Lawmakers Are Urging OPM to Beef up Feds’ Fertility Benefits

Democrats in both chambers of Congress bemoaned the abridged—and often expensive—coverage of treatments such as in vitro fertilization in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

Here’s Where Federal Employee Unions Can Look to Expand Their Ranks

According to new data from the Office of Personnel Management, nearly 300,000 federal employees are eligible to form unions but haven’t.

OPM: If You Need to Travel for Medical Care, You Can Use Sick Leave

The federal government’s HR agency confirmed that federal employees may use sick leave to travel to obtain reproductive health services, although the measure falls short of employee groups’ request for paid administrative leave after abortion ruling.

Coming Soon: More Regs and Bills to Help Modernize the Federal Workforce

Reforms will ease the process of everything from attracting new talent to processing retirement claims, says OPM Director Kiran Ahuja.

The Biden Team Announces Pay Raises of Up to $20,000 Annually for Federal Firefighters

The pay increases, authorized as part of the bipartisan infrastructure law, will be retroactive to October 2021.

These Agencies Performed the Best—and Worst—on Key Employee Morale Questions

Although the 2021 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey is missing some broad historical metrics due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a look at individual questions can offer some insights.

OPM Director Highlights ‘Call to Service’ to Hire Thousands to Implement Infrastructure Law

The federal government is hiring more than 8,000 people in the coming months, and officials will use that experience to fuel broader hiring process reforms.

Federal Employees Are Growing Less Engaged and Less Satisfied With Their Jobs

Response rates for the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey also fell 10 points from 2020, amid an abbreviated fall survey period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Ban the Box’ Prohibition at Federal Agencies Will Soon Be Expanded

OPM has proposed a rule implementing The Fair Chance Act, which expands a preexisting ban on asking federal job applicants about criminal histories before the conditional job offer phase of the hiring process, and sets up a mechanism for applicants to report violations of the rule.

Feds Can Now Donate to Ukraine Relief Efforts Directly From Their Paychecks

Between now and June 30, federal workers can pledge to donate to thousands of charities working on relief efforts in Ukraine as part of a special round of the Combined Federal Campaign.

OPM Targets Data and Benefits Education to Improve Equity in the Federal Workforce

The federal government HR agency’s report was one of more than 90 equity action plans released by the Biden administration this week.

OPM Unveils a New Toolkit for Agencies to Hire Cyber Talent

A new resource hub from the Office of Personnel Management outlines what benefits agencies might be able to offer to fill cyber positions.

OPM Issues More Guidance to Encourage Collective Bargaining at Agencies

Building on President Biden’s executive order encouraging more collaborative labor-management relations, OPM strongly encouraged federal agencies to improve unions’ ability to communicate with workers and collect dues.

What Federal Employees Should Know About the New Paid Parental Bereavement Leave Benefit

Thanks to the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, federal workers can take up to two weeks off following the death of a child.