The Border Wall Is a Negotiating Tactic Straight Out of 'The Art of the Deal'

Trump seems to be taking whole pages out of his own his 1987 best seller to renegotiate the U.S.'s relationship with Mexico.


Trump’s Homeland Security Pick Does Not Think a Wall is Enough to Protect the Southern Border

Jack Kelly told senators that Trump's proposed wall is not enough to protect the U.S.-Mexico border.


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The People Trump's Border Wall is Supposed to Protect the Most Say They Don't Want It

The majority of Americans living next to dividing line between the U.S. and Mexico say they don't need the barrier.


U.S. Immigration Policy Has Lost Touch With U.S. Immigration Reality

The system was designed to deal with Mexican migrant workers, not refugees from violence and war.


As the Justice Department Decides Where to Try El Chapo, Signs Point to Brooklyn

All of this would be predicated on the Mexican authorities handing over Guzmán to the United States government.


Donald Trump Has a Cost Estimate For His Border Wall to Send to Mexico

The multibillion-dollar price tag he put on it is missing a few expenses, though.


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Here's What it Would Take to Build The Border Fence Donald Trump Wants

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