Homeland Security

Lawmakers Are Trying Again to Move the Secret Service Back to the Treasury Department

The Secret Service was moved to the Homeland Security Department in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

White House Sounds Alarm on Threat from Quantum Computers

New directive orders the government to work with industry on security that can stand up to tomorrow’s quantum-powered decryption tools.

The Biden Administration Is Confident It Has the Staff to Handle the Expected Increase of Migrants at the Border

DHS is hiring contractors, deploying staff and engaging with other agencies, but says it will not sacrifice any part of its mission.

Biden Is Tapping Federal Resources to Expedite Fleeing Ukrainians' Entry to the United States

Federal personnel will attempt to fulfill the administration's goal of allowing 100,000 Ukrainians to enter the country.

GovExec Daily: DHS, Retaliation and Culture

The Project on Government Oversight's Adam Zagorin joins the podcast to discuss his report on the Homeland Security Department.

Jury: Former DHS Watchdog Official Stole Software, Employees’ Personal Info

The verdict is in for the last holdout in a scandalous scheme to defraud the government.

A Security Council Official Is Calling for a Federal Office to Oversee Commercial Supply Chains

A NSC official expressed support for a provision in the $52 billion America COMPETES Act that would establish a federal office dedicated to monitoring domestic and international commercial supply chains.

GovExec Daily: Security Clearances and Ukraine

Federal employment attorney Dan Meyer joins the podcast to talk about what cleared individuals should keep in mind while supporting Ukrainians.

DHS Prepares to Deploy Its Staff and Other Feds to the Border

The Biden administration says an increase in immigrants seeking entry into the country is likely after a pandemic policy is lifted.

Coast Guard Academy Leaders Shouldn't Make Diversity a 'Side Issue,' a New Report Says

The academy is committed to diversity but leaders need to be more proactive in promoting "cultural competence," a report from the National Academy of Public Administration finds.

House Panel Advances DHS Acquisition Bills

Two bills seeking to improve oversight of the Department of Homeland Security’s acquisition programs were passed out of committee in a markup on Wednesday, along with a number of other measures.

The U.S. Orders Most Troops and Diplomats to Leave Ukraine

More than 150 National Guardsmen were pulled from the Ukraine and only a skeleton crew remains in Kyiv after a phone call between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin produces “no fundamental change."

The Homeland Security Department Has a Playbook for the Super Bowl 

More than 500 DHS personnel are providing support for this year’s game.