All But Three Cabinet-Level Agencies Have Shed Jobs Under Trump

Agencies say they are now trying to reverse that trend.

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Route Fifty

The Poop Problem Plaguing One of America’s Wealthiest Cities arrow“People should have places to go to the bathroom when they need to, and in ...

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Cyber Officials Swear They Aren't the Enemy arrowFederal cyber officials want to help agencies build more secure health care systems, not just ...

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Lone Senator Continues to Block Vote on Counterintelligence Leader arrowSen. Chuck Grassley’s reasons for putting a hold on the nomination of ...

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Route Fifty

Building a Map to Help Care for Vulnerable Residents arrowSan Bernardino County, California, uses a survey and mapping tool to connect ...

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Pentagon’s Digital Guru Chris Lynch to Depart arrowDOD office instrumental in the JEDI cloud competition is getting a new director this month.

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Federal Cyber Reskilling Academy Announces Second Class arrowThe second class will be open to all feds, not just those who do not work in IT.

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State Dept. Employees Could Award Themselves Promotions, Watchdog Warns arrowAuditor notes need to enforce multiple approvals of personnel moves.

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Excellence in Government

Progress Is Finally Being Made on Security Clearance Backlog arrowImprovements to processing times are still needed.

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On Politics

Viewpoint: The Mueller Report Was My Tipping Point arrowI was a Trump transition staffer, and I’ve seen enough. It’s time for impeachment.

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Acting Defense Secretary Appoints New Digital Service Director arrowChris Lynch and his hoodie are leaving the Pentagon.

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In Acquisition, Standing Still Is the Biggest Risk image description Urgent mission needs demand innovative procurement tools; fortunately, agencies have options. Read more


Doing Good with Government Data image description You may wonder where to start in using analytics to improve operations and enrich the lives of citizens. Quite simply, analysis begins with a problem. What issue do you want to solve? What task needs to be simplified? Start by solving that one problem. Then, after gleaning value from that first solution, use analytics to solve other problems throughout the organization.

Election Security Tested image description We’ve learned a lot about election security in the two years following the 2016 presidential election, and most of it is not confidence-instilling. U.S. voting systems, like any other electronic systems, have vulnerabilities. The midterms brought only false alarms, but securing elections is a marathon, not a sprint. In this ebook, we look at the issues that need continued attention.

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2019 Outlook for Federal Management Priorities image description It’s been 40 years since the federal personnel system underwent significant reform. Like his recent predecessors, President Trump has a management agenda to modernize the federal workforce.

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