Defense Management

Trump Says US Troops Will Leave Iraq 'Shortly' But Provides No Timeline

Pompeo said it would take place "as soon as we can complete the mission."

Iran Is Our Top Priority, Says Senior US Commander In Middle East

Shiite military attacks have made it harder to fight ISIS, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said.

‘Most Believe’ Beirut Blast ‘Accident,’ Esper Says, Contradicting Trump

The president said “some of our great generals” told him that the blast was “a bomb of some kind.”

Trump Sidesteps Congress To Install Controversial Pentagon Nominee

A legal loophole may allow Tata to take the top job without Senate confirmation at all.

Top U.S. General Slams Confederacy As ‘Treason’, Signals Support For Base Renaming

“Those generals fought for the institution of slavery,” Gen. Mark Milley told a House hearing.

Army Was Reviewing More Than Confederate Base Names, Officials Reveal

Among the potential friction points eyed were Army National Guard units with nicknames honoring Confederate leaders.

U.S. Marine Corps Concludes Its Investigation Into a Fatal 2018 Midair Crash Was Inaccurate

A new review reexamined the December 2018 crash after a ProPublica investigation revealed that Marines had been deprived of adequate training and equipment, and that their repeated pleas for help from superiors before the crash went unaddressed.

Same Mission, Different Pay for National Guard

Benefits for National Guard members vary widely from state to state.

The First U.S. General to Call Trump a Bigot

Ricardo Sanchez, the retired former commander of U.S. ground forces in Iraq, becomes the first high-ranking military officer to call out the president for racism.

GovExec Daily: Taking Confederate Names Off Military Bases

Defense One's Brad Peniston joins the podcast to explain how the Pentagon could rename military installations.

Was the Coronavirus Outbreak an Intelligence Failure?

Warnings about major disease outbreaks are supposed to come from national and international medical intelligence and surveillance agencies that most Americans have never heard of.

Viewpoint: Take the Confederate Names Off Our Army Bases

It is time to remove the names of traitors like Benning and Bragg from our country’s most important military instillations.

James Mattis Denounces Trump as a Threat to the Constitution

In an extraordinary condemnation, the former defense secretary backs protesters and says the president is trying to turn Americans against one another.

GovExec Daily: How Feds See the Coronavirus Response

Government Business Council's Daniel Thomas joins the podcast to discuss the results of the audience surveys of Defense One and Government Executive readers.

Afghanistan Drawdown Continues Despite Violence, Ghani Announcement

The Afghan president said that his side would be resuming “offensive” operations against the Taliban.

Coronavirus Hampering Defense Contractor Operations, Reader Survey Finds

It’s harder to win business amid a pandemic, said one-third of industry respondents in a Defense One reader survey.

Why the Military Can Use Emergency Powers to Treat Service Members with Trial COVID-19 Drugs

Army physicians are turning to drugs approved for other conditions or newly developed treatments such as the antiviral Remdesivir to treat infected personnel.