The Business Case for Investing in Human Capital Management

The payoff will be improved agency performance—and the gains could be significant.

OPM Modernization is Critical to Building the Federal Workforce the Nation Needs

Rigid and outdated hiring, pay and performance policies and practices are hurting government’s capacity to respond to urgent problems.

Study: OPM-GSA Merger Proposal Would Not Have Solved Problems It Aimed to Fix

A team of analysts has recommended elevating OPM's role in human capital management and making it less involved in “transaction-by-transaction compliance” activities.

OPM Announces Special Combined Federal Campaign for Texas Storm Victims

Washington, D.C.-area federal employees exceeded expectations and previous years’ totals, raising more than $37 million for charities in 2020.

Addressing Federal Workforce Problems Should be a Top Priority for Biden

Kiran Ahuja has her work cut out for her at the Office of Personnel Management.

Past Marijuana Use Is No Longer a Disqualifier for a Federal Job

As more states legalize marijuana, the federal government’s HR agency said agencies can hire people who have used the drug, provided there is “evidence” the candidate will not use it anymore.

Biden Nominates Kiran Ahuja for OPM Director

Ahuja, who previously served as the agency’s chief of staff during the Obama administration, would be the first South Asian and the first Asian American woman to lead the federal government’s HR department.

OPM Implements Recent Pay and Benefits Changes

Acting OPM Director Kathleen McGettigan highlighted changes related to paid leave, premium pay, allowances related to military service and more.

OPM Clarifies Weather Closure Policy Amid Maximum Telework

Although many federal workers have been working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, OPM reiterated the importance of following inclement weather closure procedures for feds who still commute.

Personnel Office Urged to Provide Feds with Administrative Leave to Get COVID-19 Vaccinations

Washington, D.C.- area House Democrats said some agencies have declined to offer paid time off, although the lawmakers would not say which ones.

Biden Revives an Option for Quick Settlement of Federal Employee Claims

Litigation can again be reserved for cases that aren’t easily resolved, says a federal employee lawyer.

Why Biden Should Expand OPM’s Role

Changes instituted by the Trump administration reflect an outdated and discredited “do as you’re told” approach to management.

OPM Failed to Issue Guidance for D.C. Federal Workers During Insurrection

There was substantial warning ahead of the arrival of the group that violently stormed the U.S. Capitol seeking to overturn the results of the presidential election.

OPM Issues Guidance on Law Allowing Feds to Temporarily Carry Over More Annual Leave

The 2021 National Defense Authorization Act allows all federal employees to carry over an additional 25% of unused leave due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's Time to Rethink Employee Performance Management

The Trump administration’s plan to link layoffs to performance ratings is not credible because the ratings themselves are not credible.