OPM Extends Deadline for Agencies to Implement Competency-Based Hiring

Citing “concern” from agencies, the federal government’s HR shop is giving officials until the end of 2021 to implement a Trump-era executive order overhauling federal hiring.

Biden’s OPM Nominee Advances from Committee

All Republican senators voted against Kiran Ahuja over her past support of diversity and inclusion programs and abortion rights.

The Agencies that Saw the Biggest Gains in Employee Satisfaction in 2020, and the Few that Saw Losses

Only six agencies with at least 100 employees saw decreases in their job satisfaction score on the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

Feds’ Engagement and Job Satisfaction Rises Despite—or Because of—Pandemic

Officials who administered the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey warned against making sweeping conclusions about the 2020 results, due to changes in the survey's timing and some of its content.

OPM Waives Premium Pay Cap for Border Detailees

The federal government’s HR agency declared that the influx of children at the southern border is an emergency for the purposes of waiving restrictions on how much premium pay federal employees can earn.

OPM Nominee Sails Through Confirmation Hearing, Pledging to Support Feds and Uphold Merit System

Kiran Ahuja outlined her vision for the federal workforce and the need for the Office of Personnel Management to transform to become a 21st century personnel policymaking agency.

OPM Looks to Update Federal Job Competencies

Officials hope an updated list of skills required for jobs throughout the federal government will better inform federal personnel policy.

Collaboration Between OPM and OMB: Is It Even Possible?

Could government's HR office really “work in concert” with the White House budget office, as a new report recommends, in light of OMB’s clear attempt to eliminate the independent personnel agency?

OPM Finalizes Rule Ensuring Feds Can Change Insurance During Shutdowns

During the 35-day government shutdown, some workers were unable to make changes to their health benefits because the employees responsible for processing those changes were furloughed.

OPM Appointments Mark a Radical Shift in Agency's Role

The hiring of high-level executives from organized labor marks a return to federal employee unions having a seat at the table in the formulation of federal personnel policy.

The Business Case for Investing in Human Capital Management

The payoff will be improved agency performance—and the gains could be significant.

OPM Modernization is Critical to Building the Federal Workforce the Nation Needs

Rigid and outdated hiring, pay and performance policies and practices are hurting government’s capacity to respond to urgent problems.