OPM Makes It Easier for Feds to Shop for the Best Health Plan During Open Season

New plan comparison tool is more accessible and works better for employees overseas and on Medicare. 

OPM Proposes Ditching 'Clerk-Typist' and Other Occupational Classifications That Are Rarely Used Anymore

As many as 28 white collar job titles and 19 trade and craft occupations could be eliminated or rolled into other classifications following an administrative review.

Federal Court Denies Government's Appeal Seeking to Kill OPM Hack Lawsuit

With standing established, lower court will now have to hear the case on its merits.

Merit Board Suggests Ways Agencies Can Hire 'Better,' Not Just 'Faster and Cheaper'

The Merit Systems Protections Board is lending its support to the Office of Personnel Management's hiring reform efforts.

NTEU Blasts ‘Nonsensical’ Proposed OPM Rule Easing Firing of Feds

The federal employee union accused the Trump administration of forcing managers to focus on firing employees, rather than helping them succeed in their positions.

OPM Urges Agencies to Abandon Disciplinary Guidelines for Poor Performers

The Trump administration wants to give managers more discretion to pick an appropriate punishment for a given situation.

OPM Calls on Agencies to Streamline Federal Firing

Agencies have until March 2020 to eliminate “unnecessary barriers to addressing poor performance,” and even stricter rules are likely on the way.

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Senate Panel Advances Spending Bills Blocking OPM-GSA Merger, Allowing USDA Relocations

Democrats say that in conference committee they will endorse House-passed provisions blocking the relocation of science agencies to Kansas City and authorizing an average 3.1% pay raise for federal employees.

Senate Appropriators Join House in Blocking OPM-GSA Merger

Senators go with Trump's latest proposal for a 2.6% civilian pay raise for 2020 but no locality increase, while the House has approved an average 3.1% raise.

OPM Moves to Implement Parts of Trump Order Easing Firing of Feds

Proposed rules would remind managers when new hires are approaching the end of probationary periods and streamline firing procedures.

Weichert: Agencies Should Include Experts in Hiring Process

Guidance from the Office of Personnel Management encourages a renewed focus on competencies, rather than “minimum qualifications.”

Controversial OPM Nominee Confirmed Mostly Along Party Lines

Senate approves Dale Cabaniss despite concerns regarding her past governmental experience and plans to merge the agency with the General Services Administration.

Agencies Offer Accommodations for Feds Affected by Hurricane Dorian

The Office of Personnel Management reminds agencies of options for federal employees in Dorian’s path.

Trump Administration Seeks to Quash Lawsuit Over OPM Hack

Government says feds are not entitled to damages as hackers intended to use the personal information they gathered for spying, not identity theft or fraud.