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W. Lee Radcliffe

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TSP’s G Fund and The Debt Ceiling

When the government suspends reinvestments in the G Fund while it shores up its finances, one expert argues they should account for the missed payments separately from actual returns.

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Don’t Overlook This Unloved Fund When Investing in the TSP

TSP participants can consider it another potential way to diversify a growth-oriented strategy.

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The C Fund at 35: Trust the Long-Term Data When Investing in the TSP

For people invested in the federal government’s 401(k) style retirement plan, guest columnist Lee Radcliffe says long-term data from U.S. market history provides valuable lessons.

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It’s Time to Consider Privatizing the Thrift Savings Plan

Index fund investing has become a commoditized business, and the private sector can perform the service just as well or better than the government.

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How to Keep Your TSP Account Secure in the Era of COVID-19

Scammers and fraudsters are taking advantage of the novel coronavirus pandemic to target online financial accounts.