Postal Service

USPS Revenue Continued to Slide During the Holiday Season

Postal Service keeps slashing work hours to reduce costs as controllable losses grow.

House Votes to End Controversial USPS Payments for Future Retirees' Health Care

Postal Service applauds effort, but says more steps are needed to avoid financial collapse.

Postal Workers Union Endorses Bernie Sanders

Labor group calls Sanders a champion of USPS employees who will fight to preserve the mailing agency.

Postal Service Exaggerated the Savings It Collected From Cutting Employee Compensation, Audit Finds

The agency hasn’t accounted for the costs associated with cutting pay and reducing benefits, GAO says.

As Battle Lines Are Drawn for Successor, USPS Chief Delays Retirement Indefinitely

Various Postal Service-connected organizations want their interests considered as board searches for new postmaster general.

How Talking to the Elderly and Assessing Air Quality Could Help USPS Grow Revenue

The Postal Service is pursuing opportunities, but such efforts are more likely to benefit society writ large than the agency's finances.

Buttigieg's Consulting Career Included Work on a Report Suggesting USPS Slash Career Workforce

Presidential candidate says he only helped the Postal Service generate ideas for new revenue streams.

Postal Regulators Lay Out New Proposal to Enable Larger USPS Rate Hikes

Mailers say the new system could create uncertainty and drive customers away from the Postal Service.

Postal Service Doubles Annual Losses to $8.8 Billion

USPS is no longer seeing accelerating growth from its shipping and package business.

USPS, Regulator Pursue Different Paths in Fighting Court Ruling on Rate Hikes

Allowing the court's ruling to unwind the stamp price increase would cause "substantial disruption and uncertainty," Postal Regulatory Commission says.

U.S. Postal Service Chief to Step Down

Outgoing postmaster general led the agency during "very challenging circumstances."

U.S. to Remain in International Postal Agency After Securing More Favorable Deal for American Mailers

The Trump administration had said it would withdraw from UN body with roots in 145-year-old treaty.

Yet Another Impasse at the Postal Service as Two More Labor Contracts Expire

The fate of compensation and other issues for 250,000 employees now hangs in the balance.