Postal Service

Cost-cutting measures will coincide with new goals to slash emissions, USPS says

The Postal Service has laid out new plans to cut its carbon footprint significantly by 2030.

USPS’ feud with its regulator escalates yet again

The Postal Service is so far declining to turn over information related to its operational and workforce reforms, while accusing the watchdog of killing new business deals.

Postal union leader: Stop the misallocation of Civil Service Retirement System pension costs

COMMENTARY | "The failure to uphold the promise to fix the unfair pension allocation is hurting the Postal Service’s ability to recover from the pandemic," writes the president of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

USPS must halt rate hikes, bipartisan group of lawmakers say

The House members made their demand the day after the latest price increases went into effect.

USPS’ workforce is very diverse. Its management is less so.

Historically disadvantaged groups fare worse than white colleagues in getting promoted to higher-level positions, new audit finds.

Mail delays spike during USPS' busiest season

The Postal Service is delivering mail on time at its lowest rate since mid-2021.

USPS paid for unused air mail transport due to incorrect forecasts, OIG says

The Postal Service didn’t accurately plan the weight capacity of its operations with one air transport supplier, according to a new report, often paying shipping costs for unused capacity on flights. 

USPS looks to raise rates for packages, too

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy continues an aggressive pricing strategy despite concerns over volume losses.

USPS loses $6.5B in FY2023 and says another year in the red is coming

The losses come despite postal management initially projecting it would break even for the year.

USPS significantly ramps up payouts for those who help convict mail thieves

The Postal Service touts progress in crime crack down despite pushback from watchdogs and employee groups.

How the U.S. Postal Service is doing cloud 'right'

The United States Postal Service CIO explained her agency started its cloud journey early and maintains a business objectives focus for migrations.

USPS looks to raise rates for fifth time under DeJoy

The higher rates are helping to offset accelerated declines in mail usage.

USPS says mail theft is getting worse, but its plans are so far incomplete and yielding few results

The mailing agency must flesh out its strategies to address rising crime rates, Postal Service watchdog says.

Report: DHS, USPS failing in their requirements to screen for opioids in the mail

A 2018 law aimed at preventing drug producers from shipping their goods through the mail is not being implemented, IG says.

Senators push for USPS identity proofing to thwart AI-generated deepfakes

The U.S. Postal Service already offers identity proofing services for some government agencies.