OPM Offers Tips for Agencies to Help Teleworking Feds with Caregiving

The federal government’s HR agency encouraged agencies to be flexible with employees who have children or other relatives they must care for with school and other care facilities closed.

Trump Administration Launches Coronavirus Surge Response Program

Federal employees can apply for temporary assignments to help with the pandemic response. 

OPM Highlights 'Evacuation Pay' Authority As a Way Agencies Can Expedite Telework

The Office of Personnel Management on Thursday clarified a number of issues for both agencies and federal employees as they respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Senators Urge Trump Administration to Publish Agency Contingency Plans

Democratic lawmakers said that making agencies’ continuity of operations plans public could put the minds of both federal workers and members of the public at ease.

OPM Director Abruptly Quits

The government’s top HR manager Dale Cabaniss was reportedly frustrated by White House interference.

OPM Urges FEHBP Insurers to Reduce Costs for Coronavirus Treatment

Amid questions from lawmakers, the federal government’s HR agency confirmed that it is pushing to minimize costs for federal employees who require treatment for COVID-19.

Senator Calls on Administration to Offer Flexibilities on Security Clearance Adjudications for Coronavirus

Sen. Warner wants to ensure that coronavirus financial hardships don’t negatively impact intelligence community employees and contractors.

OPM Dismisses Union Concerns About Paid Parental Leave Implementation

Agency Director Dale Cabaniss argued that legislative proposals listed as part of OPM's fiscal 2021 budget justification merely sought "clarification" from Congress, and were not intended to set limitations on the new benefit.

Senators Call on OPM to Ensure Feds and Contractors Are Protected as Coronavirus Spreads

The lawmakers pushed for expanding telework and preventing agencies from imposing disciplinary actions or pay cuts that could impede health precautions.

OPM Issues Additional Coronavirus Guidance, Encouraging Telework, Reduced Travel

The federal government’s HR agency orders all agencies to include telework in contingency plans, and encourages them to reduce “non-essential” travel.

Union Urges OPM Director to Withdraw Proposal to Limit Paid Parental Leave

As part of its fiscal 2020 budget justification, the personnel agency proposed legislation limiting the availability of paid parental leave for foster placements and in instances where both parents are federal workers.

OPM Announces Adjustments to Annual Time-to-Hire Metrics

Moving forward, agencies will be expected to count all employees hired and provide additional details about the length of the hiring process.

OPM, Lawmakers Propose Fixes to New Paid Parental Leave Law

The effort to ensure all federal employees have access to up to 12 weeks of paid time off following the birth, adoption or foster placement of a child now has bipartisan support.

Trump Administration to Expand Hiring Pilot Programs in 2020

Pilot program with simpler resumes and more input from subject matter experts in assessing candidates will reach at least five additional agencies this year.