Retirement Planning

Fighting for the Right to Your Benefits

Federal employees meet virtually with lawmakers to make their voices heard on compensation issues.

Harriet Tubman’s Three-Decade Battle for a Federal Pension

She never did get a benefit based on her own heroic service to the Union Army.

The Trickiest Retirement Decision You’ll Have to Make

Hint: It’s not picking a date or deciding when to take Social Security.

A Mid-Year Chance to Lower Your Taxable Income

For the second year in a row, feds get more flexibility in their flexible spending accounts.

Long Term Care Insurance and the Pandemic Age

The grim news about nursing homes over the past year has caused many people to contemplate their own future needs.

Milestones on the Path to Financial Security in Retirement

If you work in government, there are several moments in your life when you’ll face key decisions about your eventual retirement.

Retirement in a Time of Covid

For the most part, feds aren’t letting the pandemic disrupt their plans.

How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Federal retirees should understand the ins and outs of each retirement system, especially if they have been misclassified.

Declutter Your Life, But Don’t Throw Away the Important Stuff

Don’t shred important records you may need when it comes time to retire.

Now’s the Time to Improve Your Financial Literacy

How would you finish this sentence: “I need to become more financially…”

Countdown to Retirement: What You Need To Be Ready For

A detailed look at the steps you can expect to go through in the process.

You Have More Time to File Your Taxes. Here’s How Not To Pay Too Much

Many federal retirees overpay because they aren’t aware of the rules about taxation of their benefits.

What’s Not To Like About the TSP

Leaving your money in the plan as a retiree does have some drawbacks.

What’s To Like About the TSP

The case for leaving your money in the Thrift Savings Plan after retirement.