Homeland Security

CBP disposes of and loses migrants’ personal belongings due to unclear policy, watchdog says

The GAO recommended that Border Patrol clarify the amount of personal property from individuals in its custody that should be stored and what items may or may not be discarded.

Executive order limiting asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border signed by Biden

The White House order would cap asylum requests at the southern border at 2,500 daily crossings.

DHS sets its research sights on 8 emerging technologies

The Homeland Security Department’s Innovation, Research and Development Strategic Plan focuses its investment the next seven years on AI, cybersecurity, biotech and more. 

Legislation weighing contractors' national security risk heads to Senate floor

One bill would bar federal agencies from contracting with entities that consult with the Chinese government.

ICE might be incorrectly measuring its resources needs, GAO says

A new GAO report found that the office responsible for managing ICE’s budget had a staff vacancy rate of 25% in fiscal 2023.

Is Biden’s new immigration rule doomed without more staffing?

The administration is looking to create new responsibilities for an agency it has said desperately needs additional resources.


Group says CBP official drank while carrying firearm, retaliated against whistleblower

The Government Accountability Project sent a letter Wednesday to multiple congressional committees, the Homeland Security Department and others alleging a senior official consumed alcohol while in possession of an agency-issued firearm.

Senate rejects impeachment articles against DHS Secretary Mayorkas

In a 51-49 vote along party lines, Senate Democrats dismissed impeachment charges Wednesday against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for not meeting the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Texas Republicans urge Senate Democrats to give the DHS secretary a full impeachment trial

The House voted to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas on Feb. 13 over charges of refusing to enforce the law and “breach of public trust.”

Senate Republicans push for Mayorkas impeachment trial

Democrats say the charges are based on policy disputes rather than the “high crimes and misdemeanors” threshold of an impeachable offense.

Coast Guard hasn’t assessed how many future aviation personnel it needs, report says

The service is in the midst of modernizing and consolidating its aircraft fleet, but it’s also facing workforce challenges that could alter how many vehicles the Coast Guard ultimately needs. 

Senate action on DHS chief impeachment coming this week

With the slim majority Democrats have in the Senate, it’s likely the two articles of impeachment go nowhere and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas remains in his role.

House Speaker to deliver Mayorkas impeachment articles to the Senate in early April

It’s unlikely the Homeland Security secretary will be removed from office, but the push for a trial is a mark of House Republicans’ escalation of their opposition to the White House’s immigration policy.

Senate approves bills to boost oversight and security for federal buildings

Lawmakers look to spur action after agencies have ignored most recommendations to make their buildings safer.

More than 600K federal employees are facing furloughs this week

Congress and the White House are still negotiating over a funding plan as they face a partial shutdown deadline on Friday.

Federal managers play a key but forgotten role in job satisfaction

COMMENTARY | A recent GAO report examining employee engagement at TSA underscores the need for a people-centric approach in attracting and retaining talented workers.

Employees ratify TSA’s first union contract since rights expansion

The American Federation of Government Employees’ new collective bargaining agreement streamlines grievance and arbitration rules and greatly expands work-life balance policies like shift trading.