Bipartisan group looks to push IRS towards simpler math error notices

The IRS MATH Act would require the tax agency to send more specific, straightforward notices when it corrects simple math errors on tax returns.

IRS commissioner indicates AI will play growing role in future tax collection

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel opined about the agency’s current and future use of AI just days after Tax Day.

100,000 have used IRS Direct File to submit their tax returns

The agency has not yet determined whether the pilot program for the tool will be extended into a permanent offering.

Taxes are due even if you object to government policies or doubt the validity of the 16th Amendment’s ratification

The IRS "has stated repeatedly that a taxpayer does not have the right to refuse to pay taxes based on religious or moral beliefs."

The IRS is testing a free method to directly file taxes. But not everyone is thrilled

The IRS estimates that 19 million taxpayers are eligible to use the new program in advance of the April 15 tax filing deadline.

House GOP members want info on IRS’ alleged AI ‘financial surveillance’ of citizens

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Rep. Harriet Hageman, R-Wyo., requested more details about the tax agency’s use of artificial intelligence in its enforcement efforts in a letter published Wednesday.

GOP bill aims to limit IRS’ use of AI

The legislation — cosponsored by Reps. Clay Higgins, R-La., and Eric Burlison, R- Mo. — could look to put new restrictions on the tax agency’s deployment of AI in its revenue enforcement efforts and require staff to launch new investigations. 

IRS has some of the oldest tech in government — it’s trying to change that

Agency leadership views the “historic funding” provided under the Inflation Reduction Act as an opportunity to get out from under the list of needed tech improvements that have long plagued the IRS.

Applications for revenue-generating IRS jobs are ‘far below’ agency goals

The tax agency is facing major hurdles with its big ambitions for hiring to slash uncollected taxes.

IRS Direct File to be fully available March 12

The tool is a new way for eligible taxpayers to file directly with the IRS online for free.

IRS opens up Direct File to the public

Interested taxpayers will have to watch the IRS website to see when the tool is open for new users.

Getting ready for tax season

Some tax tips to consider as you plan for life after your federal career.

IRS chief details plan to combat ‘unprecedented and unrelenting political headwind’

No one cheers for the referees, commissioner says, but without them there is only “chaos.”

IRS says its hiring surge and funding boost could generate $560B more than it thought

Improvements to IT, increased use of data analytics and deterrence factors will improve the return on IRS spending infusion, Biden administration says.

IRS gears up to launch Direct File pilot

The pilot will only be available on a limited basis to certain taxpayers.

IRS launches push to clean up its communications

Simplification of notices sent to taxpayers is one of the tax agency’s lines of work under the Inflation Reduction Act.

IRS has ‘unconscionable delays’ in helping identity theft victims, taxpayer advocate says

The average wait time for taxpayers trying to resolve fraudulent returns, coupled with legitimate filers being mistakenly flagged as fraudulent, has become a top challenge for the IRS, according to a new report.