Why Is Tax Day on April 18 This Year? and How Did Early Spring Become Tax Season, Anyhow?

The federal government wanted to give taxpayers a couple months to prepare the year’s taxes. But as filing became more complex, the date was pushed back.

Taxpayer Data Is at Risk Due to Cybersecurity Deficiencies at IRS, a Report Warns

An annual assessment of the IRS' information technology program alleges critical cybersecurity deficiencies in the agency's handling of taxpayer data privacy.

IRS Strategic Plan Vows to Amp Up Audits of the Rich

With $80 billion in new funding, the previously gutted agency pledged to renew its pursuit of wealthy tax dodgers and address a number of problems that ProPublica has been reporting on in recent years.

IRS to Hire 30,000 Employees Over the Next Two Years

Biden administration lays out the full spending plan for its new $80 billion cash infusion.

New IRS Chief: Growing the Workforce Will Transform Agency ‘Armed Only With Their Calculators’

As a new commissioner is sworn in, the Biden administration will detail its $80 billion IRS spending plan this week.

IRS System Doesn’t Meet All Cloud Security Requirements, Watchdog Says

Treasury’s Inspector General found the IRS did not meet requirements like malicious code protection and timely risk mitigation.

Paying Your Taxes Is Complicated. Here's Why.

OpenSecrets' Anna Massoglia joins the podcast to discuss the influence of tax preparation industry lobbying money on the ways Americans interact with the IRS.

Planned Login-dot-gov Deployment at IRS is Postponed

The decision comes after concerns about implementing the sign-on service during tax season.

IRS Taxpayer Advocate Says Congress Shortchanged IT Modernization Efforts

Lawmakers didn’t allocate the $80 billion provided to the IRS in the right way, claims National Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins, adding that IT modernization and taxpayer services aren’t getting the money they need.

IRS Plans to Approve Use of Login-dot-gov as Tax Day Nears

The tax agency intends to add Login this filing season—and as early as next week—as the integration is in final rounds of testing.

The Number of Tax Delinquent Feds Is Growing. The IRS Watchdog Wants a Crackdown.

While civil servants overwhelmingly pay their taxes, the delinquency rate has ticked up for several years.

The IRS Has a New Commissioner After Senate Approves Biden's Pick in a Bipartisan Vote

"Government geek" Danny Werfel will lead the agency for a second time at a pivotal moment in IRS history.

Biden Administration Misses Its Own Deadline to Detail Inflation Reduction Act Spending at IRS

The plan will spell out how the tax agency will spend its $80 billion cash injection, including its hiring proposals.

Biden’s IRS Pick Says He’s the ‘Government Geek’ for the Job

Nominee pledges transparency with unprecedented spending and hiring surge as he takes on the “most challenging and least popular job in town.”

IRS Sends Black Taxpayers at Least 2.9X More Audit Notices

Researchers demonstrate how the IRS could tweak its secret algorithm to reduce the audit disparity facing Black taxpayers.

Taxpayer Advocate Pushes For IRS to Make Its Own Free, Direct e-File System

A new report calls the current e-file program, a collaboration between private tax prep companies and the IRS, greatly underutilized and advises the agency to develop a new system.

The IRS Has More Things to Do and Less Staff to Do Them

Former Commissioner of Internal Revenue John Koskinen joins the podcast to discuss the latest fight for IRS funding.