Promising Practices

American Workers Feel Alienated, Helpless And Overwhelmed – Here’s One Way To Alleviate Their Malaise

What if the best parts of two competing visions for a solution were brought together?

Political Violence In America Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

The rise in contemporary right-wing political extremism – and violence – can be traced back to events in the 1990s

Future Air Force Officers Get a 30,000-Foot View of Death in This Course

Views on death and the afterlife vary from person to person and culture to culture. This course gives Air Force cadets a broad perspective on mortality and its effects on people and society.

Enough With The Weak Passwords, Already

The most common passwords on the dark web are those users have been repeatedly warned away from. Can training help?

Employers Are Concerned About Covering Workers’ Mental Health Needs, Survey Finds

Nearly half of large employers report that increasing numbers of their workers were using mental health services, according to a KFF annual employer survey. Yet almost a third of those employers said their health plan’s network didn’t have enough behavioral health care providers for employees to have timely access to the care they need.

2 Tricks Will Help You Learn and Remember New Stuff

There are two tried and true strategies to improve your learning, whether you're prepping for an exam or learning a new skill.

What Workers Want From Their Jobs Other Than Good Pay

Labor researchers say while wages are important, other elements can also help to recruit employees and keep them aboard.

Quiet Quitting and the Great Resignation Have a Common Cause – Dissatisfied Workers Feel They Can’t Speak up in the Workplace

Research shows that workers rarely call out unethical behavior or even just operational problems, in large part because they fear serious consequences.

Building a More Diverse Public Sector Hiring Pipeline

Local governments are rethinking how they go about connecting with job candidates. “It’s just not enough to post a position and then say we have no qualified diverse talent,” says one official.

Can Coworkers Prevent ‘Quiet Quitting’?

" is clear that companies can benefit significantly when employees go above and beyond what's required of them."

GovExec Daily: Preparing to 'Win' Retirement

Author Joe Casey joins the podcast to discuss his book on how to have a fruitful transition into retirement.

Go Ahead, Ask for Help. It Makes People Happy

People's concerns about asking others for help are "oftentimes exaggerated and mistaken," says social psychologist Xuan Zhao.

Study Gauges Americans’ Views on Military Intervention

The United States public prefers when the country works with other military powers, protects civilians, and resolves conflict peacefully, research on military intervention finds.

People Think They Should Talk Less to Be Liked, but New Research Suggests You Should Speak up in Conversations with Strangers

The common advice to let the other person talk more might backfire if you want to make a positive first impression.

Women Are Reentering the Workforce, but Black Women Face Continued Hurdles

Women may be reentering the workforce, but the numbers are uneven, with more Black women leaving.

COVID-19 Distress Upped Vax Rates, but not Distancing

People more distressed during the COVID-19 pandemic were less likely to follow distancing guidelines, but more likely to get vaccinated.

The Perks of Positivity May Depend on Race and Culture

"There may be nuance in terms of what positive psychological factors protect people, depending on their race and their culture...""