Defense Management

Our Highways Are an Ever-Expanding Museum of America’s Wars

I could hardly make out the words on the sign, but I knew what they said.

Congress Had the Votes to Overhaul How the Military Handles Serious Crimes. Why Didn’t It?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says that despite rare bipartisan backing, ‘four men, in a closed room’ blocked long-sought changes to how the military handles sexual assault and other major justice issues.

Liberals ‘Need to Get On the Defense Committees,’ If They Want Change

“At this point, I think defense is just not that important to progressives one way or the other,” said one expert after Democrats came away from negotiations empty handed.

The Pentagon’s New UFO Office Has a Specific Job

Defense leaders want to make sure they can spot and track “phenomena” trespassing over training ranges.

Key Pentagon Posts Remain Vacant Amid Supply-Chain Crisis

The Biden administration has not even nominated a defense undersecretary of acquisition and sustainment.

Are Naval Forces on the Right Path? Leaders Run Wargame to Check

Analysis of the classified, Pacific-focused “Global 14” will continue for weeks or months, a Navy official said.

Rising Inflation Is Beginning to Worry Pentagon Leaders

Higher salaries and more expensive weapons looming large as the Defense Department assembles next budget proposal.

Afghan Families Move From U.S. Military Bases to Neighborhoods

Nearly every state is expecting some of the Afghan evacuees.

Navy Seeks To Improve Firefighting After ‘Preventable’ Bonhomme Richard Disaster

Naval Safety Center gets a promotion, while ships’ crews will be trained to respond to pierside fires.

Almost Hijacked? Officials Dispute Scare Amid Ongoing Afghanistan Evac

While the chaos at HKIA is over, the effort to evacuate Afghans is not. Here’s how the U.S. is still getting people out.

Head of Pentagon Foreign Arms Sales Division Stepping Down After 15 Months on the Job

Heidi Grant was the first civilian to lead the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

US Army Is Scrutinizing Itself, Must Change Swiftly to Face China, Secretary Says

“The future is a lot closer than some of us think,” Christine Wormuth said at AUSA.

New Defense Department Climate Plan: Adjust Ops, Training, Gear for Extreme Weather

Virtual exercises will help when wildfires rage; equipment will be tested for health effects in intense heat and cold.

GovExec Daily: The Military Legacy of Sept. 11

The podcast explores how the attacks shaped the American military over the past 20 years.

How Memories of Japanese American Imprisonment during WWII Guided the U.S. Response to 9/11

In the wake of 9/11, some called for rounding up whole groups of people viewed as potential threats to the nation. But Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta knew the U.S. had done that before.