Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Biden Administration Over Asylum Plan

The plan would overhaul the process for migrants seeking asylum, aiming to reduce the average wait time for a decision from five years to six months.

The Biden Administration Is Confident It Has the Staff to Handle the Expected Increase of Migrants at the Border

DHS is hiring contractors, deploying staff and engaging with other agencies, but says it will not sacrifice any part of its mission.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments on whether Biden Can Toss Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy

The Biden administration had ended the policy that forced 70,000 migrants to wait in Mexico. But a federal judge in Texas forced the administration to restart the program in December.

Texas Sues to Block Biden Administration from Lifting Title 42, a Pandemic-era Health Rule Used to Expel Migrants

Texas has led the legal fight against the Biden administration’s immigration policies, filing numerous lawsuits that have led to judges overturning or altering those policies.

Biden Is Tapping Federal Resources to Expedite Fleeing Ukrainians' Entry to the United States

Federal personnel will attempt to fulfill the administration's goal of allowing 100,000 Ukrainians to enter the country.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s Plan to Bus Migrants to Washington, D.C., Will Be Voluntary

Abbott said he’s responding to the Biden administration announcement that it will lift a pandemic-era emergency health order that allowed immigration authorities to turn away migrants at the border, even those seeking asylum.

Agency Officials Defend Biden's Proposed Hiring Surges to Congress

USCIS, for example, says it cannot respond to immigration emergencies without more staff.

Hell at Abbey Gate: Chaos, Confusion and Death in the Final Days of the War in Afghanistan

In firsthand accounts, Afghan civilians and U.S. Marines describe the desperate struggle to flee through the Kabul airport’s last open entrance. U.S. officials knew an attack was coming. Then a suicide bomber killed and injured hundreds.

Afghan Evacuees Lack a Clear Path for Resettlement in the U.S., 7 Months after Taliban Takeover

The U.S. has promised to take in 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. But there is concern that this could further complicate efforts to welcome and resettle Afghan evacuees.

DHS Prepares to Deploy Its Staff and Other Feds to the Border

The Biden administration says an increase in immigrants seeking entry into the country is likely after a pandemic policy is lifted.

Sharing COVID Vax Facts Inside ICE Detention, One Detainee at a Time

Thousands of ICE detainees nationwide have tested positive for COVID; 11 have died. Medical providers in California are volunteering to educate immigrants awaiting trial or deportation about COVID treatment and vaccination.

Biden’s Latest Border Moves Spur Criticism that He’s Continuing Wall Construction

The administration says it’s filling in wall gaps for agent safety and flood control, and documents suggest an environmental assessment for 86 miles of wall in South Texas is a stalling tactic.

Internal Investigation Confirms Border Patrol Failures Leading Up to a 16-Year-Old’s Death on the Floor of His Cell

A Border Patrol agent logged welfare checks that didn’t happen. Only one medical professional was caring for 200 sick migrants. The government hasn’t said whether anyone is being punished.

A New Bill Would Move Immigration Judges to the Judiciary, Protecting Them from Political Interference

Democrats who introduced the measure said it will make immigration proceedings akin to those of the U.S. tax court.

Labor Authority Continues Effort to Bust Immigration Judges Union, Without Management Support

It was unclear Monday how the controversial and “unprecedented” decision to decertify the National Association of Immigration Judges would play out, just six weeks after the Justice Department began voluntarily recognizing the labor group again.

GovExec Daily: Administrative Burdens in the Immigration System

Dr. Pamela Herd and Dr. Donald Moynihan join the show to discuss their recent paper on the Kakfa-esque bureacracy that meets migrants.

How a Former U.S. Military Translator Escaped Afghanistan with His Family and Started Over in Texas

Lucky took his family back to Afghanistan when his mother was hospitalized with kidney problems. Then the Taliban took over the country, and the family joined thousands of Afghans desperately trying to escape.