Law Enforcement

Long-Time Federal Prisons Official Named Permanent BOP Director

New bureau head will face high rates of inmate and correctional officer suicides, understaffing and issues with reporting of employee misconduct.

Viewpoint: Bill Barr Must Resign

The attorney general is working to destroy the integrity and independence of the Justice Department, in order to make Donald Trump a president who can operate above the law.

Air Marshals Are Increasingly Complaining of 'Extreme Fatigue'

On-the-job injuries and illnesses have skyrocketed in recent years for the TSA employees.

OSHA Cites Bureau of Prisons Facility for Unsafe Working Conditions

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration found “serious” problems at a Florida prison, prompting the first ever citation for BOP.

State Dept. Employee and Spouse Indicted on Charges of Trafficking Counterfeit Handbags

The couple allegedly sold counterfeit handbags online for over two years using a government computer.

Lack of Staff and Resources Continue to Strain the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Epstein’s death this summer while in federal custody highlighted these long-term issues.

Justice Department Announces ‘Strike Force’ to Combat Procurement Crimes

The interagency partnership aims to prevent bid-rigging at all levels of government.

Watchdog: Better Information-Sharing Could Help Address Spike in College Hate Crimes

The Justice Department must keep its resources updated and raise awareness of them, GAO finds. 

Trump Orders Study of Root Causes of Crime, Policing Practices

Attorney General William Barr will lead the new Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice.

To Stop Attacks, Lawmakers Call for Kinder Rhetoric Toward Feds

"Anti-government rhetoric dehumanizes government employees, period," one congressman says.

With Employees Facing Attacks and Murder Attempts, Land Agencies Say They’re Ill-Equipped to Enhance Security

Safety at land management agencies is hampered by law enforcement staffing decreases and border deployments, auditors find.

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s Lawsuit Highlights a Gray Area in the Hatch Act

The act does not address the use of  government cell phones to send political text messages. 

Justice Department to Resume Executing Federal Inmates on Death Row

Bureau of Prisons staff are "professionally trained to do whatever the law asks them to do," official says of carrying out death penalty.

The DEA Is Hiding Surveillance Cameras In Vacuum Cleaners

Secret video cameras in streetlights, traffic barrels, and now, at least one vacuum cleaner.