Homeland Security

GAO Says Biden’s Freeze on Border Wall Construction Didn’t Violate Budget Law

The watchdog said the “programmatic delays” were not comparable to an earlier GAO finding that the Trump administration violated the Impoundment Control Act in withholding funds for Ukraine.

Biden Administration Floats Boosting Permanent Workforce to Process Migrant Children

Republicans blast current approach, including deployment of feds across government to the border.

Retired Generals and Service Chiefs Launch 'Operation Protect Democracy' in Wake of Capitol Attack

Group plans to advocate for increased voter access at the federal and state level. But will the legislatures listen?

The Capital’s ‘Complex’ Power Structure Keeps Causing Chaos Under Pressure

U.S. Army processes updated after last June’s protests failed again during the Jan. 6 riot.

Biden Administration Reviewing Whether Trump's Proposed DHS Hiring Sprees Were Ever Really Necessary

Homeland Security officials are developing a new staffing model for border personnel after hiccups under Trump.

Pentagon Launches Post-Insurrection Extremism Review

Secretary Austin directs new steps, studies to keep extremists out of the ranks and better protect outgoing troops from being recruited into extremist groups.

As Migrant Apprehensions Rise, Texas Gov. Abbott Slams Biden Immigration Policies in Border Appearance

Apprehensions of migrants have increased substantially at the U.S.-Mexico border since October.

Anticipating Resurgence of Travel, TSA Begins Major Hiring Surge

Biden administration seeks reversal in screener workforce trends from the last year.

The Border Mess That Trump Left Behind

Reversing the previous administration’s cruelties isn’t the same as an unconditional welcome.

Biden's Early Immigration Overhaul Has Overlooked One Growing Problem: A Massive Court Backlog

The nation's immigrations courts have 1.3 million pending cases, and some immigrants in Texas wait nearly five years for a court hearing.

Biden Signs Order Aimed at Reuniting Migrant Families Separated at the Border under the Trump Administration

As part of his promise to reform the immigration system, the president issued three executive orders that review and further roll back his predecessor’s policies.

Law Enforcement Alert to Potential Violence at Federal Facilities

The Homeland Security Department issued a bulletin on January 27 warning that elected officials and federal facilities could be targets for domestic extremists.