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With partial government shutdown a week away, Johnson says he’ll stick to spending deal

Several conservative Republicans have been calling for the House speaker to set aside, renegotiate, or somehow sweeten the current topline agreement.


New turmoil over a possible government shutdown

Congress must pass some sort of spending bill before Jan. 19, otherwise the departments and agencies funded by the Agriculture, Energy-Water, Military Construction-VA and Transportation-HUD spending measures would enter a shutdown.


Another stopgap spending bill in the works as Congress struggles to avert a shutdown

A few lawmakers have called for shutting down the government in order to get the changes they want on immigration and border policy enacted.


VA veterans crisis line to face new investigation by GAO

Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., says several whistleblowers have told him and his staff that veterans crisis line “responders are currently transferring veterans determined to present complex needs to an indefinite waiting list for eventual contact from a special unit.”


House stalled again after rejecting Jim Jordan as speaker a second time

Jordan plans to talk with the Republicans who voted against him and hopes to win those who flipped Wednesday back to his side.


Ohio’s Jim Jordan fails in bid for U.S. House speaker, leaving chamber paralyzed again

Jordan was unable to clinch the votes needed to hold the gavel amid concerns about his agenda and frustrations with his history inside and outside of Congress.


Jim Jordan gains support as vote nears for U.S. House speaker, but outcome still in doubt

The Ohio congressman will need the backing of nearly all the chamber’s 221 GOP lawmakers in order to hold the highest office in Congress.


Scalise nominated by U.S. House GOP as speaker in closed-door meeting

The nominee picked in the conference meeting only needed to get the backing of a majority of the 221 House Republicans, but Scalise will need about 217 on the floor before he can hold the gavel.


U.S. House votes to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker

It isn’t immediately clear how the House will proceed in the coming days.


FEMA’s disaster relief fund is running low on cash. What happens now?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster relief fund is facing at least a $4 billion deficit.

Pay & Benefits

Split in U.S. House GOP raises potential for government shutdown this fall

The stalemate stems from disagreement about how much the government should spend and whether bills should be filled with far-right policy objectives.


House spending bill for the VA renews fight over abortion access, transgender care

Legislation would bar Biden administration from closing Guantánamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.


‘We should not fear a government shutdown’: Far-right House members slam spending bills

Freedom Caucus members are urging more support from Speaker McCarthy and GOP leaders.


Preparation for pandemics and natural disasters updated in bill passed by Senate panel

Legislation would increase accountability, transparency in how federal government helps state, local governments prepare for and respond to public health emergencies.


Ohio congressman urges new FBI headquarters in Alabama, not suburban D.C. 

As years-long battle between Maryland and Virginia continues for the HQ, Rep. Jim Jordan suggests Huntsville as alternative.


Biden and McCarthy Strike Positive Tone After Debt Limit Talks, But No Deal Yet

"We don’t have an agreement yet, but I did feel the discussion was productive in areas that we have differences of opinion,” McCarthy said Monday.


A Default on the U.S. Debt Would Be Far Worse Than a Government Shutdown. Here’s How

National security, transportation, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid would be impacted.


Bipartisan Group Projects U.S. Default as Soon as Early June, Citing ‘Quite Low’ Cash Flows

Depending on how long a default lasted, a global recession could be triggered, new analysis finds


Social Security Trustees Predict Benefit Cuts in 2033 without Congressional Action

The projections say that, without action, Social Security would have enough money to pay about 77% of the total scheduled benefits.