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GovExec Daily: VOA is 'Looking For Impact,' Says Chief

Courtney Bublé talks to Yolanda López, acting director of Voice of America, about leadership, managing crises and the agency.

Voice of America broadcasts in dozens of languages to millions of people worldwide. As an arm of American diplomacy and as a journalistic enterprise, VOA has to thread a very complex and specific needle that most agencies – and news organizations – can sidestep. As journalists covering the American role in global politics, the war in Ukraine and other global instability, VOA staffers worldwide have a difficult and often dangerous job.

Recently, GovExec correspondent and frequent GovExec Daily guest Courtney Bublé interviewed Yolanda López, acting director of Voice of America.  In this episode, you’ll hear Courtney’s interview with López on how she leads the agency in an increasingly complex time for global media.

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