TSP Officials Confident Congress Will Act on Shutdown Relief Bill

Lawmakers are considering as many as five bills that would make it easier for federal employees to access their Thrift Savings Plan accounts during a government shutdown.

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FEMA Defends Actions Following Data Release Affecting 2.3 Million Disaster Victims arrowThe agency said there’s no indication that survivor ...

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DHS Invests $5.9 Million into Cyber Training Tool for Energy Sector arrowThe project will expand a strategic decision-making and communication ...

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Route Fifty

Americans Drove a Record Number of Miles Last Year arrowThat's 3.2 trillion miles on the road, based on new U.S. DOT estimates.

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GSA’s 10x Offers Seed Funding To Develop Feds’ Tech Ideas arrowThe four-phase program is looking to test, fund and build federal employees’ ...

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Watchdog: Fuzzy Communication Is Hindering Effort to Standardize Agency Data arrowAmid reorganization OMB lacks clarity on DATA Act, GAO finds.

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HUD’s Inspection System Gets a Poor Grade in Congressional Watchdog’s Report arrowThe Government Accountability Office’s findings mirror those ...

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Excellence in Government

If Performance Governs Pay, More Workers Take Antidepressants arrowCompanies moving to a pay-for-performance process may lead to an increase ...

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If Trump’s Border Wall Becomes Reality, Here’s How He Could Easily Get Private Land for It arrowA law is supposed to protect property owners ...

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Play of the Day: Checking in on the 2020 Democrats arrowNew candidates seemingly appear daily.

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