'Not Even Invited Into the Room:' How the Trump Administration Is Treating Federal Scientists

When Trump was elected, federal scientists were worried. Two years later, their fears are being realized.

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DHS Aims to ID Critical Functions to Protect from Cyberattacks by Year’s End arrowAfter the Homeland Security Department identifies the ...

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Route Fifty

Connecticut Tolling Plan Offers $1 Billion in Projected Revenue arrowA report released by the state shows some of the different proposed costs ...

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Ex-Senator Urges a Return to Bipartisan Oversight arrowDemocracy depends on it, says retired Sen. Carl Levin.

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Austin's Paid Sick-Leave Law Scrapped by State Appellate Court arrowA three-judge panel found the city ordinance essentially regulated ...

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Trump to Nominate Wheeler as Permanent EPA Head arrowAndrew Wheeler will need to step down as acting administrator when his name is formally ...

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VA Officials Reluctant to Say When G.I. Benefit Delays Will Be Fixed arrowLawmakers grilled Veterans Affairs Department officials about the IT ...

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Trump Administration Plots Costly Private-Care Expansion for Veterans arrowThe plan sets up a clash with Democrats, who say the administration ...

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Critics of Agriculture’s Planned Office Moves Seek Funding Halt arrowStatistical association and others write to appropriators challenging ...

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Senior Defense Officials Offer Dueling Pricetags for Space Force arrowHours after the Pentagon’s No. 2 floated a sub-$5 billion figure, the ...

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Excellence in Government

How To Be Kind At Work, No Matter How You’re Feeling arrowWorkplace kindness begins with action, not feelings.

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How to Cut Government Spending Without a Hiring Freeze image description President Trump has instructed his Cabinet secretaries to cut their budgets by 5 percent next year. Read more

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The Staggering Numbers Behind the Security Clearance Backlog image description There’s progress, but the fact remains that the number of investigations sitting before the National Background Investigations Bureau is overwhelming. Read more

How Agencies Can Make the Most of Their Data image description Government likes to tackle challenges by designating new management chiefs: The latest to join the C-suite is the chief data officer. Read more


Advancing Munitions Accuracy with 50 Years of Defense Electronics Expertise. image description For the world’s most critical missions — where precision and performance are paramount—today’s leading defense industry partners know you need more than just superior components to build the latest generation of missiles and munitions. You need integrated signal chain design that only an electronics supplier with deep experience in the category can help deliver.

Technology Advances. Federal Impacts. image description Technology is now firmly embedded throughout our everyday activities, but its reach is larger than that: businesses are using their products and services to reshape, reimagine, and transform how our society works, communicates, and lives.

Artificial Intelligence Unleashed image description How agencies can use AI to automate & augment operations to improve performance.

Powering Opioid Outreach with Digital Marketing Platforms image description The opioid epidemic is a human tragedy, one that is taking 116 lives daily in the United States. This nationwide epidemic requires that treatment and recovery information be delivered in a coordinated and rapid-fire manner to reduce the number of people falling prey to addiction and help those in the throes of it.

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