Postal Service

USPS eyes expansion of a potentially major insourcing initiative

The program is in its infancy, but could lead to many thousands of jobs going from external contractors to internal agency employees.

DeJoy's USPS overhaul plan might not be carried out well, watchdog finds

Postal Service management sharply critiques auditors' findings, saying GAO has a "fundamental misunderstanding" of the agency.

USPS to offer discounts in hopes of boosting mail usage

The Postal Service hopes to boost revenue from its largest customers by up to $1.3 billion.

DeJoy pledges to trim workforce costs as USPS continues to lose more money than expected

The Postal Service has found some success in eliminating costs from its network, but overall expenditures spiked in the most recent quarter.

USPS faces bipartisan pushback as it ramps up consolidation efforts

While lawmakers and employees ask the postmaster general to rethink his network changes, the Postal Service is accelerating the reforms.

‘They don’t care about my life’: Lawmakers, employees raise concerns about heat after USPS mail carrier's death

Record temperatures are renewing longstanding fears that USPS is pushing employees to the brink without adequate concern for their safety.

With a new shipping service, USPS says it could handle extra demand sparked by UPS strike

The Postal Service is rolling out new shipping offerings that it predicts will help it absorb new business that results from a potential work stoppage at one of its competitors.

Supreme Court rejects USPS bid to require employees to work on Sundays

The Postal Service may still prevail in lower court, but the high court has created a new precedent USPS must now follow in providing religious accommodations.

Regulator shuts down USPS’ request to implement DeJoy’s overhaul without additional oversight

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is proposing "dramatic change to every aspect of the postal environment," says the USPS regulator that wants to ensure added scrutiny.

USPS begins issuing layoff notices to some employees

The Postal Service hopes to find new jobs for those impacted, but it has not detailed the reasons for the cuts.

Postal Union Expects a ‘Smooth Transition,’ But Notes Possible Bumps In the Road for the New Health Benefit Program

Employees, retirees and family members are expected to shift to the Postal Service Health Benefits Plan by Jan. 1, 2025.

Top Postal Regulator Calls for Expanded Reach Amid Feud With DeJoy

As USPS management says its regulator is standing in its way, the commission's chairman seeks to grow to keep pace with DeJoy's changes.

DeJoy Defends His Legacy to Congress Even as He Acknowledges USPS is Falling Short of Goals

The postmaster general leaves workforce cuts and major operational changes on the table as the Postal Service confronts unforeseen headwinds to financial stability.

Pay Cuts Have Rural Letter Carriers ‘Scared’ and ‘Outraged’

DeJoy says the situation is “unfortunate” but wasn't his decision and “it is what it is.”

Crimes Targeting Mail Carriers Are on the Rise, and USPS Is Taking New Steps to Confront Them

Rates of robberies and other mail-related crimes are on pace to far exceed those experienced in 2022.

What Will -- and Won’t -- Change for Federal Agencies With the End of the COVID Health Emergency

A look at how we got here and what’s ahead for federal agencies and workers now that the pandemic emergency is over.