HHS Accused of 'Censorship' of Obamacare Website Materials

Nonprofit monitor flags 85 removed pages, warns of harm to vulnerable groups.

DATA Act Collection Effort Worked Better for Grants Than Contracts

Watchdog found documentation gaps in pilot plan for creating central portal.

Education Dept. Sued Over Blocking Access to Advocacy Group’s Website From Within Office Building

Alleged Wi-Fi block violates the First Amendment and the Administrative Procedure Act, complaint argues.

Agencies Under Trump Are Reporting More Leaks of Classified Information

Transparency activist using FOIA finds more than double the rate under Obama.

New Bill Aims to Protect Civil Servant Scientists From Undue Political Influence

Federal scientists are facing "increasing levels of censorship, research hindrances and misrepresentation of established facts," supporters say.

Transparency Groups Sue Health and Human Services Over Website Changes

Sunlight Foundation launches new portal to centralize monitoring of Trump "censorship."


HHS Trimmed Minority Outreach Pages From Obamacare Website

Nonprofit monitor suggests violation of mission; agency sees routine update.

OMB Reminds Agencies That It Vets Documents Before Roll-Outs

Deputy Director Vought reinforces need for clearance of budget and media materials.

Agencies In the Dark About Performance of Their Grants, Survey Shows

Funding uncertainty, administrative burden on recipients continue as challenges.

White House Budget Office Draws Positive Reviews for FOIA Portal Guidance

Transparency advocates praised the step, but said the effort lacks a lead agency.

HHS Removed Webpages on Contraception Coverage Under Obamacare

Transparency group flags unannounced changes, which the department defends as reorganizing material.

Interior Dept. Plan to Streamline FOIA Responses Alarms Transparency Groups

Efficiency proposal from unconfirmed deputy secretary may be illegal, groups say.