Postal Service

Postal Service Seeks Temporary Exemption From Biden's Vaccine-or-Test Mandate

USPS says it is looking to avoid a "dramatic loss of employees" during its busy season.

Postal Service Settles Election Case, Agrees to Continue Prioritizing Ballots

USPS will continue steps it implemented for the 2020 election through at least 2028.

USPS At Risk of Falling Short on Space and Staffing to Support Holiday Season, IG Warns

Postal Service says it's in much better shape than last year, when it was overwhelmed and beset by delays.

Biden Looks to Shake Up Postal Service Leadership With New Nominees

If confirmed, new nominees would give White House-backed members a majority on the postal governing board.

Postal Service Vows to Win Over Republicans Angry About Banking Pilot

Republican committee leaders say Louis DeJoy withheld information to keep the initiative secret.

Postal Service Blames ‘Street Crime’ and Absenteeism for Mail Delays

Lawmakers are looking to make it harder for the agency to slow delivery in the future, while auditor says fixing current problems will be a significant challenge.

Postal Service Launches Banking Pilot With Hopes to Expand in Early 2022

USPS is taking a limited approach in just four cities to start but is already engaged in expansion plans.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Drops Lawsuit Protesting Postal Service Fleet Contract

The smaller manufacturer that lost to a defense contractor isn't ruling out seeking future business from the Postal Service.

Court Appears to Favor Allowing Large Postal Service Price Hikes

Large-scale mailers are arguing federal statute requires increases to be tied to inflation.

Postal Service Takes Wait-and-See Approach on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

USPS may soon have to set up widespread testing for unvaccinated staff, but agency officials do not yet know how many employees have received shots.

Postal Service to Hire 100,000 Employees in 2021

The hiring is part of a $40 billion investment in the mailing agency's workforce and infrastructure.

Significant USPS Rate Hike Will Move Forward This Month After Court Rejects Request for Pause

Mailers had sought to block the first-of-its-kind rate increase from taking effect while suing over new price-setting authority.