GovExec Daily: Tax Issues and Security Clearances

Lindy Kyzer joins the podcast to discuss financial problems that could derail a clearance seeker or clearance holder.

'If You’re Getting a W-2, You’re a Sucker'

There are many differences between the rich and the rest of us, but one of the most consequential for your taxes is whether most of your income comes from wages.

House Panel Launches Probe Into

The Committee on Oversight and Reform wants information about the identity verification company. At least nine other federal agencies and 30 state governments also use the service, the committee says.

Want to Get Or Keep Your Security Clearance? File Your Taxes

Failure to file taxes displays both a financial and rules-following hubris which can be a particularly painful hurdle for getting or keeping a cleared job.

IRS Aims to Clear Backlogged Tax Returns by the End of Year

As of March 18, the backlog of unprocessed paper tax returns was at nearly 15 million but IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig told lawmakers that he wants to get that to a “healthy” level. 

GovExec Daily: How the Internal Revenue Service is Modernizing

Nextgov's Frank Konkel speaks to Annette Jones, assistant to the chief taxpayer Experience Officer at the IRS, about the present and future of the tax agency.

GovExec Daily: Why Is the IRS Auditing Poor Taxpayers So Much More than Rich Ones?

TRAC's Dr. Susan Long joins the podcast to discuss research on the tax agency and "correspondence audits."

Taxpayers Should Expect Serious Delays from the IRS This Year – a Tax Scholar Offers Tips but Says only Congress Can Fix the Underlying Problem

The IRS has yet to finish millions of returns from the 2021 tax season. That doesn’t bode well for 2022.

IRS Will Pivot to GSA's After this Tax Season

The tax agency is modifying its use of the identity proofing service for the current tax season, but plans to switch to the federal government's homegrown solution after the 2022 filing deadline.

IRS Is Deploying Mandatory Overtime and Reassignments to Address Its Backlog. Democrats Want More.

The tax agency has entered the 2022 tax season with an unprecedented number of unresolved cases.

Agencies Shouldn't Use Facial Recognition for ID Verification, Groups Say

More than 45 organizations signed onto a letter asking government agencies to stop their use of or any facial recognition for identity verification, and Senate Democrats are also still asking questions. is Looking for a Director

The General Services Administration wants a leader for its homegrown identity management service as it looks to deploy a $187 million Technology Modernization Fund investment.

IRS Backs Away From Facial Recognition Technology

The move comes after a letter from Senate Finance Committee chair Sen. Ron Wyden urged the tax agency to end a controversial contract with that requires taxpayers to submit biometric data to file tax returns online.

Agencies Are Tapping a Facial Recognition Company to Prove You’re You. That Raises Concerns about Privacy, Accuracy and Fairness

Federal and state governments are turning to a facial recognition company to ensure that people accessing services are who they say they are. The move promises to cut down on fraud, but at what cost?

GovExec Daily: Another Pandemic Tax Season is Here

George Washington University's Dr. Joann Weiner joins the podcast to discuss how taxpayers can stay calm with another COVID-19 filing deadline approaching.

The IRS Already Has All Your Income Tax Data – so Why Do Americans Still Have to File Their Taxes?

A tax expert explains why the U.S. continues to use such a complex and costly income tax system.