Daniel Thomas

Senior Research Analyst, Government Business Council Daniel Thomas is a senior research analyst at Government Business Council, where he writes about defense and technology issues affecting the government. He holds a master's degree in linguistics from University of York and a bachelor's degree in English from Birmingham-Southern College.
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Spotlighting Mobile Security: Government Workers Speak Out

January 4, 2019 Click here to download the infographic.

Accelerated Intelligence

December 12, 2018 GBC polled federal attendees at the Accelerated AI workshop held in Washington, DC on November 13, 2018. Senior representatives from the National Security Agency, Army Research Laboratory, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency were on hand to articulate their vision for AI's role in government in the near...

The High Cost of Poor Citizen Service

December 10, 2018 In 2017, federal agencies accounted for five of the 10 worst customer service providers across 21 major US industries. What are the leading ailments that facilitate this sub-par experience and why has it become synonymous with big government bureaucracy? Download this GBC Issue Brief to learn more about: The top...

The New Spectrum: A Survey of Mobile Connectivity in the Federal Workforce

December 7, 2018 Mobile devices are having a transformative effect on the workforce at-large, as employees receive more freedom and flexibility to accomplish their work objectives in spite of geographical boundaries and location barriers. But are federal employees feeling the benefits yet? Download GBC's latest survey report to find out more about: Employee...

Enhancing Government Readiness: The Next Generation of Enterprise Asset Management

November 7, 2018 Poor management of government resources and personnel can have devastating consequences on the environment, economy, and -- most importantly -- human life. Recent incidents underscore the need for enterprise asset management (EAM), a suite of software that can help raise visibility and prevent disruption before it takes place. Download this...

Flash Poll: An Eye Towards Efficiency

November 7, 2018 The current administration has pushed for greater efficiency in how the federal government manages its most important assets. But a laundry list of challenges makes it increasingly difficult to manage such assets effectively. Do federal respondents believe it's time for a change? Download this GBC Flash Poll to learn: Federal...

Access Denied: Threats to Endpoint Security in the Federal Government

November 7, 2018 The number of device endpoints connecting federal employees to agency networks has grown at astonishing rates in recent years. Despite opening greater levels of mission mobility, the spike in endpoints has revealed gaps in conventional IT management and security practices. Download this GBC Issue Brief to learn more about: Endpoint...

Automating Intelligence

November 1, 2018 Click here to download the full, 2-page report.

Overcoming Data Barriers

October 23, 2018 Click here to download the full, 2-page report.

Harnessing Open Source for Agile Government

August 28, 2018 Click here to download the infographic.