House Panel Advances Bills to Streamline Firing, Reduce Employee Protections

Legislation aims to make it easier for managers to deal with poor performers; critics say provisions will undermine due process and hurt employees.

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Agency Buyers Express Rising Optimism about Workforce Skills, Communication arrowBut contractors group interviews reveal ongoing worries about ...

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Expanded Job Training for Vets, GI Bill Changes and More arrowA weekly round-up of pay and benefits news.

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Route Fifty

Gone, But Not Forgotten: Wisconsin City's Snow Pile Finally Melts arrowA snow pile in Appleton, Wisconsin lasted until July 9, attracting ...

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Here’s What Treasury’s Data Lab Found in 10 Years of Federal Contracting Data arrowYear after year, 6 to 8 percent of contract spending is ...

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Records Management

E-Mail Preservation Bill Clears House arrowNational Archives would be required to tighten rules at White House and agencies, 46 percent of ...

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The Air Force Wants More Commercial Companies Working AI Projects arrowDefense leaders issue a new call to industry after a study finds just ...

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Bill to Block Feds' Personal Email, Social Media Access Advances arrowThe bill would authorize agency leaders to block any website for ...

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Excellence in Government

How to Keep Your High Performers Happy arrowPlus, ways to prevent toxic workers from corrupting your team.

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Excellence in Government

The Decision-Making Style That Helps Leaders Survive Can Also Thwart Their Legacy arrowConsider Merkel and May.

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Excellence in Government

Will Quitting Social Media Hurt My Career? arrowAs a young person, I worry that employers expect me to have a presence on social media.

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Survey: One in Three Feds Say They or a Colleague Have Received Threats in 2018 image description Thirty-seven percent of respondents think threats or harassment is more likely now than six months ago. Read more

Managing Your Career in the Trump Era image description Do you feel like you are making a difference or are you just trying to survive? Read more

White House Proposes a Massive Reorganization of Federal Agencies image description The plan, which aims to cut “bloated” bureaucracy, would likely face stiff resistance in Congress. Read more

Science in the Age of Trump image description Key federal vacancies and policies dismissing climate change worry many in the field. Read more


Flash Poll: Vigilance in the Age of Mobility image description Agency leaders, IT managers, and federal workers across functions are familiar with IT security challenges. The federal government handles highly sensitive data, and its use of devices must reflect this reality.

Disrupting Government image description Federal agencies are faced with a suite of technologies that are nebulous yet promising. Big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and others—whether developed by established companies or small startups— have the same disruptive potential of their technological counterparts of old. But will they find a home within the federal government? Can they make the government more efficient or save costs?

Safeguarding Your Future: Comprehensive Retirement Planning in the DoD image description Retirement planning may seem like a daunting task, but there are a host of resources federal employees and active duty military personnel can use to stay informed.

The Importance of Having a Long Term Care Plan image description In order to live your ideal life, planning is essential, and long term care insurance could be a part of an effective plan.

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