Law Enforcement

Viewpoint: Bill Barr’s Unconstitutional Campaign to Reelect the President

The attorney general is using official violence and intimidation to help Trump win a second term.

Analysis: 4 Lawsuits that Challenge Trump’s Federal Agents in Portland Test Issues Other Cities Will Likely Face

The lawsuits filed in Portland sparked by the presence of federal law enforcement agents sent there by President Trump are a preview of the legal battles to come in cities across the U.S.

Top Intel Democrat Demands Information On DHS Surveillance Of Protesters

Heavy-handed tactics by the DHS in Portland, where protests have gripped the city for almost two months, have drawn intense scrutiny in Washington.

Trump Sending ‘Surge’ of Federal Forces Into Chicago; More Cities to Come

Attorney General Barr said Operation Legend would be different than last week’s crackdown on protesters in Oregon.

DHS’ Portland Stunt Could Undermine the Agency For Years, Former Officials Warn

"This is well outside the bounds of what the intent is of the federal protective services' mission," one says.

How a Key Federal Civil Rights Agency Was Sidelined as Historic Protests Erupted

Launched by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964, the Community Relations Service has been without a director and short-staffed during recent unrest. The Trump administration has repeatedly tried to eliminate the agency.

GovExec Daily: Replacing Police Officers With Social Workers

Route Fifty's Emma Coleman joins the show to tallk about programs in places like Eugene, Oregon that use alternatives to police calls.

Lawmakers, Legal Experts Decry Federal Crackdown on Protesters as Unlawful

House committee holds hearing on controversial federal law enforcement tactics prior to Trump's church photo op.

Analysis: Should the President Pick the Attorney General?

Attorneys general who serve at the pleasure of the president are more likely to act in pursuit of a particular political agenda, rather than solely in accordance with the rule of law.

GovExec Daily: The State of Police Reform

Route Fifty's Emma Coleman joins the podcast to consider police reform options at the federal and state levels.

Democrats Don’t Know How to Handle Bill Barr

Dems have a long list of grievances against Attorney General Barr, but the president’s ally at the Justice Department is proving an elusive target.

Top Senate Democrat Asks for Probe of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Removal

Request comes as the House will hear on Wednesday from Justice officials on supposed politicization of the department.

DEA Failed to Properly Consider Risks When Laundering Money for Drug Traffickers

Drug enforcement agents routinely ignored oversight mechanisms while laundering millions for illicit organizations, IG finds.

New Law Directs FBI to Create National Law Enforcement Suicide Database 

President Trump enacted the measure amid efforts to curb law enforcement brutality.