Law Enforcement

Federal prisons chief insists to Senate panel there’s been ‘visible change’ in the system

Bureau of Prisons Director Colette Peters told lawmakers on Wednesday that she has visited more than 20 facilities, and has worked to address employee misconduct and “hold those who engage in misconduct accountable.”

Special counsels, like the one leading the Justice Department’s investigation of Hunter Biden, are intended to be independent − but they aren’t entirely

Ensuring impartiality in the Justice Department can be difficult, as the attorney general is appointed by – and answerable to – a partisan president.

DEA has regularly hired applicants it flagged as lying on their polygraphs

The agency also faces allegations of nepotism in its lie detector testing and a watchdog is saying the issues require "immediate attention" from management.

Trump faces additional charges – 4 essential reads to understand the case against him for hoarding classified documents

A selection of articles from experts with background to put the newly filed charges in context.

Homeland Security law enforcement officers would receive more mental health support, under a bill advancing in the House

Bipartisan legislation reported out of committee earlier this week comes in the wake of an uptick of suicides among border personnel. 

Cocaine at the White House? Republicans demand answers

The White House says the matter is under investigation by the Secret Service.

Republicans look to eliminate armed law enforcement at some agencies

While only a small number of employees, conservative lawmakers say the officers infringe on Americans' rights.

‘Serious failures’ handling Jeffrey Epstein’s custody highlight the staffing crisis at federal prisons, watchdog says

The Justice Department IG blasted the Bureau of Prisons on many fronts in a new report and the bureau’s director concurred with all the recommendations. 

Possible Hold Up of FBI Headquarters Funding Slammed by Democrats

“Reasonable people can debate where the new FBI headquarters should be located, but there is no question that a new headquarters is desperately needed,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va.

​​DOJ Has a Newly Updated Policy on Preventing Bias in Federal Law Enforcement

Advocacy groups said the update to a 2014 version is a good start, but doesn’t go far enough. 

DHS Releases its First Body Worn Camera Policy 

This follows requirements from an executive order President Biden issued last year on police accountability. 

ATF Misclassified Jobs. A Senator Wants the Justice Department to Dig Deeper.

Citing concerns by the whistleblowers who triggered the investigation that found that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had systematically misclassified administrative jobs as law enforcement-related, Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, asked the Justice Department to do a more thorough investigation.

A U.S. Attorney Quits After 'Most Egregious' Hatch Act and Ethical Violation Reports

Leaking non-public information to media outlets to influence an election and using her position to gain Celtics tickets were among the transgressions found by investigators.

Old Guns Could Find a New Home With Federal Law Enforcement Officers Under a New Bil

Supporters say the bill, which the House approved on Wednesday evening, will save the federal government millions of dollars.

OSC: ATF Wasted At Least $10 Million Misclassifying Administrative Jobs as Law Enforcement

Although OPM and ATF investigations found around 100 positions within the agency’s HR department were improperly provided enhanced law enforcement pay and benefits, the whistleblowers who prompted the probe said the problem is more widespread than that.