Defense Management

SecDef: China Is Exporting Killer Robots to the Mideast

For the first time, a senior Defense official has called out Beijing for selling lethal autonomy.

Could Congress Reverse Trump’s Decision to Pull Troops Out of Syria?

Since the 1940s, Congress has largely let the president make decisions, while members of the House and Senate endorse or condemn those actions from the sidelines.

General: Trump Pullout Did Not Affect Baghdadi Raid Timing

“We struck because the time was about right,” said CENTCOM’s Gen. Frank McKenzie, of intelligence and other factors.

Pentagon Vows to Guard the Syrian Oil That Trump Wants to Seize

That includes warding off Syrian and Russian forces, SecDef Esper says, with murky justification under domestic and international law.

ISIS Leader Baghdadi Killed Himself During U.S. Special Ops Raid, Trump Confirms

Trump claims, against the evidence, that killing Baghdadi was administration's "top national security priority."

The Intelligence Fallout From Trump’s Withdrawal in Syria

The chaotic withdrawal from Syria will severely weaken U.S. efforts in the country—and could also be a boost for Russia and Iran.

US Agrees to Lift Sanctions on Turkey in Syria ‘Ceasefire’ Deal

“From what I understand it’s not a ceasefire,” Sen Marco Rubio, R-Fla., told reporters on Capitol Hill. “You have one-hundred-and-X number of hours to get out of here before we kill you.”

Boeing’s 737 Woes Aren’t Hurting Its Pursuit of Military Contracts, Exec Says

The company is still sinking its own cash into prototypes that can help it win long-term work.

Esper Condemns ‘War Crimes’; Trump Orders 1,000 US Troops Out of Northern Syria

As Turkey strikes deeper into northern Syria, Trump says "let them" fight.

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Defense Secretary: I Can't Put Forces Between Turks and Kurds

Esper explained why the U.S.-backed rebels will get no air cover or other help. But he couldn't explain why U.S. troops were moved after this particular Turkish threat to invade.

Anti-ISIS Operations In Syria Cease Amid Turkish Assault

“The SDF is clearly focused on the northern border to protect their forces,” a defense official said.

As Assault Begins, Trump Vows to Make Turkey Keep Its Word While Lawmakers Vow Punishment

The president said 'far more than sanctions' awaits Turkey if its assault taking over northern Syria is not 'as humane as possible.'

Analysis: The U.S. Gives Military Aid to Corrupt Countries All the Time

Military assistance deserves more scrutiny in many cases. Ukraine is nowhere near the most important.

Pentagon’s Top Lawyer to Review All Ukraine-Aid Documents

But a Defense spokesman still won’t say when the department was told about the aid freeze at the heart of the impeachment inquiry.

The Pentagon Has Officially Taken Over the Security Clearance Process

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency is now responsible for conducting 95% of the government’s background investigations.

Trump's New Joint Chiefs Chair Is A Savvy Political Operator

The question is: how will Gen. Mark Milley work with the U.S. president?

Pentagon Caught In The Middle Of Trump's Ukraine Scandal

Some presidential allies want to hang the security-aid freeze on the Defense Department. There’s no evidence for that.