Pompeo Backs Away From Trump’s Planned State Department Cuts

The secretary repeats his vow to restore workforce “swagger,” and counter Russian election interference.

Read more May 24 Leave a comment J.Scott Applewhite/AP


Investigators Slam NASA for Numerous IT and Cybersecurity Shortcomings arrowThe agency has only made modest progress on longstanding issues.


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Excellence in Government

Four Reasons Why Hiring Veterans Makes Good Business Sense arrowThey’re trained to be trainable and can take criticism.

Retirement Planning

The Benefits of Retirement Counseling arrowFewer and fewer agencies offer face-to-face advice.


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Science in the Age of Trump image description Key federal vacancies and policies dismissing climate change worry many in the field. Read more

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To Innovate, Government needs to take advantage of AI image description There is no doubt — artificial intelligence (AI) is the future. Through significant investments in tools such as machine learning and deep learning, commercial sector organizations are leading the way in discovering what is possible with AI.

Data-Driven Readiness: Using Advanced Analytics to Balance Performance with Costs image description Defense organizations have long sought to take full advantage of one of their most valuable resources – the vast amount of data they collect day in and day out. This data can support more insightful, forward-looking decisions about readiness, logistics, manpower, costs, and a host of other critical defense concerns.

Flash Poll: The AI Advantage image description New advancements in the field of machine learning are enabling organizations to process — and make use of — massive amounts of data like never before. A new poll by Government Business Council (GBC) invites federal employees to weigh in on the debate, asking them whether AI can advance mission effectiveness.

The Future of Government Wireless Networks image description Today’s federal IT networks are at a crossroads. For too long, government networks have been locked into old technology and have not had the budget to innovate. Former Federal CIO Tony Scott memorably described the condition in 2016 as “insanity at scale.” Current systems are delivering a poor experience – for both end users and IT teams – that prevent technology from enabling the mission as it should.

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