GSA Is Launching a New Tool to Simplify the Federal Buying Process

Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Sonny Hashmi said the new buyer experience tool "was built using human-centered design to address pain points in the acquisition process."

GSA Adds Sustainability Criteria to Push For Greener IT Contracts

The General Service Administration’s new contracting language is one tool for the agency to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.  

GSA Announces a Four-Fold Increase in Contracting Opportunity Goals for Small Disadvantaged Businesses

As the administration continues its efforts to steer $100 billion in contracting opportunities to historically marginalized firms by 2025, the General Services Administration is unveiling how it plans to help make that objective a reality.

GSA’s Lease for the Trump Hotel is Under Scrutiny Again

Lawmakers are calling for the agency to consider terminating the lease after the Trump Organization’s accounting firm said it could no longer vouch for the company’s financial statements.

Information Sought on the ‘Future of Work’ for Feds 

The topics of inquiry align with the president’s management agenda. 

Lawmakers Propose Reforms Following ‘Flagrant Mismanagement’ of Trump Hotel Lease

Oversight of the lease has been the subject of controversy for years from lawmakers, government watchdogs and outside groups.

House Probes of Trump Hotel Continue Amid Report of Sale

After years of controversy the Trump Organization is reportedly selling the lease to its D.C. hotel. 

GSA Failed to Remove Asbestos, Arsenic, Explosives From Missouri Facility for Decades, Report Finds

GSA officials knew about hazardous materials at a former munitions plant turned federal office building but declined to notify employees and other agency tenants or restrict access to impacted areas, substantiating a whistleblower’s allegations.

Lawmakers Look to Rekindle Efforts to Build a New FBI Headquarters 

A Senate appropriations bill for fiscal 2022 included a provision asking the bureau to move forward on plans in coordination with the General Services Administration. 

Observers Call on the Federal Government to Stop Doing Business With the Trump Organization 

The legal basis for a suspension is “clear cut,” said three signatories of a letter on Tuesday. 

Documents Raise ‘New and Troubling Questions’ on Trump Hotel Lease, Lawmakers Say 

House Democrats are asking GSA for more information following revelations on Friday. 

Watchdog: GSA Didn’t Always Follow Proper COVID-19 Procedures Early On

Agency says issues with delays in notification of positive cases and oversight of pandemic-related cleaning have been addressed.

WeWork and Other Co-Working Spaces to Be an Option for Feds 

GSA will issue guidance to agencies on how to take advantage of this first-ever contract. 

GSA Announces Fiscal 2022 Travel Per Diem Rates

The per diem for lodging will remain at fiscal 2021 levels next year, due to the downturn in hotel prices during the COVID-19 pandemic.