Behind the Scenes of Implementing Trump's Border Hiring Surges

ICE employees have spent 2,000 work days preparing for a hiring surge that may never come.

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FBI Internal Survey Shows Morale Was Higher Before Comey was Fired arrowA “climate survey” taken in February and March suggests employees ...

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Official Says Vendors Will Have To Abide by New IT Spending Schema Too arrowBut officials have yet to answer outstanding questions about how ...

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Trump Believes Putin, Rejects American Findings on Election Hacking arrow“I do not see any reason why it would be” Russia.

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Pentagon Watchdog to Examine Sexual Harassment at Defense Schools arrowSenate committee requested review as part of family readiness push.

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White House Lays Groundwork for Improving Government Customer Experience arrowThe Office of Management and Budget’s new Circular A-11 provides ...

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In Retirement, Most Ex-Presidents Can’t Resist The Urge To Stay Relevant arrowWhat happens to motivated, determined and egotistical men when ...

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Analysis: The Swamp Isn’t Easy to Drain arrowCorruption has been inherent to American government since the Founding Fathers—and acknowledging ...

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10 Leadership Questions for Brian Fox arrowThe mapmaker has some advice for those charting a federal career.

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Play of the Day: Updating Air Force One arrowThe president may want to make some changes to his plane.

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Excellence in Government

How Setting A Schedule Can Make You Less Productive arrowYou might think you've made your day more efficient – but it can actually affect what ...

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Survey: One in Three Feds Say They or a Colleague Have Received Threats in 2018 image description Thirty-seven percent of respondents think threats or harassment is more likely now than six months ago. Read more

Managing Your Career in the Trump Era image description Do you feel like you are making a difference or are you just trying to survive? Read more

White House Proposes a Massive Reorganization of Federal Agencies image description The plan, which aims to cut “bloated” bureaucracy, would likely face stiff resistance in Congress. Read more

Science in the Age of Trump image description Key federal vacancies and policies dismissing climate change worry many in the field. Read more


Flash Poll: Vigilance in the Age of Mobility image description Agency leaders, IT managers, and federal workers across functions are familiar with IT security challenges. The federal government handles highly sensitive data, and its use of devices must reflect this reality.

Disrupting Government image description Federal agencies are faced with a suite of technologies that are nebulous yet promising. Big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and others—whether developed by established companies or small startups— have the same disruptive potential of their technological counterparts of old. But will they find a home within the federal government? Can they make the government more efficient or save costs?

Safeguarding Your Future: Comprehensive Retirement Planning in the DoD image description Retirement planning may seem like a daunting task, but there are a host of resources federal employees and active duty military personnel can use to stay informed.

The Importance of Having a Long Term Care Plan image description In order to live your ideal life, planning is essential, and long term care insurance could be a part of an effective plan.

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