big Way arrowCOMMENTARY | Here’s why preliminary observations and estimates from the recent ‘Fiscal ...

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Excellence in Government

The Challenge Effective Leaders Embrace Every Day arrowOrganizations are mostly designed to optimize the status quo. A simple diagram can show ...

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FTC Suggests Considering Security Disclosure Rules for Connected-Device Makers arrowIf the Consumer Product Safety Commission required IoT ...

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Zones for New Federal Tax Breaks Approved in All 50 States arrowGuidance for the “Opportunity Zones” program, which will provide tax breaks ...

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Pentagon Asks for Ideas on Building a Universal Telehealth Network arrowThat includes looking at tech that connects patients with providers.

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As White House Preps Successor, Mulvaney Plans to Exit Consumer Agency arrowUnder Vacancies Reform Act, acting director’s tenure ends June ...

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Local Advocates Decry Proposed State ‘Bribe’ to Permit Drilling arrowHouse Republicans are pushing a plan that would financially incentivize ...

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Half of Feds Support White House Attempts to Ease Firing Process image description But support for federal employee unions, which oppose the changes, remains steady at 42 percent. Read more

Science in the Age of Trump image description Key federal vacancies and policies dismissing climate change worry many in the field. Read more

Poll: More Americans Want the 'Best People' in Government Than Private Sector image description Trump promised to bring the best into federal service, but is helping many find the exits. Read more

Blame Weak Management, Not Lack of Authority, for Poor Performers image description For the most part, federal supervisors already have the ability to do all of the things described in Trump’s new executive order on removal procedures. Read more


Flash Poll: Vigilance in the Age of Mobility image description Agency leaders, IT managers, and federal workers across functions are familiar with IT security challenges. The federal government handles highly sensitive data, and its use of devices must reflect this reality.

The Dynamic Threat: Government Tactics Must Evolve to Combat the Insider Threat image description Unless government agencies strive to understand the holistic profiles and behavioral risk patterns in their workforce, they will never be able to stay ahead of the deliberate attacks from within. In a new issue brief, GBC explores the types of motivations and common indicators of insider threats, and what agencies can do to maintain vigilance in 2018.

Disrupting Government image description Federal agencies are faced with a suite of technologies that are nebulous yet promising. Big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and others—whether developed by established companies or small startups— have the same disruptive potential of their technological counterparts of old. But will they find a home within the federal government? Can they make the government more efficient or save costs?

Flash Poll: The AI Advantage image description New advancements in the field of machine learning are enabling organizations to process — and make use of — massive amounts of data like never before. A new poll by Government Business Council (GBC) invites federal employees to weigh in on the debate, asking them whether AI can advance mission effectiveness.

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