How Pay Raises and Retiree COLAs Work

A primer on the annual process to determine current and former federal employee compensation.

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Route Fifty

The Stakes for States Remain High With Trade War ‘On Hold’ arrow“I’m not sure that there’s a blue sky at the end of these back-and-forth ...

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Route Fifty

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Virginia Uranium Mining Case arrowA group of companies argues that Virginia's ban on mining for the radioactive ...


The IRS Doesn’t Know Who’s Accessing Its Most Sensitive Data arrowThe tax agency also isn’t patching vulnerabilities on those systems in a ...


Pompeo Declares Economic War on Iran arrowThe U.S. secretary of state vowed “unprecedented financial pressure in the form of the strongest ...


Justice Watchdog Has Legal, If Not De Facto, Independence from Trump arrowPresident’s demand that the Justice Department probe alleged FBI ...

Route Fifty

States Stumble on Internet Privacy arrowBroad-based consumer bills on internet privacy and net neutrality failed or are still pending as state ...


Contractors Oppose Proposed Limit on Federal Bid Protests arrowPentagon wants fewer “second bites at the apple” for companies.


Trump Reportedly Asked The Postal Service To Charge Amazon Double arrowAlienating its best customer could be USPS's death blow.

Excellence in Government

Email Is Dangerous arrowElectronic mail as we know it is drowning in spam, forged phishing mails, and other scams and hacks. It’s going to get ...


Play of the Day: When Bill Gates Met Donald Trump arrowThe tech billionaire spoke with the real estate billionaire and it did not go well.

Excellence in Government

OMB Wants To Strengthen a Learning Culture in Government arrowThat’s a good thing.


Managing Your Career in the Trump Era image description Do you feel like you are making a difference or are you just trying to survive? Read more

Next Steps in Improving Government Performance image description Agencies have greater access to data than ever before, yet front line managers are not leveraging this wealth of information to inform decisions. Read more

Groups Monitoring Agency Website Changes See Deeper Trump Agenda image description Removal of some health data from HHS site is simply a matter of reorganizing information by disease, not population group, HHS says. Read more


Data-Driven Readiness: Using Advanced Analytics to Balance Performance with Costs image description Defense organizations have long sought to take full advantage of one of their most valuable resources – the vast amount of data they collect day in and day out. This data can support more insightful, forward-looking decisions about readiness, logistics, manpower, costs, and a host of other critical defense concerns.

Flash Poll: The Future of Collaboration image description The federal government’s effectiveness depends on those who carry out its mission — and in order to do their jobs, federal employees need to have access to state-of-the-art collaboration technologies. To learn about the current state of federal IT tools, GBC polled a random sample of 143 federal employees in January 2018.

New Wireless Management Tools Offer More Flexibility and Security image description We humans just can’t help ourselves. When it comes to mobile security, our lack of cyber hygiene presents a huge security risk.

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