Law Enforcement

D.C. Mayor Asks For More Inauguration Security

Multiple armed protests are reportedly being planned for later this month.

Democrats Ask Trump Administration to Name Names of Feds Participating in Racist, Sexist Group

Agency says it has taken sufficient disciplinary action, but wants to protect individuals’ privacy.

Riots Shine Light on ‘Infamously Opaque’ Capitol Police 

The 193-year old agency has a large budget and workforce, but lacks transparency mechanisms. 

Federal Agencies Respond to Riots at U.S. Capitol 

The Justice, Homeland Security and Interior departments are among those involved. 

Lawmakers Urge Justice Department to Suspend Executions During Transition 

President-elect Biden seeks to get rid of the death penalty, but the Trump administration has not formally recognized him as the winner. 

FBI Association Says Director Wray Should Not Be Replaced Until His Term Is Up

The group that represents active and retired special agents sent letters to President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden making the case for continuity after the presidential election. 

New Eyewitness Accounts: Feds Didn’t Identify Themselves Before Opening Fire on Portland Antifa Suspect

Local law enforcement officers deputized as U.S. Marshals have given conflicting accounts of the shooting. Witnesses say they heard no warning before the agents shot Michael Reinoehl dead, an outcome President Trump termed “retribution.’’

The Inside Story of the Mueller Probe’s Mistakes

In a new book, Andrew Weissmann, one of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s top deputies, lays out the limits and letdowns of the years-long Russia investigation.

GovExec Daily: Federal Police Militarization and Presence at Protests

Dr. Angelica Durán-Martínez joins the podcast to discuss federal agency police at demonstrations in Portland through the lens of her research.

Federal Prisons Will Resume Social Visits By October 3

Worries about the Bureau of Prison's ability to keep staff and inmates safe during the pandemic persist.

FBI Will Relocate 1,500 Staff to Alabama Next Year

The moves will take place regardless of what the future holds for the bureau’s Washington headquarters.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Spent $3M on Unproven UV Coronavirus Sanitizing Portals 

The gates intended to disinfect staff as they enter facilities haven’t been studied enough to know if they are safe or effective, union says in complaint to IG.  

After a Year of Investigation, the Border Patrol Has Little to Say About Agents’ Misogynistic and Racist Facebook Group

The Border Patrol vowed a full accounting after ProPublica revealed hateful posts in the private Facebook group. Now congressional investigators say the agency is blocking them and revealing little about its internal investigation.

Viewpoint: Trump After Portland

The president’s aggressive tactics against protesters have already damaged the reputation of government agencies.

GovExec Daily: The State of Federal Law Enforcement and Protests

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the deployment of Federal Protective Service officers.