OPM Looks to Expand Pilot Programs That Teach Federal Employees New Skills

New pay study will be "additive," not replace existing compensation comparison efforts, acting director says.

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Pay & Benefits

Relocations, Buyouts Tucked Into Trump's Budget arrowWhile it reversed its push for governmentwide staffing cuts, some agencies are still ...

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GSA’s Buildings Service Lost $49 Million On D.C.-Area Leases arrowWatchdog advises repayments to overbilled agency tenants.

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U.S. Army Contradictions Muddy Humvee-Replacement Plan arrowThe service intends to buy 500 fewer JLTVs next year — but will it still buy the ...

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Play of the Day: Hickenlooper's Movie Night With His Mom arrowThe Democratic hopeful had an awkward outing with his mother in the 1970s.

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Route Fifty

Climate Change Warming Great Lakes Region Faster, a New Report Says arrowExperts say accelerating renewable energy development, energy ...

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White House Issues New Guidance on Category Management arrowObama-era move toward pooled agency purchasing is updated to reduce duplication.

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Route Fifty

States Could See 'Unprecedented' Flooding arrowNOAA's spring outlook, issued Thursday, predicts a heightened flood risk, even as states in the ...

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Retirement Planning

When and Why You Have to Take TSP Withdrawals arrowA look at required minimum distributions.

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Route Fifty

State Bill Seeks to Clamp Down on Pension Benefits for Lawbreakers arrowPennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is expected to sign the legislation.

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In Acquisition, Standing Still Is the Biggest Risk image description Urgent mission needs demand innovative procurement tools; fortunately, agencies have options. Read more


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