The Number of Undocumented Immigrants in Detention Centers Has Increased by More Than 50% since Biden Took Office

A Texas construction worker who’s been locked up for 11 months is one of an increasing number of undocumented immigrants detained since Biden took office — despite the president’s instructions to prioritize more dangerous immigrants.

‘Our Job Is Not Done’: How Women Veterans in Congress Continue to Help Afghan Refugees

These policymakers are pressing the Biden administration to protect Afghan refugees, specifically women and children.

Biden Admin. Suspends Immigration Judge Quotas, Prompting Similar Requests Elsewhere

Following news that the Justice Department will no longer enforce strict caseload quotas on immigration judges, administrative law judges at SSA called on the agency to suspend the requirement to schedule at least 50 disability cases per month.

Afghan Families Move From U.S. Military Bases to Neighborhoods

Nearly every state is expecting some of the Afghan evacuees.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement to Cease Worksite Raids

Efforts to round up undocumented immigrants en masse waste resources, Biden administration says.

A Secretive Counterterrorism Team Interrogated Dozens of Citizens at the Border, Government Report Finds

A report by a federal watchdog shows how the Trump administration flagged at least 51 citizens for interrogation at the border based on evidence as flimsy as once having ridden in a car with someone suspected of aiding the migrant “caravan.”

GovExec Daily: Analyzing Immigration Statistics

Dr. Austin Kocher joins the podcast to discuss trends in immigration enforcement data.

GovExec Daily: The Overwhelmed Refugee System

Human rights expert Shelley Inglis joins the podcast to discuss the ways Afghans coming to the U.S. are underserved by the system.

Texas Troopers Create 'Steel Wall' of Patrol Vehicles in Del Rio as Feds Continue to Repatriate Haitians

Gov. Greg Abbott says the line of law enforcement and military vehicles is stopping migrants from crossing the Rio Grande into Del Rio, where the number of migrants camped under a bridge keeps dropping.

Homeland Security Investigates Border Patrol Agents for Potential Misconduct, Sends More Personnel to Texas

DHS secretary says he was "horrified" and "troubled" by actions of federal border personnel in Del Rio, Texas.

New Report Shows 'Deeply Troubling Failures' by Border Patrol in Boy’s Death, Key Congressional Leader Says

The DHS inspector general has confirmed the findings of a ProPublica investigation into the death of a 16-year-old Guatemalan who died in a Border Patrol cell in Texas.

The Federal Government Calls It a Levee. South Texas Immigration Advocates and Environmentalists See a Border Wall.

Border wall opponents say President Joe Biden broke his promise to halt border wall construction when Homeland Security started building a wall and calling it a levee.

Justice Dept. Continues to Insist Immigration Judges Union is ‘Defunct,’ Despite Moving to Nullify Decertification Decision

Although the Biden administration has asked to withdraw the prior administration’s petition to classify immigration judges as management officials, it has continued to aggressively defend against litigation over the union’s decertification.

Biden Proposes Dramatic Hiring Surge in Asylum Workforce as Part of Immigration Overhaul

The administration is looking to more than double the number of asylum employees as it shifts responsibilities between agencies.

DHS Begins Deploying Body Cameras for Some Border-Based Law Enforcement Personnel

CBP will issue cameras to only a fraction of CBP personnel, who will maintain discretion in activating them.

Immigration Prosecutors Were Told Not to Push for Deportation in Cases Like His. He Was Ordered Deported the Next Day.

Under a new Biden policy, more than 100,000 immigrants could have their cases dropped. But that discretion is left to individual prosecutors, and many are letting the deportation machine roll on.

Gov. Greg Abbott Orders Texas National Guard to Help with Migrant Arrests at the Border

In a letter to the major general of the Texas National Guard, Abbott said “more manpower is needed” at the border.