Dannielle Blumenthal

Federal communicator and co-founder, All Things Brand

Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D., is a federal communicator with 20 years' experience in the private sector, academia and government. Best known for her work on branding, Dr. Blumenthal now focuses on the discipline of management, particularly the intersections between identity, culture and communication. She has lectured at a variety of schools including The George Washington University and the University of Maryland University College. In her spare time she is an independent community activist, focused primarily on raising awareness about child sexual abuse and domestic violence. All opinions are her own.

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Do Government Employees Have Freedom of Speech?

April 1, 2015 I ran across this comment I posted on April 22, 2013. Nearly two years later, the principles still hold up pretty well. It’s a free country, everybody has freedom of speech, and it is statistically impossible that you will agree with every single thing your agency, another agency or the...

On the Use of Memes in Government Communication

March 20, 2015 We begin with the assumption that government communication should be as good or better than private sector communication, for three reasons: The public relies on the government as a trustworthy source of information. Many are misinformed or under-informed about what the government does and the services it offers. Trust in...

Brand New

March 1, 2007 Ten reasons every agency should focus on what makes it special. Agencies with strong brands enjoy at least 10 advantages over their weakly branded counterparts. Top talent: People want to work for agencies with strong brands, and their employees are proud to be there. As reported in the book Brand...