Employee groups laud Biden’s anti-Schedule F regulations

Unions and management organizations alike applauded the Office of Personnel Management’s effort to at least slow a future Republican administration’s efforts to strip federal employees of their civil service protections.


OPM issues its final rule for Schedule F protections

The federal HR agency finalized its rule offering protections for career civil servants meant to safeguard against the potential reemergence of the Trump-era Schedule F policy.

OPM’s labor-management forum guidance charts new ground for union policies

Federal agencies will be expected to embrace the return of collaborative councils, where federal employee unions may weigh in on future workplace policies, and measure the forums’ impact on employee engagement, agency performance and cost savings.

OPM slices record retirement processing time in February

The overall retirement backlog ticked back under 20,000 last month, amid the federal government’s HR agency’s busy season.

Biden administration details strategic plan to hire military spouses

Improving the recruitment and retention of spouses of servicemembers has been a bipartisan priority in recent years, as military families report economic precarity as a reason to leave public service.

OPM unveils its ‘future of work playbook’ for agencies to revamp HR processes

The federal government’s dedicated HR agency’s latest piece of guidance offers a list of concrete ways that human capital leaders can implement the Biden administration’s workforce agenda.

Is it time to get rid of OPM?

COMMENTARY | One former House human resources official says it is.

The Postal Service Health Benefits program, prescription coverage and Open Season 2025

The federal health care enrollment period is months away, but you can start preparing now.

OPM announces survey to analyze AI in government jobs

The move marks the second step in a years-long process to prep federal agencies for working with artificial intelligence.

OPM’s 2024 equity goals aim to expand data-based approach

The federal government’s HR agency plans to expand the use of data to analyze recruitment barriers for underserved communities as well as outreach at minority-serving educational institutions in the coming year.

OPM makes it easier for ex-military feds to access paid parental, medical leave

The tweak, which allows federal workers to count past military service toward the 12-month service requirement of parental and Family and Medical Leave Act leave, stems from a provision of the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act.

10 years on, OPM keeps its pay freeze in place for senior officials

With budget negotiations ongoing, OPM officials said that the pay rates for the vice president and other senior political officials will remain frozen until at least the expiration of the latest continuing resolution.

OPM faces its first test of recent retirement processing tweaks

The number of new retirement claims received by the federal government’s HR agency doubled in January, marking the start of the annual busy season.

OPM to tweak draft dodging rules, delegate investigations to agencies

The federal HR agency said its new plan for investigating when a federal job applicant failed to register for the draft will give applicants a better—and faster—chance to explain themselves.

Identity theft protection for OPM hack victims could extend for life under new bill

Under current law, the benefit for those whose personal information was exposed by the 2015 data breach is set to expire in 2026.

OPM’s talent acquisition system needs better processes for managing agencies’ data

A GAO report found that OPM’s USA Staffing program lacked procedures for managing the interagency agreement data used when agencies utilized its talent acquisition system. 

Lawmakers urge OPM to update parental leave policy docs

The federal government’s HR agency’s self-imposed deadline of the end of 2024 to ensure the federal employee handbook and public-facing web pages reflect the enactment of 12 weeks of paid parental leave should be “a floor and not a ceiling.”