Employee Accountability

How a culture of unaccountability permeates the federal government

COMMENTARY | Accountability is essential for an organization to function effectively.

EPA has a new plan to protect career scientists, but some are questioning its efficacy

Solutions to concerns over accountability and reporting mechanisms are coming soon, EPA official says.

House subpoenas VA over sexual harassment allegations

The department has asked for time to conduct its own investigation, but in a bipartisan vote, lawmakers declined to wait.

Federal watchdog launches probe into agency leadership that allegedly allowed widespread harassment to fester

Congressional committees and the agency itself is already conducting investigations into the alleged toxic workplace.

VA officials reassigned following a House Committee's investigation into harassment allegations

Members of the office tasked with investigating harassment claims have been transferred following an investigation by the House Veterans Affairs Committee into sexual misconduct claims within that office. 

Fixing accountability first: Another look at the Restore VA Accountability Act

COMMENTARY | If we really want to rid the VA (and the rest of the federal civil service) of poor performers, we need to find a middle ground between making every employee “at will” and defaulting to today’s status quo. 

Court opens up more discretion for reducing feds’ punishments

Federal employees facing firings will have an easier time mitigating that discipline to a lower form of punishment under new precedent.

Our Accountability System is Broken. Fix It First

The way we hold federal employees accountable for meeting reasonable standards of performance and behavior is badly broken, and it must be fixed before we can talk about additional reforms, argues one former federal leader.

VA Will No Longer Use Its Marquee Civil Service Reform Law to Punish Employees

The Biden administration unwinds a key Trump legislative victory, citing a series of setbacks the law has endured.

Senate Chairman Presses for Details on Deleted Jan. 6 Texts

Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.), chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, wants officials to explain what they know about the deletion of texts potentially relevant to ongoing inquiries into the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection and why seemingly routine records management directives were ignored.

DHS is Making ‘Significant Reforms’ to the Employee Discipline Process

This comes after an outside oversight group alleged wrongdoing in the inspector general office, which the IG contests.

A Noose Was Found at a Federal Facility in Tennessee

“A noose blatantly violates our policies and work rules and will not be tolerated,” said a spokesperson for the contractor that operates the facility.  

Court Deals Yet Another Blow to Firing Reform Law

Thousands of workers may now have a new avenue to getting their jobs back.

Gender Stereotypes Creep into Performance Reviews

Performance reviews, especially ones with vague criteria, are an opportunity for managers to project their gender stereotypes onto employees.