Postal Service

One Year Later, USPS Restores Service to Pre-DeJoy Levels

On-time mail delivery still falls short of its historical standard, with the Postal Service blaming employee absenteeism and other issues.

USPS Projects Continuing Mail Delays, Setting Targets Well Below Historical Standards

As Postmaster General Louis DeJoy seeks to implement reforms and justify changes, he once again finds himself on the hot seat.

USPS Faces Preemptive Backlash to Expected Soaring Price Hikes

Customers fear the 7% or higher rate increase allowed under a new pricing system would have a net negative effect on the Postal Service.

Congress Takes Another Significant Step Toward Finally Making Postal Reform Law

Both parties and both chambers see eye to eye on the bill, marking a major development on the path to passing postal legislation, something Congress has tried and failed to accomplish for a decade.

New Postal Overhaul Measure Wins Support From Key Republican

Lawmakers introduce bipartisan measure postal leadership has deemed essential for righting the ship at USPS.

Postal Service to Issue Layoff Notices Later This Month

USPS declined to specify how many positions would be eliminated, but said it aims to offer impacted workers opportunities for reassignment.

USPS Defends Slower Mail Proposal Before Its Regulator

Regulatory commission will have final say on Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's biggest reform.

Senate Committee Advances Biden's Nominees for USPS Board

Just one Republican joins all Democrats in approving the three governors-designate.

USPS Begins New Round of Facility Consolidations While Also Procuring Dozens More

Postal management promises consolidations for this initiative will not lead to any layoffs.

GovExec Daily: The New Postal Board Nominees and the Future of USPS

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the latest Postal Service news.

Biden's Postal Board Nominees Pledge Better Service and Workforce Investments

Their confirmation would give Democrat-aligned members a majority of the nine Senate-confirmed slots on the USPS board of governors, but the board would still be unlikely to fire Postmaster General DeJoy.

Can Democrats Make Peace With Their Favorite Trump-Era Villain?

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s reform plan looks a lot better now that Donald Trump is no longer president.

USPS Should Outsource More Post Offices and Request Subsidies, IG Says

Postal management said only it was "eager to consider" proposals to get the agency out of the red.

USPS Has Nearly Exhausted the $10B Congress Awarded It for COVID-19 Relief

The Postal Service's financial outlook has improved significantly, though its leadership is far from celebrating.

Postal Service Indicates Layoffs Could Be on the Horizon

USPS says it hopes to find landing spots for impacted workers as it implements "administrative reductions."