Promising Practices

1 Cup of Coffee a Day May Reduce Kidney Injury Risk

Drinking at least one cup of coffee a day may reduce the risk of acute kidney injury, according to a new study.

Most of the COVID-19 Workforce Were Women of Color. What Happens Now as Those Jobs End?

Women of color took on the majority of new jobs created during the pandemic to do contact tracing, and to test and vaccinate Americans, experts said. But as sites ramp down, the future of that workforce is now uncertain.

How to Make Performance Reviews Less Terrible – Especially Given the Challenges of Supervising Remote Workers

Performance reviews were always a challenge, but even more so in the age of hybrid work, when some employees are in the office more often than others.

Narcissism Affects whether People Follow COVID Mitigation Efforts

New research investigates how narcissism makes people more or less likely to follow COVID mitigation strategies like masking up or getting vaxxed.

It’s Impossible to Determine Your Personal COVID-19 Risks and Frustrating to Try – but You Can Still Take Action

People want a simple answer. Is this action safe? But despite Anthony Fauci bouncing responsibility for COVID-19 risk assessment to individuals, your risk can’t be boiled down to one probability.

How to Brainstorm Brilliant Ideas in Teams – without Sliding into ‘Groupthink’

With companies encouraging greater teamwork, an expert outlines how to innovate effectively and problem solve as a group.

Remote Work May Actually Be Good for Business

Working remotely doesn't negatively affect productivity. It may actually even enhance both employee and company resiliency, a new study finds.

Military Families Push the Army to ‘Normalize Parenthood’

A new directive addresses fertility treatment, pregnancy and postpartum recovery – issues that have long affected soldiers’ careers, marriages and home life.

5 Things Women Job Seekers Want

Women want better pay and work-life balance but also value working in diverse organizations, among other factors, a new Gallup poll reveals.

6 in 10 Americans Would Quit Current Job for Remote Position

Work-life balance is increasingly important for today’s post-pandemic workforce.

Formula Pins Down What Gets People in the ‘Flow’

Can you get yourself into a creative and productive "flow" intentionally? Researchers say it is possible and have created a formula to explain it

Staring at An Image of Yourself on Zoom Has Serious Consequences for Mental Health – Especially for Women

Mirrors, selfies and knowing other people are looking at you all cause people to think of themselves as objects. Video calls are all three in one and are likely increasing the harms of self-objectification.

Are You Tired of Your Job or Is It Actually Burnout?

What are the signs of burnout at work and what can you do about it? An expert explains what to look for in yourself and others.

Paid Family Leave Is Good for Moms and Baby Brains

Nearly 80% of US workers don't receive paid family leave, leaving them having to choose between earning a paycheck or bonding with their newborns.

Small Towns Drew Most New Pandemic Residents

Major cities lost people to more remote, lesser-known areas.

Pandemic Decision-Making Is Difficult and Exhausting – Here’s the Psychology that Explains Why

People tend to dislike uncertainty and risk – two things that are hard to avoid completely during a pandemic. That’s part of why it can feel especially draining to make even small decisions these days.