With Four Days Until Deadline, Agencies Begin Shutdown Preparations

The Office of Management and Budget led a required call with agency officials last week.

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Excellence in Government

A Shutdown Would Have More Negative Effects than You Might Think arrowThe budget impasse threatens our future capacity to govern.

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Inspectors Find Big Cyber Vulnerabilities in U.S. Missile Defense System arrowThe managers of the nation’s missile defense system aren’t ...

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Ex-Russian Spies Say The U.S. Is Losing Because It Can’t Control Social Media arrowEx-Russian Spies Say The U.S. Is Losing Because It Can’t ...

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The Discovery Of The Titanic Wreck Was a Front For a Secret U.S. Military Mission arrowThe real story was classified for decades.

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Excellence in Government

Is the Federal Workforce Reaching Its Breaking Point? arrowThe level of burnout across government may be approaching a crisis point. The cost ...

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Play of the Day: Mick Mulvaney Is The Right Man For The Chief of Staff Job arrowHis 2016 comments about the president suggests he is paying ...

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Route Fifty

States, Counties and Cities Report Surges in Hepatitis A Cases arrowSTATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Communication black hole during Camp Fire … N.Y. ...

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Route Fifty

U.S. Homelessness Edged Upwards This Year, Federal Report Says arrowAt least one advocacy group points to housing affordability as a key ...

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Route Fifty

Jails May Not Be Able to Hold Juveniles Pretrial Much Longer arrowLocal governments would have three years to find space for youths elsewhere, ...

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Trump Administration Revives Priority for Workforce Cuts arrowNew memo appears to reverse a reversal on slashing federal jobs.

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Report: Tech Shops Don't See Themselves Driving Change arrowNearly 60 percent of civilian tech specialists cited insufficient funding as a ...

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Government Data Detectives: How agency data shops are fighting fraud image description As federal agencies turned to data analytics, they've been able to break up high-dollar fraud rings in the mail, health care and even prisons. This special report examines how successful scam-busting shops tap tools and talent to save taxpayers' money.

Software Enables Innovation image description As policymakers in Washington continue to debate information technology strategy, IT professionals in federal agencies need to be ready to put it all into place to better serve the agency’s objectives and the public interest.

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