Homeland Security

Judge tosses IG’s lawsuit alleging harassment by oversight body investigating him

A watchdog of watchdogs is acting appropriately by investigating the inspector general, court rules.

Biden administration pleads for WMD office’s salvation

Hundreds of employees are facing job elimination, leaving the 'sword of Damocles hanging over their head.'

Report: DHS, USPS failing in their requirements to screen for opioids in the mail

A 2018 law aimed at preventing drug producers from shipping their goods through the mail is not being implemented, IG says.

Biden administration begins cautioning feds to prepare for a shutdown

Degree of organization varies across government as agencies note a funding lapse could still be avoided.

ICE officials didn’t accurately report how they disrupted transnational criminals, OIG says

Immigration officials didn’t know how many transnational criminal organizations they impacted over five years due to a data filing misstep, according to the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general.

Pregnant employees ruled eligible for class action discrimination lawsuit against CBP

The employees allege they were improperly forced to surrender duties upon notifying supervisors of their pregnancies.

TSA employees are finally earning similar wages to most other federal workers

Officials on Thursday celebrated the arrival of an up-to-30% pay raise for Transportation Security Administration employees this week, but warned that House spending plans could derail recent progress.

DHS inspector general pays $1.2M settlement to former deputy

Joseph Cuffari has faced widespread allegations of misconduct, though he denies any wrongdoing.

Inside DHS’ quest to streamline customer experience and ease public burden

The Department of Homeland Security’s CIO detailed how his agency saved the public 20 million hours accessing agency services in a move that signals a major culture change.

Public transit systems remain vulnerable to cyber threats

Despite repeated warnings, a report on Washington, D.C.’s transit authority finds it is still at risk of a cyberattack. Its issues aren’t unique, though, and experts warn that public transportation at-large is vulnerable unless leaders act.

The DHS Watchdog Says He Deletes Texts. Lawmakers Want to Know If This Violates Records Preservation Laws.

Two lawmakers have also introduced a bill to increase transparency in the Homeland Security Inspector General office.

Lawmakers Squabble Over DHS Staffing Levels, IG's Credibility

Republicans say Biden's border approach is causing employees' morale to tank, though Democrats say they are using faulty data.

Pay Raises and Hiring Are Where Lawmakers Agree in DHS Spending BiIl

Other common ground on the Homeland Security Department's spending levels is harder to come by.

Mass Turnover and Retirements Could Soon Plague the Overtaxed DHS Workforce, IG Warns

Workforce burdens are likely to escalate as Homeland Security secretary warns of "extremely challenging" period to begin next week.

Pregnant Employees at Customs and Border Protection Regularly Discriminated Against, Class Action Lawsuit Alleges

Hundreds of current and former employees are now eligible to join the case, as women say the "agency believed that my pregnancy would impede my competency."

DHS Cyber Talent Management System Boasts Just 80 Hires After Nearly Two Years

Integrating the new hiring acquisition system across the Department of Homeland Security has “been a real project,” said the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Federal Asylum Officers Blast New Biden Rule as Contrary to Legal, Moral Obligations

Management has told employees they understand the concerns, but employees will either have to comply or quit.