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Jim O'Sullivan


Will Chuck Hagel clear the Senate? White House thinks so

Victory for the Defense nominee would be narrow, administration concedes.


Need proof that Biden is running for president? Look at his staff.

Biden is nudging into place the pieces he would need should he decide to enter the 2016 race.


Who might replace Hilda Solis as Labor secretary?

Many potential candidates are holdovers from the Clinton era.


Obama calls for 'meaningful action' despite politics after shooting

President says the U.S. has "endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years."


Obama strongly defends Susan Rice on Benghazi

Says he will choose her for secretary of State if he concludes she is best-suited for the job.


What Romney's Cabinet might look like

Former Massachusetts governor would be under pressure to stock the government with GOP loyalists.


Decision to move Obama's speech inside sparks scramble

Officials say the weather left them no choice.


Against Obama, Boehner backing 6-month plan

The House and Senate could potentially vote on dueling plans, even as deliberations behind a joint solution persist.


No debt deal in sight after White House meeting

Both parties have said they will be working throughout the weekend in attempts to reach consensus.


GOP lawmakers accuse Justice of gunrunner coverup

Citing ATF's Kenneth Melson, congressmen say the department concealed information -- including FBI and DEA involvement.


Military no longer protected from budget knife

Appetite for overall spending cuts trumps GOP's traditional desire to insulate defense spending from cuts.


Shutdown rhetoric carries risk, reward

Few Republicans appear eager to embrace actually closing the government.


Peace Corps founder Sargent Shriver dies at 95

Former Democratic vice-presidential candidate was part of Kennedy family circle.

Pay & Benefits

Voters back steep cuts in federal payroll

Poll respondents support slimming the ranks of federal employees or decreasing their pay.