Law Enforcement

Biden Administration Agrees to Change Federal Officer Tactics Following the 2020 Crackdown on Racial Justice Protests

The agreement is part of a settlement with civil rights groups that sued over the Trump administration's violent response to demonstrations.

Biden Tries Again For an ATF Nominee

The administration also announced new actions to crack down on “ghost guns.”

Here Are 10 Major Takeaways From the $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

See which agencies are getting the biggest funding increases, hiring orders and new policy initiatives.

States Likely to Resist CDC Proposal Easing Opioid Access

Forty states limit the number of days a painkiller prescription can last.

The Park Police’s ‘Dilapidated’ D.C. Dispatch Office Puts Safety at Risk, an IG Says 

Holes in the roof allowing water and bird droppings through and possible black mold are among the issues, as well as problems with staffing and training.

The Federal Prisons Lockdown Is Over At All But One Facility

The nationwide lockdown was implemented on Jan. 31 after two inmates died following a fight.

A Bipartisan Group of Senators Is Pushing for Better Benefits for Federal Officers With PTSD

A new bill would make the officers, or their survivors, eligible for assistance worth about $400,000.

The Homeland Security Department Has a Playbook for the Super Bowl 

More than 500 DHS personnel are providing support for this year’s game.

GovExec Daily: DHS is in Los Angeles For the Super Bowl

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss how the Homeland Security Department is partnering with local law enforcement.

GovExec Daily: Is the Justice Department Following the Spirit of the Diversity Executive Order?

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the diversity officer job ad facing criticism because it lists salary history.

Bureau Director To Congress: Federal Prisons Are Not As Badly Understaffed As People Think

Vacancies are concentrated in a small number of locations and will be addressed partly through recruitment incentives, director testifies during a House hearing.

Biden Administration Releases New Transgender Federal Prison Policy

Biden’s policy will require federal prison staff to use a transgender person’s lived name and pronouns in an effort to combat widespread abuse behind bars.

Think Twice Before Scanning That QR Code, FBI Warns

The FBI is warning that cybercriminals are tampering with QR codes to redirect victims to malicious sites that steal login and financial information.