These Are the 15 Trump Reorganization Proposals Agencies Can Advance Without Congress

A majority of the proposed reforms will require legislation, and lawmakers appear poised to block others.

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Jeff Sessions Is Quietly Transforming the Nation’s Immigration Courts arrowThe attorney general has stepped up the hiring of immigration ...

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Pentagon to Young Techies: We Want You (To Come Work for Government) arrowThe Defense Department is trying new methods of engagement to ...

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Route Fifty

Signs of Strong Interest in ‘Opportunity Zones,’ as Investors Await Regulations arrow“The number of dollars that are flooding to the space ...

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Another Pay Freeze Notice, Emergency Leave for Disaster Victims and More arrowA weekly round-up of pay and benefits news.

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Global Cyber Workforce Shortage Mirrors Government’s Struggle arrowThe lack of qualified cyber workers outpaces concerns about budget and ...

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FEMA Wants a New Way to Verify Survivors After Disasters arrowThe new system will need to handle up to 750,000 cases at the same time to ...

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White House Red-Tape Cutters Tabulate $23 Billion in Fiscal 2018 Savings arrowRules changes or repeals are outpacing previous administrations’ ...

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China’s Moon Missions Could Threaten U.S. Satellites: Pentagon arrowA satellite on the far side of the moon might not be quite what the ...

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The U.S. Government Is Wasting Millions Guarding Confederate Graves arrowIt's already spent $3 million to date, according to records obtained ...

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Excellence in Government

Possible Explanation for Why Some People Get More Colds arrowNIH-funded researchers have uncovered some new clues.

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AvePoint Public Sector Cloud Migration Handbook image description The daunting task of data discovery, classification, clean-up and migration can pose an obstacle to agencies seeking to upgrade to the cloud. The good news is that even though this is no small feat, it can be a surprisingly smooth and efficient process with the right preparation and support.

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Top 5 Ways Supercomputing Is Impacting Scientific Research image description Governments, businesses, and industries are coming together to discuss urgent investments in artificial intelligence (AI) that will help them stay competitive in the supercomputing race and maintain leadership in scientific research.

Advancing Munitions Accuracy with 50 Years of Defense Electronics Expertise. image description For the world’s most critical missions — where precision and performance are paramount—today’s leading defense industry partners know you need more than just superior components to build the latest generation of missiles and munitions. You need integrated signal chain design that only an electronics supplier with deep experience in the category can help deliver.

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