Defense Management

Some secret military programs are getting a little less secret

New classification guidance aims to streamline operations within the Pentagon and with foreign partners.

House Democrat from Pennsylvania calls for defense secretary to step down

Rep. Chris Deluzio, a freshman lawmaker and Iraq war veteran, said in a statement Wednesday that he had “lost trust in Secretary Lloyd Austin’s leadership of the Defense Department.”

USAF cracks down on ‘need to know’ violations in wake of Discord leaks

Wing commander fired, 14 more disciplined after hundreds of documents were posted to a chat platform.

GAO: Army Corps’ cleanup of Manhattan Project-era sites suffers from management, cost uncertainties

Although the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ cost estimate of contaminated sites associated with the early decades of nuclear weapons manufacturing sat at $2.6 billion at the end of fiscal 2022, that number could easily grow substantially over time.

The Army doesn’t know where a lot of its excess arms and gear are

As allies' needs soar, officials are racing to get a clearer picture of what's available.

The Navy is drowning in data it doesn’t know what to do with

The service’s principal cyber advisor got candid about data struggles as it looks to adopt AI in operational plans.

The inside story of how the Navy spent billions on the “little crappy ship”

A ProPublica examination reveals new details on why the LCS never delivered on its promises.

The Pentagon’s innovation arm has a new chief and a new strategy

‘DIU 3.0,’ now under SecDef review, aims to embed teams in the combatant commands.

Defense Digital Service elevates top deputy to serve as director

Jennifer Hay will lead the Defense Department’s in-house team of software engineers and data scientists.

Army is now the 2nd service without a Senate-confirmed leader

At the “relinquishment of authority” ceremony, senior military leadership blasted Sen. Tuberville’s hold on nominations.

Pentagon’s termination of MyTravel program receives bipartisan criticism

The Pentagon’s reasons for reverting back to its legacy Defense Travel System after seven months “don’t add up,” according to Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C.

Where’d the Money Go? Lawmakers Press Air Force on Planned Radar Plane

Congress approved $200 million last year to get the first E-7s faster. That’s not happening.

As the White House and GOP Make Separate Pushes for More Permanent Staffing, Biden Sends Troops to the Border

Biden follows Trump and others in tapping the Pentagon for support ahead of expected increase in migrant encounters.

A ‘ChatGPT’ For Satellite Photos Already Exists

Using advanced generative AI and a massive dataset of Earth images, it’s possible to discover objects almost anywhere in just hours.

21-Year-Old Air Force IT Specialist Charged With Leaking Classified Security Documents

A team of Justice and FBI agents arrested 21-year-old Jack Teixeira in Massachusetts in connection with the widespread intel leak.