Homeland Security

Appeals Court: ICE Did Not Have to Bargain Over Pay Changes

A three-judge panel found that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was within its rights to reduce overtime pay for employees because the change complied with a governmentwide rule.

Thousands Of Asylum Seekers Left Waiting At The U.S.-Mexico Border

As part of a new "metering" policy, U.S. officials are turning asylum seekers away at ports of entry along the southern border. Thousands wait, straining the resources of Mexican border towns.

Viewpoint: Vetting Foreigners’ Facebook Feeds Won’t Make Americans Safer

The federal government wants visa applicants to cough up their social-media handles.

ACLU Alleges Coast Guard Detained and Abused Fishermen

A lawsuit says the agency accused innocent men of drug smuggling, chained them to decks, and sailed with them straight into a hurricane.

Homeland Security Watchdog Retires After Flap Over ‘Feel Good’ FEMA Reviews

11-year veteran Kelly told staff on Monday he accelerated his move after criticism.

FBI and Homeland Security Hit for Softpedaling White Supremacy Threat

Democrats press for details on budget and staff cuts during debate over hate crimes.

Surprise Inspections Reveal Widespread Violations at Immigrant Detention Facilities

Poor conditions add to the expanding list of crises caused by the influx of migrants at the souther border.

DHS Expedites Replacement Wall Construction on Same Day Top Auditor Warns of Ineffective Efforts

Homeland Security issues waivers to quickly build new barriers as GAO cautions of insufficient planning.


TSA Agents Say They’re Not Discriminating Against Black Women, But Their Body Scanners Might Be

The full-body scanners at airports across the country frequently give false alarms for Afros, braids, twists and other hairstyles popular among black women.

TSA Air Marshal Whistleblower Fired for Second Time

Robert MacLean continues to claim retaliation for his disclosures of safety risks.

As Trump Mulls Firing The Head Of DHS, The Agency’s Second Top Role Is Already Empty

The Homeland Security deputy secretary job is one of dozens Trump still has to fill.

The Strange Case of American Diplomats in Cuba: As the Mystery Deepens, So Do Divisions in Washington

Trump officials insist the Americans were attacked, even as the evidence fails to materialize. “The Cuba thing is one of the few unsolved mysteries we’ve got,” an official said.