Biden Administration to Shift Funds, Deploy Staff Internationally as Part of Immigration Shakeup

Several agencies are implementing new policies as pandemic-era immigration policy comes to an end.

Migrant Deaths in Mexico Put Spotlight on U.S. Policy that Shifted Immigration Enforcement South

‘Extensive use’ of detention led to tragic fire, according to the UN special rapporteur for migrant rights. U.S.-Mexico policy has fueled the growth.

Federal Asylum Officers Blast New Biden Rule as Contrary to Legal, Moral Obligations

Management has told employees they understand the concerns, but employees will either have to comply or quit.

ICE, Prison Targeted Immigrants Seeking Medical Care, Complaint Says

The complain alleges that staff at two facilities in Nevada have engaged in retaliatory transfers and medical abuse, including refusing to treat “a severe case of trench foot" for one detainee.

Biden’s Border Crackdown Explained – a Refugee Law Expert Looks at the Legality and Impact of New Asylum Rule

With the expiration of a pandemic-era restriction, the Biden administration is set to impose a new rule to curtail immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border.

State Department Opens Up Refugee Sponsorship to Individual Americans

The Biden administration, having bemoaned its internal shortfalls, leans on others outside government to meet the president's lofty admission goals.

Joe Biden Tours El Paso for First Border Visit of His Presidency

He was greeted by Gov. Greg Abbott upon arrival at the El Paso airport. Abbott has been a chief critic of Biden’s immigration policies and has frequently called on him to visit the border over the past year.

Biden Announces More Resources for the Border as He Aims to Further Restrict Illegal Crossings

The administration will also expand humanitarian programs, though staffing shortfalls could hurt implementation.

Supreme Court Rules to Keep Title 42, the Pandemic-Era Policy to Quickly Turn Away Migrants, for Now

The court ordered the Biden administration to continue enforcing the policy while Texas and other states that want to keep the Trump-era rule in place prepare their legal arguments.

Anticipating a Surge in Border Crossings Amid Cold Temperatures, El Paso Declares a State of Emergency

With Title 42 ending next week, El Paso officials expect the number of migrants crossing the border could double. Declaring a state of emergency should open more options to provide migrants shelter from below-freezing temperatures.

Expected Migrant Increase to Put Already Strained Federal Border Resources to the Test

With the policy known as Title 42 coming to an end, the Biden administration is turning to employees already "stressed beyond anything they have ever experienced."

Mayorkas in El Paso: U.S. Immigration System Is Broken

As El Paso struggled to cope with a growing migration crisis, the DHS chief said immigration and asylum systems were broken, but provided few public details of the administration’s plans to fix things.

Supreme Court Wrestles Over Biden’s Immigration Enforcement Policy

The Biden administration instructed immigration agents to focus on deporting undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of felonies or pose a danger to public safety. Texas filed a lawsuit saying the change was illegal.

An Appeals Court Seems Skeptical of Both Sides in Immigration Judges Union Case

A three-judge panel questioned attorneys for the National Association of Immigration Judges on whether their appeal was premature, and grilled FLRA lawyers on whether the union can seek redress through administrative channels.

Border Patrol Reports 2.4 Million Migrant Arrests at Southwest Border This Year, the Most Ever

The historic pace of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has fueled Republicans’ focus on the crisis, but despite the efforts of Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, the number of encounters in Texas has increased.

Do U.S. Border Officials Ask Travelers if They’ve Had Abortions?

An Australian tourist alleged that a border official asked about her abortion history. The ACLU and other advocates are more concerned agents aren’t meeting the health needs of pregnant immigrants and infants in border facilities.