Homeland Security

DHS Is Deploying More Employees to the Border, and Some Are Growing Tired of It

Some deployments have become mandatory as the administration prepares for an expected uptick in work at the border.

Republicans Call for the Resignation of a Key DHS Official They Claim Is 'Unengaged'

The component chief is facing allegations of failing to engage with his agency and falling asleep during meetings.

Federal Agencies Detail Their Priorities in Battling the Fentanyl Epidemic

Fentanyl seizures at the border have increased tenfold over the last three years.

New ‘More Flexible’ TSA Screening Systems Debut in Las Vegas

A collaboration between the TSA and Homeland’s Science & Technology Directorate yields compact baggage screening.

Federal Agencies Are Ignoring Most Building Safety Concerns Flagged by DHS

Lawmakers raise concerns about the non-compliance in light of the recent uptick in threats against feds.

Lawmakers Want to Know if the Biden Administration Needs More Money to Protect Feds

Amid rising threats, Democrats ask if DHS is doing enough to ensure federal employees are safe.

Biden Administration at Odds With the IG Over the Scrutiny Afghans Received Before Entering the U.S.

DHS cannot be sure it properly screened the evacuees, the IG said, raising the possibility it admitted "criminals, suspected terrorists or other nefarious actors."

GovExec Daily: The DHS Inspector General's Office Is Under Scrutiny

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the scandals surrounding Joseph Cuffari.

4 in 5 Afghans Who Worked for the US Have Faced Taliban Threats, Poll Finds

Lawmakers and advocates are working on legislation to make the special immigrant visa program permanent.

A New Office Seeks to Improve the Health and Wellness of DHS Employees and Detainees

The announcement follows several scandals involving the Homeland Security Department's ability to provide care.

Report: Half of the Responders in Uvalde Were Feds but That Didn't Speed Up the Slow Response

A comprehensive examination of the incident finds law enforcement prioritized their own safety over the 21 shooting victims.

Joe Biden Has a New Vision for the National Flood Insurance Program

The administration's flood insurance reforms could improve transparency — and make some Americans more vulnerable.

DHS is Making ‘Significant Reforms’ to the Employee Discipline Process

This comes after an outside oversight group alleged wrongdoing in the inspector general office, which the IG contests.