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Sophie Quinton


COVID Hits Wildfire Fighters Even Harder Than Last Year

At least 421 U.S. Forest Service fire personnel tested positive for COVID-19 this year.


Senate-Approved Infrastructure Bill Would Raise Wildland Firefighter Pay

The bill also would increase the number of full-time federal firefighters.


Federal Wildland Firefighters Will Get Pay Raises

Biden announced a pay raise to at least $15 an hour this year.


California Lacks Federal Firefighters as Dangerous Season Looms

A third of Forest Service fire engines in California likely can’t run every day.


This Time, Lawmakers Want Control Over COVID-19 Aid

The states and Washington, D.C., are set to receive $195 billion in federal money.


Inside the Boring but Crucial Federal Form That Gets Kids to College

The Obama administration has streamlined the financial aid application, but some students need more than a better website.


The Rise of Professional Women

Women now outpace men in every type of postsecondary degree conferred


How to Improve Productivity With Diet and Exercise

What you can learn from the Johnson & Johnson's workout program.

Pay & Benefits

Heading Off the Coming Retirement Disaster

Half of Californians are on track to retire in or near poverty. A new retirement plan model could change that.


How to Write Poetry for History

The bard of Obama’s 2009 inaugural says poetry fits the occasion.


Winners and losers in fiscal cliff deal

Middle-class taxpayers dodge hikes, but those hoping for a grand bargain are disappointed.


Obama wants recommendations from new gun task force next month

President urges Congress to move quickly on tightening restrictions.


Tough road to a debt deal, even for a community-organizer-in-chief

Deal-making in a deeply divided Congress requires negotiating with party leaders in the House and Senate.


Obama's Cabinet: Six seats likely to change

State, Treasury, Defense, Energy, Transportation and Commerce could see new secretaries.


Top 10 Democratic presidential contenders for 2016

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden are among the possible contenders.


Top 10 Republican presidential contenders for 2016

The party has a deep bench if Mitt Romney doesn't win.