Pentagon Office Tracking National Security Impact of Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The director of the Pentagon’s office tasked with connecting relevant tech companies with private capital said in an email that the office is “monitoring national security-related impacts” stemming from the prominent startup lender’s demise.


How the ‘Holman Rule’ Allows the House to Fast-Track Proposals to Gut Government Programs without Debate or Much Thought at All

House Republicans have adopted a rule used periodically over the past 150 years that allows lawmakers to speed up and streamline votes to dismantle federal programs and fire federal employees.


The Ohio Train Crash Happened While The Hazardous Material Regulatory Agency Had No Permanent Leader

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the derailment and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, which has no nominee to lead it.


Louis DeJoy Laments the Existence of USPS' Regulator

The postmaster general jokes he would be better off without the regulatory commission, which exists to protect Americans from the Postal Service's monopoly.


House Republicans Take a Big Swing at Regulations 

But the likelihood of home runs isn’t high due to the Democrats controlling the Senate and the White House. 


It's OK to Feel Optimistic About Governing and Democracy

Lisa Parshall joins the podcast to discuss the ways the Biden Administration


FDA 'Failed' the Public and a Whistleblower By Ignoring Science

The agency has tweaked its tobacco product review process and also pledges to better resolve scientific disputes after whistleblower alleges reprisal.


Why the U.S. Is Losing the Fight to Ban Toxic Chemicals

From a powerful chemical industry that helped write the toxic substances law to an underfunded EPA lacking in resolve, the flaws in the American chemical regulatory apparatus run deep.


GovExec Daily: The Only Certainty is That Cryptocurrency is Here to Stay… And Will Be Regulated

Nextgov's Alexandra Kelley joins the podcast to discuss how Washington is eyeing cryptocurrency.


Biden’s Nominee to Become the Regulations Czar Goes to the Full Senate

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted 9-2 to report the nomination out of committee.


TSA Opens Registration for Public Meeting on Cybersecurity Regulations

The agency’s advisory committee typically meets behind closed doors, but they are required to hold at least one public meeting per year. 


EPA Calls Out Environmental Racism in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley

In a “remarkable” letter, the EPA accused Louisiana regulators of neglecting Black residents’ concerns about toxic air pollution and urged the state to move kids out of a school where monitors found extreme levels of a cancer-causing chemical.


USDA Plans Major Reforms to Curb Salmonella in Poultry

An earlier ProPublica investigation showed that weak food safety protections have done little to stop Americans from getting sick from salmonella poisoning.


A New Law Will Make It Easier for Small Businesses to ‘Navigate the Seemingly Never-Ending Web of Bureaucratic Red Tape’

Within six months SBA must create a central website with relevant regulations and contact information for employees who can provide assistance.


Biden’s Nominee Makes His Case to Take the Government’s Top Regulatory Job

Richard Revesz gained the support of former OIRA administrators, but still has some progressive detractors.


EEOC to Propose Rules Codifying Electronic Filing Options for Feds

Although the agency that investigates complaints of workplace discrimination has offered the option to file documents and track cases electronically for years, its regulations do not specifically endorse the current system.


Thousands of FDA Employees Could Face Furloughs or RIFs if Congress Doesn't Act Soon

Congressional inaction would leave FDA's drug and biologics evaluation with limited capacity to function.


Biden Names His Pick to Lead the White House Regulatory Office

Since taking office, Biden has championed the use of regulations to carry out his major policy priorities.