Homeland Security

Some Coast Guard personnel can’t find housing in vacation-rich areas, GAO says

The watchdog said that despite some government housing and a private sector housing allowance, some Coast Guard personnel can’t find affordable lodging stationed in either remote areas or ones where rentals are positioned for vacation economies. 

House Democrats pen fiery letter to embattled DHS inspector general demanding documents

The ranking members of the House Committees on Oversight and Accountability and Homeland Security demanded documents from the DHS IG related to a court settlement with a former deputy inspector general after repeated requests remained unfulfilled. 

Senators unveil bipartisan bill to improve security at federal buildings

Legislation requiring agencies to respond to recommendations from the Federal Protective Service within 90 days, after a GAO investigation and congressional hearings revealed the vast majority of security recommendations go ignored.

House GOP move forward with drive to impeach DHS secretary over immigration policy

Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee argued that Alejandro Mayorkas has not upheld his oath of office because he enforces Biden administration border policies

House holds initial proceeding in GOP effort to impeach DHS secretary

Democrats, Biden administration call the attempt to impeach a cabinet secretary for the first time in nearly 150 years a politically motivated distraction.

House GOP is obstructing progress at the border by blocking staffing surge, White House says

Republicans move forward with DHS secretary impeachment proceedings as the administration engages in border negotiations.

DHS warns it’s running low on funds and borrowing personnel to manage border

As the number of migrants arriving at the border climbs, federal personnel are becoming overwhelmed.

With congressional deal elusive, Biden administration ramps up border closures

DHS will reassign officers to assist Border Patrol in taking migrants into custody.

Officials hopeful new executive order will help lagging security implementation at federal facilities

Leaders from the Federal Protective Service and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency applaud a recent White House directive around federal facility security, but also support additional measures to help implement recommendations.

DHS aims to cut another 10M hours of paperwork

Within the newly formalized DHS Customer Experience Office, “our biggest challenge is that the demand far outstrips the supply,” said its leader, Dana Chisnell.

White House updates interagency group tasked with protecting federal facilities

The Biden administration issued an executive order Monday updating the committee tasked with establishing security policies for installations across the federal government, now including best practices for a mobile workforce.

House punts effort to impeach Biden cabinet secretary

Some Republicans joined Democrats to postpone the exceedingly rare effort.

Judge tosses IG’s lawsuit alleging harassment by oversight body investigating him

A watchdog of watchdogs is acting appropriately by investigating the inspector general, court rules.

Biden administration pleads for WMD office’s salvation

Hundreds of employees are facing job elimination, leaving the 'sword of Damocles hanging over their head.'

Report: DHS, USPS failing in their requirements to screen for opioids in the mail

A 2018 law aimed at preventing drug producers from shipping their goods through the mail is not being implemented, IG says.