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FEHBP Benefits Checkup

Potential changes to the federal employee health plan spark debate over whether participants are getting the best deal.

Thinking Ahead

To Infinity and Beyond

Jason Crusan gathers the brightest stars—even Buzz Lightyear—to foster innovation at NASA.

Pay & Benefits

Cost-effectiveness of potential FEHBP reforms questioned

Proposed changes to the federal employee health plan spark discussions over whether participants are getting the best deal.

Pay & Benefits

Wellness and disease prevention appear higher on FEHBP radar

Keeping enrollees healthy will help hold down costs, observers say.

Pay & Benefits

FEHBP pharmacy changes stir up controversy

Proposal to bring all drug benefit negotiations in-house goes to super committee but draws some opposition.


Lawmakers Fight For Saturday Delivery

Pay & Benefits

Reviewing the 3Rs

OPM wants to know how much agencies spent on recruitment, retention and relocation incentives during the past two years.


Military health and retirement benefits take a hit in lawmakers’ proposals

Recommendations to the super committee include TRICARE fees and changes in compensation systems.


Super committee gets mixed messages on USPS

Recommendations range from “please save” the Postal Service to “stay out.”

Pay & Benefits

TSP participants look for safe investment choices

After several tough months, funds appear to be bouncing back as enrollees weather the storm.


Burning Question: Is the new USAJobs a step forward?

Tell us your experience with the redesigned job application and recruiting site.


Senior execs get more help starting off on the right foot

Pilot program tempers the expectation that new SES members should walk in the door knowing everything.

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Workers’ Compensation Woes

Benefits for employees hurt on the job need an upgrade, but nothing is changing -- yet.

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GAO: No refund for USPS overpayment to retirement account

A reported $75 billion in excess funds was within the parameters of the law, report finds.

Pay & Benefits

Use annual leave or lose it, OPM says

Employees -- and retirees leaving federal service in early January -- must schedule excess vacation by Nov. 19.


Lawmakers caution super committee to leave federal pay and benefits alone

Government employees have sacrificed enough and shouldn’t be subject to further cuts, Democrats say.

Pay & Benefits

Cut Congress’ pay, lawmaker proposes

Legislation would tie salaries to federal spending; second bill would eliminate death benefits.

Pay & Benefits

EEOC threatens furloughs for employees

Budget woes also could reverse progress to reduce discrimination case backlog, observers say.