Promising Practices

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Inspired New Health Habits for These 4 Scholars – Here’s What They Put into Practice and Why

The new year is a perfect time to adopt new health habits and routines. These four scholars reflect on the ways that they overcame the pandemic blues to get fit.

The Subversive Genius of Extremely Slow Email

A revolution against Big Tech may never come. Could a series of smaller interventions take its place?

You Can’t Simply Decide to Be a Different Person

Forming new habits isn’t impossible, but it’s much easier for some people than others.

How to Avoid Achy Feet while Working at Home

One side effect of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic may come as a surprise: sore feet. Here are some tips on how to get relief.

To Get People the Help They Need from the Government, Postcards May Be the Answer

Government agencies are setting up new websites and phone hotlines to provide information. But those might not be the best ways to engage with people who need help the most.

Students Are Experiencing More Anxiety and Depression Symptoms during the Pandemic

Transitioning back to school for in-person learning in the fall wasn’t easy for students, especially for youth of color and LGBTQ+ youth.

The Future of Work Is a 60-Year Career

Humans may soon live to be 100, which likely means more years on the job. That could be a good thing, if we take the opportunity to redesign work.

Don’t Panic About Omicron. But Don’t Be Indifferent, Either.

The next wave of the pandemic requires charting a middle course between dismay and dismissal.

A Guide to Mixed-Vaccination-Status Holidays

We’ve broken down the chances of transmission at a gathering with one unvaccinated adult, multiple unvaccinated adults, and unvaccinated or semi-vaccinated kids.

How Biden Could Achieve His Management Priorities

Five things the administration could do to improve the odds of success.

Can Pandemic Worry Hamper Your Cognitive Abilities?

New research finds that worries about the COVID-19 pandemic may affect your cognitive abilities and skew your perception of risk.

How to Socialize Safely in the Booster Era

This winter, there are many shades of what it means to be vaccinated. Here’s how to make everyday risk assessments.

The Rise of Déjà Zoom

Virtual friendships are transitioning from grainy video into real life, and creating a pandemic-induced feeling akin to déjà vu.

Quitting Your Job or Thinking about Joining the ‘Great Resignation’? Here’s What An Employment Lawyer Advises

A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs. But before you opt to join them, you should consider the risks and costs.

The Paywall That Continues to Stand in the Way of Government Transparency

Congress should act now to ensure Americans receive the free and unfettered online access to federal court records they deserve.

What Can You Expect From Another COVID Winter?

The pandemic should be better this winter than last, but it's important to accept the virus will never go completely away. "COVID is here to stay."