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Jon Fox


GAO lashes U.S. effort to employ Russian weapons scientists

Energy Department program was intended to keep scientists from selling information or assistance to other nations.


European ports install radiation detectors as U.S. delays

Just last week, U.S. officials announced that the Homeland Security Department is slowing plans to roll out 1,400 monitors, each costing nearly $400,000.


Lawmakers propose nuclear plant no-fly zones

Regulatory commission and Homeland Security officials say existing measures are sufficient.


DHS aims to spur innovation in radiation detection

Office is asking universities to work on finding shielded material, detecting material at greater distances, miniaturizing detectors and improving analysis.


Coast Guard considering drones to watch long coastlines

Planes would be able to linger over stretches of coast and improve the tracking of small vessels that are less than 300 gross tons, official says.


DHS official pushes launch of new nuclear detectors

Detectors carry a hefty price tag of $350,000 per unit, a big increase over the $80,000 the current machines cost.


DHS seeks help investigating nuclear detection gaps

Industry, academic and government experts would study existing holes, in part by attempting to think like potential terrorists.


DHS considers nuclear detector tests in New York

New technology would operate alongside current detectors and officials would evaluate the rate of false alarms.


Legislators propose measure to speed up biodefense program

Program’s limited progress has attracted the attention of representatives on the House Homeland Security Committee.


Auditor cites progress resolving flaws in Biowatch program

House Homeland Security Committee still plans to revisit the program this year.


New DHS disaster preparedness ads play down terrorism

Homeland Security officials say the agency is now moving toward an “all hazards” campaign.


CBO: Missile defense spending to peak in 2016 at $15 billion

Government has spent billions on a missile shield designed to protect the United States and its allies, but the program has yet to create an operational defense according to critics.


Group modifies preparedness Web site after DHS complains

Alternate site created by intern looked too much like the original, leaving the potential for confusion, lawyer argued.


Lawmakers may cut nuclear detection office funding

Senate committee recommends cutting more than $93 million from President Bush’s $535 million budget request for the office.


DHS plans new nuclear detectors at ports

By 2011, department expects to have 1,400 new screening devices deployed at both ports and border crossings.