Regulations aimed at derailing a Schedule F revival proposed by OPM

An effort to insulate the federal workforce from future efforts to strip them of their removal protections could accelerate an “existential” debate over the nonpartisan civil service system, experts said.

OPM has a plan to take its tech 'from the Flintstones to the Jetsons'

The personnel agency recently released its first IT strategic plan in nearly a decade.

OPM deputy defends administration's telework approach, touts ‘consensus-building’ in workforce policymaking

Rob Shriver argues the White House's calls to increase in-person work are consistent with the HR agency’s prior policies.

Lawmakers urge OPM to expand FEHBP infertility coverage for LGBTQ+ feds

A group of 30 congressional Democrats called out “outdated” gaps in how the federal government’s employer-sponsored health insurance program covers infertility treatments, particularly for employees in the LGBTQ+ community.

OPM clarifies pay rules for teleworkers who must travel during work

Guidance aimed at stipulating when employees must be paid for their travel to traditional work sites comes ahead of an expected push by agencies to increase the amount of “meaningful in-person work” this fall.

Deadline approaches for Biden’s 5.2% pay raise plan

The president must formalize his proposal to give federal employees their largest annual pay increase in more than 40 years by the end of this month, or automatic boosts to locality pay will kick in.

The federal government’s primary internship program is getting its first update in a decade

The Office of Personnel Management will propose regulations Wednesday governing the federal government’s Pathways Programs to make it more appealing for potential applicants and easier for agencies to use as a recruitment tool.

D.C.-area feds told to leave offices by 3 p.m., ahead of storms

All federal employees in the Washington region who commuted for in-person work on Monday must leave two hours early, OPM said.

Dental and vision benefits are now open to many part-time, temporary and seasonal federal employees

A rule finalized Tuesday makes nearly 200,000 additional federal employees, including postal workers, eligible to enroll in the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program.

Agencies would have more flexibility in the hiring process, under new OPM rules

Regulations implementing a provision of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act would give hiring managers more information—and options—as they evaluate job applicants.

A Senate panel has advanced legislation to avert wildland firefighter ‘pay cliff’

Meanwhile, the Office of Personnel Management has released a draft set of qualifications for its upcoming new job series for wildland fire management.

Proposed funding cuts could prevent IRS, Justice and other agencies from meeting their missions, employee groups say

Controversial plans to deeply slash spending at OPM, IRS and the Justice Department have drawn the ire of the federal employees who work at or rely on those agencies. They say the cuts would harm mission delivery.

OPM’s retirement backlog just hit its lowest level since 2017

The federal government’s HR agency’s efforts to modernize the retirement process have been buoyed by increased investment and renewed focus on customer service.

OPM reminds agencies of workplace flexibilities following disasters

A memo highlighting telework, paid leave and other benefits available to feds impacted by disasters corresponds with the beginning of hurricane season and a recent typhoon in the Pacific Ocean.

OPM’s ‘Intern Experience Program’ promises to standardize, improve agencies’ internship offerings

The plan is the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at boosting participation in internship programs at federal agencies and improving the government’s ability to recruit younger civil servants.

Extra pay raises are coming to nearly 33,000 feds next year, thanks to new locality pay rules

The Office of Personnel Management has proposed regulations to create four new locality pay areas, along with a comprehensive map update adding dozens of jurisdictions to existing pay regions.