Promising Practices

Jerks Don’t Actually Get Ahead at Work

People with selfish, deceitful, and aggressive personality traits may not have an edge over generally nice people, a new study finds.

U.S. Unemployment Data Fail to Capture COVID-19’s Full Impact – Here’s How to Fix It Fast

Slow, unreliable labor force data have consequences for out-of-work Americans and the economy.

There’s No Need to Choose Between Taking Action and Building Evidence

Too often, policies that seem like obvious solutions to societal problems fail to help the people they are designed to help. We can do better.

Cognitive Limits Mess up Decisions Based on Chance

Cognitive limitations lead to skewed perception of probability that can cause disastrous decisions, researchers say. But we also compensate to get by.

GovExec Daily: Managing Dialogues Outside Your Bubble

University of California, Santa Barbara's Dr. Tania Israel joins the podcast to give tips on having meaningful conversations with people who may not agree with you.

Empowering Employees is Essential to Improving Performance

Empowered employees take goal achievement very seriously. When problems arise, they know they are expected to act.

Managing Space Traffic in an Increasingly Congested Orbit

Report looks at how the federal government can best meet its responsibility for improving space situational awareness and coordinating space traffic management activities. 

Stereotypes in Language May Shape Bias Against Women in STEM

Researchers found the language we speak strongly predicts implicit gender associations.

The Response to the Y2K Challenge Offers Lessons for the Pandemic

Only the federal government can provide the leadership necessary to energize the national resources necessary to meet such a challenge. But it can't do it alone.

Why Agencies Need to Spend a Little to Gain a Lot

Innovation funds have the potential to turn up effective and less expensive ways to confront today's challenges.

How to Prepare for Rising Stress Ahead

Now is a good time to take an honest look at how you are handling your current level of stress and consider proactive steps you should take as we head toward the fall.

The Workforce Is About to Change Dramatically

Three predictions for what the future might look like

The Loneliness of Social Isolation Can Affect Your Brain and Raise Dementia Risk in Older Adults

The social isolation older adults are experiencing as they try to stay safe from the coronavirus pandemic is raising new mental health risks, but people can take steps to protect themselves.

The Lack of Meaningful Human Capital Metrics Is Hurting Agencies

There’s no effective dashboard documenting the government’s efforts to solve its considerable workforce problems.

6 in 10 Likely Voters Support Voting by Mail

A new survey finds that 66% of likely voters support voting by mail for all Americans for the November election and just 22% oppose that idea.

Video: Who Controls Pandemic Data?

A White House decision to take over collection of COVID-19 data from the CDC sparked worries over political interference. A public data expert talks about the importance of transparent public data.

GovExec Daily: Supporting Women Employees During the Quarantine

Executive coach Susan Hodgkinson joins the podcast to discuss how organizations can better back up their employees during the pandemic.