Why It Matters If Rod Rosenstein Resigns or Trump Fires Him

Trump has already faced one lawsuit for allegedly violating the federal vacancies law.

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Excellence in Government

What Managers Should Do With 2018 Employee Viewpoint Survey Data arrowFirst, don’t get defensive about results that point to areas in need of ...

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ICE’s Expanded Use of Local Law Enforcement Came Without Adequate Planning or Resources arrowThe agency has no way of knowing if the 287(g) ...

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Analysis: The Decision Not to Call in the FBI Is Looking Worse and Worse arrowAs new allegations have surfaced, the White House has continued ...

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IRS Advised to Improve Verification of Agency Retiree Income arrowGAO finds mistakes in benefit statements not promptly reported.

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Watchdog: IRS Declined to Patch Known Weakness Ahead of Tax Day Crash arrowAn inspector general report says the agency opted not to go with an ...

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Lawmakers Urge Education to Rescind Unilaterally-Imposed Union Contract arrowThree Democratic senators asked Secretary Betsy DeVos to comply ...

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Route Fifty

‘Pink Wave’ May Give More Women a Seat at the Table in State Legislatures arrow“Not only are women motivated to run, they are running,” ...

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What Rosenstein’s Exit Would Mean for Mueller's Russia Investigation arrowThe deputy attorney general is reportedly on his way out at the ...

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FEMA Chief Agrees to Reimburse Agency for Personal Travel Costs arrowLong and Homeland Security Sec. Nielsen announce review of rules, but ...

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Trump Signals an Openness to Talks with Iran arrowSecretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley appeared on Sunday morning’s ...

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