Republican Senator Implores Americans Not to Apply for New IRS Jobs

New positions aimed at enforcing tax laws are immoral and will not last long anyway, lawmaker suggests.

The Inflation Reduction Act Will Require the IRS to Study Free Tax Filing Options

TurboTax maker Intuit has long blocked efforts to create free online tax filing for all, but this sweeping domestic policy bill provides $15 million to investigate how the IRS could implement such a program.

Lawmakers Push IRS on Backlog and Customer Service Problems

The agency says it's aiming to get to a "healthy" backlog level by the end of the year, but in June, the National Taxpayer Advocate said that would be "difficult" for the agency to do.

House Sends Package that Includes an IRS Hiring Boost and USPS EV Funding to Biden

The measure aimed at lowering health care costs and fueling the fight against climate change received only Democratic support.

GovExec Daily: IRS Hiring in the Big Climate Bill

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act.

IRS Free File Figures into Senate Dems' Reconciliation Bill

Questions about the tax agency's capacity to deliver and support a public online tax filing system.

IRS Hiring Surge, USPS Electric Vehicle Funding and Other Takeaways From the Democrats' New Agreement

Many agencies across government would see a funding surge under an agreement struck on Wednesday by Democratic senators.

Right-Wing Think Tank Family Research Council Is Now a Church in the Eyes of the IRS

The FRC, a staunch opponent of abortion and LGBTQ rights, joins a growing list of activist groups seeking church status, which allows organizations to shield themselves from financial scrutiny.

A Few Feds Might Be Eligible for a Bigger Tax Refund from Trump’s Social Security Tax Deferral

The IRS sent out a notice that some might need to file an amended return, but most federal employees don’t need to worry about it.

Millions of Tax Returns Are Currently Delayed Due to IRS Staff Shortages

The tax agency has hired less than 10% of the processing staff it says it needs, IG finds.

IRS Balks at Public Free-file Suggestion From Government Watchdog

The Government Accountability Office thinks the IRS should identify and create more free-filing options for taxpayers, but the IRS says that it "does not believe a public free-filing option would significantly improve the taxpayer experience."