Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

As the scale of public sector data grows, governments at the state and local level are increasingly expected to transform their operations for digital efficiency. What will be required for these agencies to harness tools effectively? To learn more, Government Business Council (GBC) surveyed hundreds of local and state government employees, technical experts, and leaders.

With limited budgets, state and local agencies must choose between equally critical priorities to protect their data, improve mission capabilities, and prepare workforce needs for the future. The pressure has exposed gaps in business processes, leadership strategy, and recruitment efforts, reinforcing the idea that digital transformation is not entirely understood, supported, or directed as it should be. What can state and local leaders do to move the digital transformation needle? 

Click here to download our GBC Survey Report to learn more about:

  • The drivers behind government agencies' ongoing digital efforts
  • Assessments of existing digital posture from employees and technical leaders
  • How state and local agencies are making progress in digital transformation
  • Top motivations for IT transformation in 2019

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