Postal Service

USPS Refuses to Comply With Judge's Order to Allow All Overtime Before Election

The Postal Service has agreed to other measures to ensure timely delivery of ballots and other mail.

Following Court Order, USPS Instructs Employees to Restore Extra Mail Trips and Some Processing Machines

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy had resisted such changes before a federal judge issued nationwide injunction.

Court Losses Mount for USPS as Agency Management, DeJoy Weigh Options

A second judge on Monday ordered the Postal Service to walk back controversial reforms.

Poorly Protected Postal Workers Are Catching COVID-19 by the Thousands. It’s One More Threat to Voting by Mail.

More than 50,000 workers have taken time off for virus-related reasons, slowing mail delivery. The Postal Service doesn’t test employees or check their temperatures, and its contact tracing is erratic.

Federal Court Blocks Postal Service's Controversial Operational Changes Nationwide

USPS has admitted Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's reforms caused delays, which the judge found politically motivated and risked disenfranchising voters.

Postal Employees Skeptical as Top Officials Testify They Were 'Appalled' Over Mail Delays

Top brass from USPS headquarters say slowdown was caused by local officials misinterpreting Louis DeJoy's initiatives.

In Court, USPS Blames Mail Delays on 'Poor Judgment' by Local Supervisors

Top officials deflect criticism away from initiatives implemented by embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Senate Fails to Pass Coronavirus Bill That Would Have Provided $10B to Postal Service

Negotiations appear stalled after Democrats block measure they say was too narrowly focused.

Mail Delays Could Affect Prescriptions for 1 in 4 Adults Over 50

A huge number of older adults get prescriptions through the mail, poll data shows. Delays in mail delivery could affect their getting medications on time.

USPS Is Fighting to Block the Release of Data on Mail Delays

The Postal Service is fending off pressures before its regulator and federal courts, but it's already suffered one setback.

GovExec Daily: The Postmaster General's Appearances on the Hill

GovExec's Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss Louis DeJoy's two recent appearances before Congress.

Voters Aren’t the Only Ones Who Dread Slow Mail – Struggling Small Businesses Are Also at Risk from Postal Service Delays

The Postal Service plays a critical role in the supply chains of small businesses and in keeping rural America connected. There's no reason it can't continue to do so despite its financial woes.

DeJoy Struggles With Basic Postal Questions Even as He Defends Reforms That Caused Delays

Postmaster general says in testy hearing he thought his changes would improve service but "oddly enough" the opposite occurred.