Postal Service

House Dems to Force a Vote on Pausing USPS' Vehicle Contract

The pressure continues to ramp up on the Postal Service to purchase more electric trucks.

USPS Is Promising More Severe Price Hikes Even As Revenues Grow by Nearly $1B

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy tells mailers to get used to "uncomfortable" rate increases as inflation is driving up the Postal Service's costs.

USPS Is Facing New Legal Challenges to Its Vehicle Contract and Its Authority to Increase Prices

Environmental groups and a union are suing the Postal Service over its failure to buy more electric vehicles, while mailers are fighting rate hikes.

GovExec Daily: The Louis DeJoy Ethos

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss his interview with the postmaster general.

A Report Finds That Identity Fraud Is Up 167% In USPS Change Of Address Requests

The USPS Office of the Inspector General recommends stricter identity verification controls online, while management disagrees.

‘I Am Against Retreat:’ The Louis DeJoy Ethos and the Future of the Postal Service

Everything is “on the table” in this postmaster general’s USPS—except the status quo.

USPS Converted 63,000 Non-Career Employees to Permanent Jobs Over the Last Year

The Postal Service is promising new reforms to "all aspects of our operations" in the coming years.

As Biden Signs Postal Reform Into Law, USPS Announces a Huge Jump in Prices

Stakeholders had hoped the legislative overhaul would help avoid another large rate hike.

Biden's USPS Nominees Pledge to Reexamine Key DeJoy Initiatives

Nominees' confirmation would give Biden appointees a majority of the Senate-confirmed seats on the Postal Service board.

The White House Wants to Give USPS $5 Billion to Boost Mail-In Voting

The Postal Service faced criticism for its election efforts in 2020, but ultimately was largely successful in delivering ballots.

Postal Banking Isn’t Done Yet, Even Though It Was Stripped from the Recent Spending Package

Democrats have introduced a new postal banking bill and advocates are still hopeful USPS will expand a small pilot program it launched last year.

The Nationwide Trucker Shortage Has Hit the Postal Service

Recruiting and retaining both its own drivers and contractors is a big challenge.

Lawmakers Are Ramping Up Pressure for the Postal Service to Go Electric

Democrats want an investigation and to cancel the Postal Service's vehicle contract unless it purchases more EVs.