Defense Management

Viewpoint: Keep Politics Out of National-Security Advisory Boards

Trump’s appointment of loyalists to DHS and DOD boards sets a dangerous precedent.

Viewpoint: This Is No Job for a General

President-elect Joe Biden should choose a civilian to lead his Department of Defense.

Trump Admin to Rename Two Bases for Space Force Over Military Objections

The Air Force had quietly agreed with Congress not to change anything until the NDAA settles a way forward on Confederate base names.

US Has Achieved ‘Modicum of Success’ in Afghanistan, Top General Says

But years of military stalemate make negotiating with the Taliban the only option, Gen. Mark Milley says.

GovExec Daily: The Shakeup at the Pentagon

Defense One's Katie Bo Williams joins the podcast to discuss the leadership overhaul at the Defense Department.

Trump’s Purge of Defense Agencies Comes at a Vulnerable Time for U.S. National Security

Investigations of the 9/11 attacks show that a short, unstable transition between two presidents can weaken U.S security. Trump's sweeping staff changes compound the risk, experts say.

Tata Tapped to Perform Duties of Defense Undersecretary for Policy

President Trump’s deeply controversial nominee was rejected by the Senate over the summer.

Trump Fires Esper, Taps NCTC Director to be Acting SecDef

Christopher Miller becomes Trump's fourth acting defense secretary just 72 days before Inauguration Day.

Helicopters Over DC Protesters Broke Regulations While Commander was Driving Home, DC Guard Concludes

The D.C. National Guard and Pentagon IG are fighting over who to blame for the dangerous incident that symbolized Trump’s militarized response.

No Need To Federalize State's National Guards, Leaders Say

“I cannot think of any scenario where we would recommend or ask for being federalized,” Tennessee’s adjutant general told reporters.

Milley Speaks Out — and Trump Stays Mum

After a controversial summer, the Joint Chiefs chairman is holding his own with a string of public pronouncements.

Who Really Defeated the Islamic State – Obama or Trump?

President Trump has claimed the Islamic State was completely defeated on his watch – but an analysis of government maps and other reports shows his administration did only half the work.

GovExec Daily: The Trump and Biden Diplomacy and National Security Plans

Defense One's Kevin Baron joins the podcast to discuss how defense and foreign policy will factor into the 2020 election.

Congressional Subcommittees Will Investigate Fort Hood's Leadership After a String of Deaths

"Where appropriate, we intend to seek justice on behalf of those in uniform," the subcommittee chairs said while announcing their probe of the Texas Army base.

From Racism to Russia, Top General Says Army Must Change

Gen. McConville addressed the nation’s internal unrest, trust of the military, even QAnon, in a wide-ranging interview with Defense One.

Here’s What Might Not Survive COVID Budget Cuts

Like baby antelope at the watering hole, military weapons and vehicles still in early development might be the first to go.