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John Hudson


Administration fingers start pointing at Petraeus for Benghazi

Blame for security failures shifts between the State Department and the CIA


Pentagon denies Fox News Benghazi report

Defense response comes after CIA and NSC denials.


Report: CIA requests for backup in Benghazi were repeatedly denied

Fox News says CIA operators on the scene repeatedly transmitted requests for military backup but were denied by U.S. officials.


Italy's top scientists quit their government posts

Resignations protest recent convictions of scientists who failed to predict an earthquake.


The White House homebrew is delicious

After a public outcry for the White House's beer recipe, the verdict is finally in.


How Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette won the Bin Laden book competition

The author rushed to publish his book before receiving Pentagon approval to get a jump on the competition.


Should the CIA share some of the blame for Benghazi?

Speculation of CIA involvement was prompted by a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing.


State Department disowns Susan Rice's Libya narrative

Several State officials said the deadly terrorist assault on U.S. diplomats were not spontaneous.


U.S. official goes public with criticism of security policy in Libya

Lt. Col Andy Wood led the 16-member special forces team tasked with protecting U.S. personnel in the country.


The party's over at the Secret Service

New policies limit alcohol and warn against revealing Facebook comments.


U.S. knew about al Qaeda link in Benghazi within 24 hours

Officials also knew attack was planned rather than spontaneous, according to report.


Pentagon: Don't tweet about the former SEAL's Bin Laden book

The Defense Department has issued employee guidelines on handling the tell-all.


What just happened in Islamabad? U.S. embassy latest target in violent wave

A crowd of more than 1,000 students burned U.S. flags and hurled objects at riot police


Soldiers turned anti-government terrorists will face the death penalty

Foiled plot involved killing Obama and giving the government 'back to the people.'


Soldiers in anti-Obama plot wanted to 'give the government back to the people'

New details are emerging about the four U.S. soldiers accused of plotting to assassinate President Obama and overthrow the U.S. government.


Spielberg passes on Navy SEAL book amid Pentagon scrutiny

The Defense Department is currently searching for unauthorized disclosures of classified information in the book.