GSA Announces Fiscal 2022 Travel Per Diem Rates

The per diem for lodging will remain at fiscal 2021 levels next year, due to the downturn in hotel prices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does the Trump Organization’s Indictment Mean Anything for the Company’s GSA Lease? 

Experts said the indictment prompts speculation about possible suspension or debarment from federal business, but were unsure if GSA would act. 

Agencies Could Play a Critical Role in Modernizing Transportation, Cutting Carbon Emissions

President Biden’s mandate for “lean and zero-emissions vehicles” in government fleets creates an important opportunity.

Biden Taps Former Missouri Secretary of State to Lead GSA 

Robin Carnahan also has previous leadership experience at the agency. 

GSA Could Be Vulnerable to Security Threats From ‘Trusted Insiders’

Watchdog finds gaps in a program meant to protect personnel, facilities, operations and resources.

Rocky Presidential Transition Prompts Calls for Changes in the Law 

The delay in the formal start of the changeover, coronavirus pandemic and President Trump’s lawsuits all presented challenges. 

GSA Administrator Resigns

Emily Murphy was widely criticized for delaying the presidential transition. The agency also came under fire Friday for impeding the IG’s pandemic response investigations.

Trump’s D.C. Hotel Under Renewed Scrutiny 

The Capitol riots, Trump’s second impeachment and the upcoming change in administrations raise new questions about whether the General Services Administration will continue the lease. 

Architecture Groups Call on Biden to Revoke ‘Classical Buildings’ Executive Order

This is one of the many lame duck executive orders President Trump has issued recently. 

GSA Agrees to Brief Congress on Delayed Transition — Next Week

Briefings will occur on November 30 and will be closed to the press.

Former GSA Administrator Reflects on Ascertaining the Election in 2016

“If there’s anything that I would point to, it is really how important this activity and moment is,” said Denise Turner Roth of the presidential transition.

Pressure Continues to Mount for GSA to Ascertain Biden as Presidential Election Winner 

Lawmakers, former top government officials and others join the call for the transition activities to begin, citing national security concerns.   

GSA Faces Pressure to Recognize Biden as Election Winner, Hand Over Keys to Formally Start Transition 

It is unclear when GSA will grant access to full transition resources amid the Trump campaign’s legal challenges. 

GSA Holds the Key to When or If Biden Gets Access to Full Transition Resources

With President Trump’s campaign threatening lawsuits, it is unclear when GSA would grant access to full transition resources.