O’Malley vows to listen to frontline Social Security workers

President Biden’s pick to lead the embattled Social Security Administration said many of the agency’s challenges can be alleviated by a change in culture.

Data initiatives need to innovate on public engagement: Here’s how we can continue to improve

COMMENTARY | Long-term, effective stakeholder engagement can lead to long-term success.

The Library of Congress is Looking for the Next Oregon Trail Game

Video game developers can win up to $20,000 as part of a new video game contest from the Library of Congress meant to inspire civics-related games.

Lawmakers Are Calling for Permanent Leadership at Social Security

Nearly two years into his tenure, President Biden has yet to name his choice to lead the agency, despite low morale, mounting attrition and lack of progress in labor-management relations.

Avoiding 'Change Overload' for the Federal Workforce

Federal agencies need to consider the emotional reactions their employees are likely to have when told that organizational change, business process change or systems modernization is on the way.

Federal Employee Morale is Falling, and One Group Thinks the Slow Appointments Process Is to Blame

The Veterans Affairs Department was the only large agency to improve on its 2020 score in the latest annual Best Places to Work in the Federal Government report.

Biden Team Wants to Know How Feds Feel About the Return to Office, Inclusion and More

Administration officials are seeking feedback in short “pulse” surveys that will go out roughly every two months.  

Training the Watchdogs: ‘Our Job Doesn't End When You Leave The Door’ 

Government Executive spoke with Douglas Holt, executive director of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency’s training institute.

NASA Ranks as the Best Place to Work in Government for Ninth Year

The federal government still has “a lot of work to do to improve its competitiveness with the private sector as an employer of choice,” head of the nonprofit that released the rankings says. 

Fauci and Other Exceptional Feds to Be Honored at Service to America Awards

Ten government winners among 27 finalists will be recognized at the annual “Oscars of government service.”

Promoting Employee Engagement In a Time of Crisis

A new initiative is needed to create bottom-up demand for improving organizational health and performance.

Treasury Department Officials Are Working to Diversify Bank Partnerships

Corvelli McDaniel and Lorraine Cole won the Partnership for Public Service’s ‘People’s Choice’ award for their efforts on the project. 

NASA Ranks as the Best Place to Work in Government for Eighth Year

Partnership for Public Service notes a “modest drop in employee engagement” overall across government.  

'You Spoke, We Listened': How HHS Rapidly Improved Employee Viewpoint Survey Participation

Top HR officials made a year-round effort to highlight how the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey shapes the department.

The Agencies that Saw the Biggest Gains—and Losses—in Employee Happiness in 2019

Smaller agencies saw the widest swings in employee morale this year, as measured by the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.