Law Enforcement

Federal Agencies Brace for Saturday Rally Supporting Jan. 6 Capitol Rioters 

“Federal law enforcement agencies and the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department are in a heightened state of alert,” said a White House spokesperson. 

The Counterterror War That America Is Winning

The United States has centered its efforts on invasions and insurgencies. But another campaign appears to be having greater success.

Federal Union Calls for Biden to Keep San Diego Detention Center Open

The union and a lawmaker are questioning the applicability of President Biden’s executive order to not renew contracts with private prisons.

Manhattan Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Died to Close At Least Temporarily

The 200-plus inmates will be relocated and staff might be transferred or furloughed, but it is unclear so far.

Correctional Officers are Driving the Pandemic in Prisons

New research shows correctional officers are vectors of infection, driving COVID-19 rates both inside prisons and in their communities.

Senator Seeks Information on ‘Rogue’ Commerce Department Unit

The Investigative and Threat Management Service is alleged to have targeted department employees and wrongly engaged in counterintelligence operations. 

DHS Begins Deploying Body Cameras for Some Border-Based Law Enforcement Personnel

CBP will issue cameras to only a fraction of CBP personnel, who will maintain discretion in activating them.

New Justice Communications Policy Strives for Independence from Political Influence 

The White House also released its policy for communications with agencies and departments. 

Democrats Look to Redirect Homeland Security Hiring After Trump Era

Lawmakers advance funding measure that would slash the number of law enforcement officers at the department.

Interior Launches Probe Into Role of Law Enforcement at Department

Task force will review policies in wake of forceful tactics used by Interior law enforcement during protests last year.

President’s Authority Over DOJ Jeopardizes Independence

How much influence should a president have over the Justice Department? The answer is central to the success of America’s democratic experiment.

Inside William Barr’s Breakup With Trump

In the final months of the administration, the doggedly loyal attorney general finally had enough.

Biden Doesn’t Have an Answer to America’s Crime Spike

The president has few levers he can pull on to reduce the country’s murder rate.

As Justice Dept Moves to Equip Its Officers with Body Cameras, IG Warns It's 'Unprepared'

Auditors expect implementation challenges with body cameras for federal officers due to inexperience.