Plan to Pay Excepted Feds Before the Shutdown Ends Gains Momentum

A bill to promptly pay employees currently working without compensation has the support of more than 20 Republican sponsors, and Democrats could soon follow.

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Route Fifty

People Aren’t Walking More. But More Pedestrians Are Getting Killed. arrowThe trend appears to be especially troublesome in the South, and for ...

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Route Fifty

What Democratic and Republican Mayors Agree On arrowMayors of all stripes are frustrated with the effects of rising housing costs, but ...

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Excellence in Government

You Use Less Info To Make Decisions Than You Might Think arrowPeople consume far less information than expected before making judgments and ...

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Route Fifty

Restrictive Handgun Law to Be Considered by Supreme Court arrowThe New York City law restricts gun owners from transporting an unloaded ...

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USDA Continues Controversial Call-Backs of Furloughed Employees arrowFarm Service Agency to resume full services on Thursday.

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FBI Field Offices Collect Food Donations for Unpaid Employees arrowNormally quiet and nonpolitical agents association publishes shutdown ...

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Former Google Chief to Chair Government Artificial Intelligence Advisory Group arrowEric Schmidt will join 14 other tech experts on the ...

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Pay & Benefits

OPM Warns Feds Against Sick-Outs arrowAlthough the Trump administration was lenient toward absences at the start of the partial government ...

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Pay & Benefits

Senate Republicans to Hold First Vote to Reopen Government and Give Feds a Raise arrowBoth chambers have separate plans to fund agencies. ...

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