Postal Service

USPS Will Make Mistakes and Learn From Them

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss Louis DeJoy's managerial process… and his legacy.

The Postal Service Can Continue to Deliver Abortion Pills Anywhere in America, DoJ Says

The Biden administration confirms USPS can continue its existing practice without fear of retribution for employees.

USPS Plans to Electrify 75% of its Fleet

After improving its financial outlook and receiving a funding jolt from Congress, the Postal Service will only buy EVs starting in 2026.

Lawmaker Accuses USPS Employees of Stealing $20K in Campaign Contributions

Various postal entities are probing the matter, but have yet to find evidence of employee involvement.

After Providing $3B, Lawmakers Question Why USPS Isn’t Buying More EVs

The Postal Service has upped its original order of electric vehicles, but Democrats want to see far more progress after they provided the funds.

House Panel Advances Bill to Force Tracking on Ballots Mailed Through USPS

While Republicans have reservations about voting by mail, the bill won overwhelming bipartisan support.

USPS Is Heading Into the Busy Holiday Season With Far Fewer Employees Than in Recent Years

Still, postal officials and other stakeholders expressed confidence the agency will avoid the record delays mailers experienced in 2020.

DeJoy Predicts USPS Will Miss Its Goal to Break Even Next Year

The Postal Service saw a relief from legislative reforms and price increases in 2022, but still experienced a "controllable" loss due to ongoing volume declines.

USPS Reminds Employees to Continue Rushing Ballot Delivery Through November

A look at all the special steps USPS has taken, and will continue to take, to get ballots to election officials on time.

Most Voters Skipped ‘In Person on Election Day’ when Offered a Choice of How and When to Vote

Nearly two-thirds of all votes cast in the 2020 presidential election were made through early in-person voting or by mail, rather than by people who visited their local polling places on Election Day.

Two Outgoing Lawmakers Are Jockeying for Slots on the USPS Board

Before exiting Congress, two Democrats are soliciting support for nominations from President Biden.

The U.S. Postal Service Is Poised for Improved Performance in the 2022 Election, Officials Say

USPS has ramped up communications with local officials and will begin "extraordinary measures" to expedite ballot delivery next week.

The Postmaster General Tells USPS Employees to Keep Upcoming Workforce Changes ‘in Perspective’

DeJoy says it is a "fool's errand" to try to predict all the changes postal workers will face in the coming years.

The U.S. Postal Service Is Set to Raise Prices, Again

The Postal Services cites inflation for the change, though the increases were long anticipated.