Homeland Security

Federal Judge Rules Acting Immigration Services Director Was Unlawfully Appointed

Succession order let Ken Cuccinelli "leapfrog" to the role as agency head without having first served in a subordinate position.

Trump Administration Freezes Transportation Security Administration Hiring

TSA is the second Homeland Security component agency to suspend taking on new employees.

Why Is John Kelly Speaking Out Now?

The former chief of staff is making the case that he spoke truth to power inside the White House. The trouble for him is how many Americans won’t be convinced.

Analysis: Why Would a Billionaire Charge the Secret Service $650 a Night?

Six theories for why Donald Trump insists on billing taxpayers

Homeland Security Kicks Off Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking, Other Risks at the Super Bowl

Department personnel are also working to prevent sales of counterfeit goods and head off any potential security threats. 

Would Converting Some DHS Political Positions to Career Ones Help Employee Morale?

Good government group recommends this as one way to address long-term challenges with dissatisfaction among employees.

Lawmakers Blast DHS for Missing Deadline for Bipartisan Subpoena of Immigration Documents 

The House Homeland Security Committee requested information on the administration's policies related to handling of children and families for the second time.

House Passes Bill to Boost Civil Rights at Homeland Security

Legislation follows surge of whistleblowers saying civil rights office has been neutered under Trump.

Court Affirms Agencies Don't Have to Negotiate Over Performance Appraisals

Management can shift the number of appraisal levels without bargaining with unions, court says.

Agencies Are Cracking Down on Employees' Opioid Use, Both Legal and Illegal

At least one agency is testing the fitness of employees with legal opioid prescriptions.

Top Democrats Call for Emergency Review of DHS Appointments

This is the latest in a series of legal quandaries surrounding the department’s line of succession.

Bernie Sanders Announces Plans to Break Up Homeland Security Dept. and Expand VA

DHS is an aimless "bureaucratic behemoth," Sanders says, while VA is on a path toward privatization.

Top Senators Make Bipartisan Plea for Trump to Fill Homeland Security Vacancies

Lawmakers say a lack of leadership is making it harder for the department to fulfill its mission.

Border Agents Can Now Get Classified Intelligence Information. Experts Call That Dangerous.

The Trump administration is creating a center that will give immigration agents access to information from U.S. intelligence agencies. Migrants and others denied entry will be unable to see the evidence against them because it is classified.

West Texas Detention Facility Enacting Water Conservation Measures after Depletion of Local Water Tanks

The Sierra Blanca facility, which houses ICE detainees, shuts down its water supply at 11 p.m. daily to allow its on-site water tanks to replenish overnight.

With Employees Facing Attacks and Murder Attempts, Land Agencies Say They’re Ill-Equipped to Enhance Security

Safety at land management agencies is hampered by law enforcement staffing decreases and border deployments, auditors find.