'Chaos' as VA Implements Executive Order Limiting Union Official Time

Union says provisions of the recent order have been enacted inconsistently, with little communication.

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Route Fifty

Five States To Get A Smart Tech Boot Camp arrowThe states will be the first in the multi-year "Smarter States, Smarter Communities" learning ...

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Article Casts Doubt on the Legality of Trump's Administrative Law Judge EO arrowThe move to give agencies greater latitude as they hire ALJs ...

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NASA Is Making Troves of Satellite Data More Accessible Than Ever arrowThe open data and new toolkit could inspire a new crop of entrepreneurs.

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Delayed EPA Response to Water Crisis Increased Health Risks to Flint Residents, IG Finds arrowEPA should have intervened faster after Michigan ...

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Trump Administration Plans National Cyber Risk Management Initiative arrowThe effort will include the Homeland Security, Treasury and Energy ...

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Route Fifty

China to Governors: A Trade War 'Brings Mutual Destruction' arrowAt the National Governors Association meeting, governors agreed with Japanese ...

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Excellence in Government

'Urgency Bias' Is Killing Your Productivity arrowDon't let it keep derailing your to-do list.

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U.S. Spy Chief: ‘I Don’t Know What Happened’ in Helsinki arrowDirector of National Intelligence Coats got another surprise Thursday: Putin is ...

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Play of the Day: A Second Meeting With Putin… In Washington arrowPresident Trump wants to talk to the Russian leader within a few weeks of the ...

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Survey: One in Three Feds Say They or a Colleague Have Received Threats in 2018 image description Thirty-seven percent of respondents think threats or harassment is more likely now than six months ago. Read more

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Disrupting Government image description Federal agencies are faced with a suite of technologies that are nebulous yet promising. Big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and others—whether developed by established companies or small startups— have the same disruptive potential of their technological counterparts of old. But will they find a home within the federal government? Can they make the government more efficient or save costs?

Safeguarding Your Future: Comprehensive Retirement Planning in the DoD image description Retirement planning may seem like a daunting task, but there are a host of resources federal employees and active duty military personnel can use to stay informed.

The Importance of Having a Long Term Care Plan image description In order to live your ideal life, planning is essential, and long term care insurance could be a part of an effective plan.

Dynamic Federal Data Demands Cloud-Ready Storage image description From the tactical edge of today’s federal and military missions to the business support services that keep federal agencies running day-to-day, digital data is increasingly at the center of the government’s activities. This trend is accelerating as government agencies incorporate Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies into their daily operations.

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