Federal Pay Raise Rests in the Balance as Parties Float Riders to Spending Package

With eight legislative days left before a shutdown deadline, Trump and Democrats seek additions to must-pass legislation.

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How To Set Healthy Boundaries At Work arrowThere are three major categories of boundaries.

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IRS Failed to Track 11,000 Breached Social Security Numbers for Tax Fraud arrowThe tax agency also failed to review another 15,000 breached ...

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Pay & Benefits

Lawmaker Proposes Parity for Federal Pension COLAs arrowA bill introduced by Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., would calculate cost of living ...

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Space Force Actually May Be a Bargain, New Cost Estimate Says arrow“At this point it may be a coin toss whether or not this makes it ...

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CBP’s Facial Biometrics Program Has Caught 26 Alleged Imposters arrowSince its rollout this summer, the biometrics program is finding more ...

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The IRS Oversight Board Is Worried About a 'Serious Threat to Taxpayer Rights' arrowPrivate debt collectors under contract to the agency are ...

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Analysis: How to Fix the Broken U.S. Immigration System arrowWe must deal with a years-long backlog and millions of undocumented workers, ...

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Excellence in Government

Is Investing in Fraud Prevention a Smart Financial Decision? arrowAgencies are often reluctant to proactively manage fraud, possibly because ...

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Feds Must Start Preparing for Their Future Jobs, NSF CIO Says arrowA new National Science Foundation app could help federal employees actively ...

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Play of the Day: Let's Save The California Forest. Grab a Rake. arrowIn California, President Donald Trump suggests wildfire prevention starts ...

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Route Fifty

A Growing Need for Aging-in-Place Services in Suburbs and Rural Areas arrowA new Harvard study found that the share of older adults living in ...

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The Staggering Numbers Behind the Security Clearance Backlog image description There’s progress, but the fact remains that the number of investigations sitting before the National Background Investigations Bureau is overwhelming. Read more

One More Time: Are Federal Employees Underpaid or Overpaid? image description The Federal Salary Council will meet Tuesday to consider the question. Here’s what members should consider. Read more

Four Traps in Federal Recruiting, and How to Avoid Them image description As the need for talent is increasing, competition from the private sector is growing fiercer. Read more

How Agencies Can Make the Most of Their Data image description Government likes to tackle challenges by designating new management chiefs: The latest to join the C-suite is the chief data officer. Read more


Advancing Munitions Accuracy with 50 Years of Defense Electronics Expertise. image description For the world’s most critical missions — where precision and performance are paramount—today’s leading defense industry partners know you need more than just superior components to build the latest generation of missiles and munitions. You need integrated signal chain design that only an electronics supplier with deep experience in the category can help deliver.

Technology Advances. Federal Impacts. image description Technology is now firmly embedded throughout our everyday activities, but its reach is larger than that: businesses are using their products and services to reshape, reimagine, and transform how our society works, communicates, and lives.

Artificial Intelligence Unleashed image description How agencies can use AI to automate & augment operations to improve performance.

Powering Opioid Outreach with Digital Marketing Platforms image description The opioid epidemic is a human tragedy, one that is taking 116 lives daily in the United States. This nationwide epidemic requires that treatment and recovery information be delivered in a coordinated and rapid-fire manner to reduce the number of people falling prey to addiction and help those in the throes of it.

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