OPM-GSA Merger Proposal Falls Flat With House Oversight Panel

Lawmakers and witnesses say the plan isn't well thought-out and risks eroding merit system protections.

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Route Fifty

Ranking the Country's Parks arrowWashington, D.C. dethroned three-time defending champ Minneapolis in the latest version of the ParkScore ...

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Changes to TSP Withdrawal Rules on Track for September, OPM Highlights Reskilling Tools and More arrowA weekly roundup of pay and benefits news.

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OMB Issues New Policy for Credentialing People, Devices and Bots arrowThe administration’s updated identity, credential and access management ...

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Pay & Benefits

House Democrats Move to Block Agency Relocations, Buyouts arrowLawmakers put language in appropriations bills to prevent the Trump ...

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Postal Service Scores Victory After Supreme Court Declines to Hear Challenge From UPS arrowCourt will not consider appeal that the Postal ...

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Route Fifty

Infrastructure Talks Between Trump and Democrats Crumble arrowThe two sides had planned to sit down Wednesday to talk about a possible $2 ...

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Former Aerospace CEO Tapped as Next Air Force Secretary arrowShe once landed an F/A-18 Hornet on an aircraft carrier.

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Inside the Government's Open Source Software Conundrum arrowHow do agencies make sure the crowdsourced code that underlies nearly every piece ...

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House Appropriators Take Aim at Some of the Pentagon’s Most Ambitious Tech Ideas arrowThe new Congress is cold on many of the Pentagon’s most ...

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Play of the Day: Ben Carson Is Thinking About Cookies arrowThe HUD chief doesn't know some key acronyms.

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Route Fifty

Dinosaur Fossil Dispute to Get Attention From State Supreme Court arrowThe Montana case involves competing claims about who owns the valuable ...


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Election Security Tested image description We’ve learned a lot about election security in the two years following the 2016 presidential election, and most of it is not confidence-instilling. U.S. voting systems, like any other electronic systems, have vulnerabilities. The midterms brought only false alarms, but securing elections is a marathon, not a sprint. In this ebook, we look at the issues that need continued attention.

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