Senior Executive Service

Pay Caps: Fed Exec Lobby Group Says Reform Is Past Due

“We are stuck with a personnel system mostly put together too many decades ago,” says a policy chief for the Senior Executives Association.

OPM Launches a Toolkit to Attract More Women to the SES

The effort to recruit more women into the cadre of career government executives builds upon a 2014 program and comes amid news that, unlike the rest of the federal government, there is no gender pay gap in the Senior Executive Service.

FEC Recommends Top Leaders Be Eligible for Senior Executive Service

The Senior Executive Association’s initial review says the proposal “makes sense on its face.”

African American Federal Executive Association Builds a Pipeline of Talent for Senior-Level Jobs

A group leader says she is feeling optimistic about what’s to come under President Biden.

OPM Issues Post-Election SES Hiring Freeze Weeks Later than Previous Administrations

The moratorium on senior executive appointments comes more than a month later than it did when Obama was leaving office.

Court Affirms Senior Executives in Government Have Only Limited Appeal Rights

Court also issues another defeat to President Trump's signature civil service reform law.

From Intern to Chief Human Capital Officer: Miriam Cohen Reflects on a Federal Career

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s outgoing top HR executive spent more than three decades in government service.