IRS announces 13 states where taxpayers could use its Direct File pilot

The agency has yet to commit to a long-term product for the in-house filing tool.

IRS says 33% staff increase over two years will help address growing unpaid tax total

The tax agency will need to hire as many as 52,000 employees by 2025 to reach its staffing goals.

IRS won't add without changes

A watchdog report reveals what led the IRS to scrap plans to use the government-backed identity service during the 2023 tax season.

Congress temporarily averts shutdown, but agencies still feel the pain

"Everything just stops," employees say of the devastating impacts of near shutdowns.

On shutdown eve, the Biden administration adjusts furlough plans at some agencies

Fewer government services will be available during a funding lapse than previously expected.

AI is part of a 'new era' at IRS, commissioner says

The tax agency announced the expansion of work to use AI in how it goes after large partnerships.

IRS wants to go after more millionaires with unpaid tax bills, if it can find the staff

The agency had planned to bring on 3,833 revenue agents in fiscal 2023, but as of March had recruited just 34.

Taxpayer advocate highlights challenges for legit taxpayers tagged as fraudsters by the IRS

The only online remediation option for people whose tax returns have been flagged as potential identity theft is through vendor

How the IRS accidentally tagged thousands of taxpayers as dead

The IRS confirmed that 6,821 tax accounts were marked as deceased and locked — meaning that the agency wouldn’t process the tax returns associated with it — when the person was, in fact, alive.

Maui wildfires: Extra logistical challenges hinder government’s initial response when disasters strike islands

How the U.S. government responds to disasters like these and how Maui’s geography could interfere with aid delivery.

GAO: IRS must enhance cyber oversight of third-party vendors, modernize online services

The IRS continues to ignore GAO’s recommendation to streamline oversight of third-party tax vendors’ cyber practices, despite concerns about mitigating digital threats.

IRS needs to significantly ramp up use of bonus pay incentives, IG says

To meet its ambitious staffing goals, watchdog says IRS must start doling out cash.

IRS seeks states’ input on its direct file pilot

States have until Sept. 4 to tell the IRS if they’re interested in participating.

IRS needs better documentation for its cyber threat hunts, watchdog says

A new report noted that a lack of “established policies and procedures” could prevent the tax agency from meeting federal requirements.

IRS announces the end of most surprise taxpayer visits

The change, effective immediately, comes due to concern for the safety of IRS employees and to make it easier for taxpayers to identify potential scammers.