President's Management Agenda

White House Updates Acquisition, Business of Government Priorities

Workforce, interoperability and governance all feature in the new goals set for the President's Management Agenda.

GovExec Daily: Using The Citizen Experience to Increase Trust in Government

William Eggers joins the podcast to discuss how CX can be part of ways citizen feel about the levels of government.

GovExec Daily: On the Web, Government Customer Satisfaction is Dropping

CFI's Sheri Petras joins the podcast to discuss her organization's latest report about government customer service.

A Quick Take on the President’s Management Priorities

The president's vision has now been filled out in more detail. Here are some thoughts. 

GovExec Daily: Better Government, Biden and a CEO's Perspective

Robert Shea joins the podcast to discuss the connection between PMA and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s latest shareholder letter.

Biden's Management Agenda is the Answer to One CEO’s Plea for Better Government

Robert Shea argues that the President's Management Agenda is designed to remedy dysfunction.

Biden’s Management Agenda Update Adds Metrics to Workforce Goals

The White House’s first update to the president’s management agenda, first released last November, lines up tasks for agencies and attaches individual officials to goals.

GovExec Daily: Pay, Policy and Biden's FY2023 Budget Blueprint

Tanya Ballard Brown and Courtney Bublé join the podcast to discuss the administration plan released this week.

GovExec Daily: Building a Bridge Between Researchers and Policymakers

Dr. Donald Kettl joins the podcast to discuss how the Biden administration can better bridge the gap toward greater mission success.

Opinion: This Is Why the President’s Management Agenda Is Poised for Real Success

The strategy is smart to focus on empowering federal employees and building better relationships between management and unions.

It’s Time to Bridge the Divide Separating Policymakers and Researchers

President Biden’s management agenda provides the perfect opportunity for government officials and public policy researchers to help one another solve pressing problems.

Lawmakers Question Agencies on Implementation of Customer Service Act 

The law requires agencies to accept digital signatures to authorize congressional offices to help constituents.

GovExec Daily: How to Make The Customer Service Order Work

Stan Soloway joins the podcast to discuss the administration's priorities.

Information Sought on the ‘Future of Work’ for Feds 

The topics of inquiry align with the president’s management agenda. 

GovExec Daily: The Customer Experience Under the Biden Administration

John Kamensky joins the podcast to discuss the Executive Order and Presidential Management Agenda Vision.

GovExec Daily: Ahuja on Pay, COVID-19 and Hiring

The OPM chief joins the podcast again to discuss how to make the civil service younger, pay scales and how the COVID-19 rules are affecting federal employees.

GovExec Daily: OPM Director Kiran Ahuja on the Biden Management Agenda

The Office of Personnel Management chief joins the podcast to discuss her agency's role in executing the PMA.