Postal Service

USPS Begins New Round of Facility Consolidations While Also Procuring Dozens More

Postal management promises consolidations for this initiative will not lead to any layoffs.

GovExec Daily: The New Postal Board Nominees and the Future of USPS

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the latest Postal Service news.

Biden's Postal Board Nominees Pledge Better Service and Workforce Investments

Their confirmation would give Democrat-aligned members a majority of the nine Senate-confirmed slots on the USPS board of governors, but the board would still be unlikely to fire Postmaster General DeJoy.

Can Democrats Make Peace With Their Favorite Trump-Era Villain?

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s reform plan looks a lot better now that Donald Trump is no longer president.

USPS Should Outsource More Post Offices and Request Subsidies, IG Says

Postal management said only it was "eager to consider" proposals to get the agency out of the red.

USPS Has Nearly Exhausted the $10B Congress Awarded It for COVID-19 Relief

The Postal Service's financial outlook has improved significantly, though its leadership is far from celebrating.

Postal Service Indicates Layoffs Could Be on the Horizon

USPS says it hopes to find landing spots for impacted workers as it implements "administrative reductions."

Biden Proposes $28B to Revamp Federal Buildings, More for Electrified Federal Fleet

The $2 trillion infrastructure proposal includes reshaping how federal buildings are funded and a new directive for the Postal Service.

GovExec Daily: The USPS Strategic Plan and DeJoy's Future

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the embattled Postmaster General and the 10-year plan.

Dozens of Lawmakers Call on Biden to Replace Entire USPS Board

Biden has nominated individuals to fill three vacancies, but House members say board must start from scratch.

Postmaster General to Propose $40 Billion Investment in USPS in Forthcoming Plan

Some of those funds would go toward development of the workforce, which has seen growing turnover.

USPS Is Already Facing Legal Action Over DeJoy's Forthcoming Mail Slowdowns

Lawsuit stems from the Postal Service's performance during the election, which generally won good reviews in a new IG report released Tuesday.

USPS Announces Workforce Attrition Measures to Accompany Reorganized Structure

The Postal Service is centralizing some of its functions, and some positions are on the chopping block.

GovExec Daily: What the Postal Board Changes Mean for DeJoy

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss news about the Postal Service and the future of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Biden's Postal Board Nominees Unlikely to Spell Quick End to Postmaster General's Tenure

The president's picks are probably not going to vote to remove DeJoy and are knowledgeable on postal issues, observers say.

Postmaster General Previews Slower Mail and Improved Employee Benefits, Supports New Postal Reform Bill

DeJoy says the new legislation, coupled with his business plan, would allow USPS to break even after years of losses.