Retirement Planning

The FERS Supplement: Q&A

A tutorial on this somewhat complicated benefit.

A Tale of Successful Retirement Planning

A story of high achievement, savvy investments and frugality.

Can You Count on Social Security?

Lawmakers need to take action to ensure the system’s viability.

The TSP and Your Retirement Date

Delaying retirement can complicate your Thrift Savings Plan withdrawal situation.


Weighing the Social Security Benefit Decision

When to start collecting benefits depends on your individual circumstances.

Annuities, Withdrawals and More

Responses to more questions and comments from readers.

Comments, Questions and Answers

Reader feedback on everything from FEHBP to Social Security.

Do You Need a Financial Adviser?

Some questions to ask yourself before you sign up with one.

Financial Lessons from the Shutdown

It’s important to develop healthy savings habits.

Answers to Questions You Hope You Never Need to Ask

Don’t be afraid to speak up; your silence could cost you dearly.