See Who Would Get Furloughed in a Christmas Shutdown

Nearly 350,000 feds could be sent home without pay come Dec. 21.

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Security Clearance Backlog Dips as Pentagon Gears Up to Take Over Processing arrowThe move will entail absorbing the National Background ...

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Retirement Planning

Why Retirement Processing Takes So Long arrowAnd what you can do about it.

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Celebrating Distinguished Federal Leaders, With a Nudge Toward Change arrowWhite House management deputy presses senior executives to accept ...

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Democrats Challenge Trump Over Vietnam Deportations arrowMembers of the House of Representatives are raising concerns over the White House’s ...

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The FBI Needs To Burn 53 Tons Of Classified Material arrowThat's a lot of secrets

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Customs And Border Protection Is Using Retinal Scans To Try To Catch Liars arrowThey may hold promise as deception-detectors, but some think ...

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Federal CIO Previews 2019 Priorities arrowOMB will roll out more reskilling programs, tweak FITARA scoring and is looking at standards for ...

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Pay & Benefits

As Spending Talks Break Down, a Pay Raise for Feds Hangs in the Balance arrowLawmakers continue to negotiate how to include a 1.9 percent ...

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White House Expects to Stand Up GEAR Center in 2019 arrowBut most other key aspects of the modernization research center are up in the air.

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Government Reverses Course, Sending 4-Year-Old Boy Back to His Father arrowMore than 11 weeks after separating a young Salvadoran boy from his ...

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Excellence in Government

The Brief But Satisfying Pleasure Of Not Taking Feedback Well At All arrowAccepting criticism well is a leadership skill. Not everyone has it.

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'Not Even Invited Into the Room:' How the Trump Administration Is Treating Federal Scientists image description When Trump was elected, federal scientists were worried. Two years later, their fears are being realized. Read more

Four Traps in Federal Recruiting, and How to Avoid Them image description As the need for talent is increasing, competition from the private sector is growing fiercer. Read more

What Really Ails the Federal Workforce image description We know what’s broken—leading the list is the General Schedule. Read more

The Trump Administration’s War on Regulations image description Career civil servants have joined the crusade to cut red tape—to a point. Read more


Artificial Intelligence Unleashed image description How agencies can use AI to automate & augment operations to improve performance.

Modernization Nation: A look at updating the federal government's technology and operations image description The push to modernize the government’s IT systems, across all its branches, is ramping up. In this ebook, we’ll discuss how policymakers have set the tone for IT modernization with objectives and directives and how agencies are attempting to meet them.

Government Data Detectives: How agency data shops are fighting fraud image description As federal agencies turned to data analytics, they've been able to break up high-dollar fraud rings in the mail, health care and even prisons. This special report examines how successful scam-busting shops tap tools and talent to save taxpayers' money.

Software Enables Innovation image description As policymakers in Washington continue to debate information technology strategy, IT professionals in federal agencies need to be ready to put it all into place to better serve the agency’s objectives and the public interest.

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