OSC: ATF Wasted At Least $10 Million Misclassifying Administrative Jobs as Law Enforcement

Although OPM and ATF investigations found around 100 positions within the agency’s HR department were improperly provided enhanced law enforcement pay and benefits, the whistleblowers who prompted the probe said the problem is more widespread than that.

OPM Highlights Mental Health Resources for Feds

The federal government is setting up a new listserv to provide federal employees with mental health information, events and tools to boost mindfulness.

OPM Tests Chatbot For Retirement Services

The retirement services chatbot is designed to answer easy questions to free up call center resources for more complex inquiries.

OPM Has a Plan to Upgrade Federal Employee Data

The Office of Personnel Management released a new data strategy on Wednesday with a slew of data-related goals, including the creation of a "360-view" of federal employees across the employee lifecycle.

OPM Denied 20% of Agency Requests to Let Politicals Convert Into Career Roles

In another 23% of cases, agencies failed to seek permission before letting political appointees "burrow in."

OPM Will End Agencies’ Maximum Telework Status Next Month

The move follows White House guidance last week instructing federal agencies to reduce the use of workplace flexibilities following the end of the COVID-19 national emergency.

Feds Could Soon See Better Child Care Options Under a New Executive Order

A plan to revamp federal employees’ access to child care came Tuesday as part of a broad effort by President Biden to improve the affordability of care services for children and adult family members, as well as boost care workers’ compensation.

OPM Starts the Process of Booting USPS Employees to a New Health Care Program

Health care premiums will likely go down for feds across the board as Medicare absorbs more costs, Biden administration predicts.

OPM Supports Transgender Feds in New Guidance

On International Transgender Day of Visibility, the federal government’s HR agency tasked agencies with updating their policies to ensure they are inclusive toward gender non-conforming employees.

Not Even the Best Places to Work in Government Were Immune to Federal Employee Morale Decline Last Year

The Partnership for Public Service on Wednesday released the first batch of rankings from its annual analysis of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

Telework Isn't to Blame for Government Backlogs and Inefficiencies, OPM Director Says

Kiran Ahuja defends telework before skeptical Republicans, amid efforts to improve data collection around agencies’ use of workplace flexibilities.

Workforce and Service Delivery Still Front and Center in Biden’s 2024 Budget

The White House’s fiscal roadmap continues to focus on rebuilding the federal workforce and making it easier to obtain services from agencies.

Biden Promised to Revive a ‘Hollowed Out’ Federal Workforce. Has He Delivered?

A look at where the administration has overcome Trump-era downsizing, and how it hopes to drag lagging agencies into meeting its agenda.

Skills Gaps Within OPM’s Own Workforce Could Make It Less Able to Help Others

The government’s human resources agency has outlined an ambitious agenda to make sure agencies are fully staffed, with the people who have the skills necessary for their jobs.

OPM’s Event to Attract Laid Off Tech Workers Was Popular, But Will It Yield Results?

Despite widespread interest in a recent recruitment event, clear data on the number of hires remains unavailable to assess the immediate success of such career fairs to fill currently available roles.

OPM Launches a New Web Portal for Federal Internships

The federal government’s HR agency describes the new section of USAJOBS as a “one-stop shop” for students seeking to explore a career in public service.

Biden Administration Releases First-Ever Report on Diversity in Federal Government

The report reflects marginal gains in representation for women and some communities of color.