New Obamacare Chief Confirmed With Republican Support

The Senate approved Sylvia Mathews Burwell as the new HHS secretary Thursday.


Obama's HHS Pick Advances With Republican Support

The Senate voted Wednesday to end debate on Sylvia Mathews Burwell's nomination.


Congress Plans Obamacare Exemption to Boost Veteran Employment

The Senate could hold a procedural vote this week on a House bill to change the employer mandate.


Who Owns Weather, the Feds or the States?

Lawmakers agree on the need to improve disaster relief, but how is more complicated.


Where Obamacare Is and Isn't Working and Why

The single greatest predictor for where the healthcare law's exchanges are successful? Which party controls the state government.


Are We Sequestering Ourselves to Death?

Critics call NIH bloated. Advocates insist spending cuts are a matter of mortal danger.


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Accidentally Covers Dead People

Agency mistakenly paid $23 million on behalf of deceased beneficiaries in 2011.


What If They Shut Down Congress and Nobody Noticed?

The day-to-day business of congressional offices and committees is on hold, too.


Shutdown Threat Has Federal Agencies in Scramble Mode

Agencies must update their contingency plans.


A Friendly Reminder That Defunding Obamacare Won't Stop the Law

Much of the law’s implementation is separate from annual discretionary appropriations.


Karl Rove-Backed Group Spoofs Obamacare Video Contest

Crossroads GPS submits an entry that doesn't really aim to promote the health care reform.