Defense Management

Republicans Want a Briefing on the Defense Department’s ‘Lax’ Financial Management

The Pentagon failed its fifth-ever audit in 2022, but department officials say they are making some progress. 

Commission Looks for Ways to Speed Up Pentagon Budget Process to Keep Pace With China

The goal of the review is to adapt a decades-old way of doing things for the modern era.

What Is a UFO? The U.S. Shot down Three Mysterious Objects as Interest and Concern Increase Over Unidentified Craft

There are thousands of sightings of UFOs – or "unidentified aerial phenomena" as government prefers to call them – every year.

‘We Didn’t Have the Ships’ to Send ‘Best Option’ to Help Earthquake Victims, Commandant Says

Incident comes a year after maintenance problems delayed the 22nd MEU’s deployment to Europe.

Report: Pentagon Personnel Use Unauthorized, Unsafe Apps on Work Devices

The Defense Department’s inspector general found that unsanctioned apps downloaded onto government-issued mobile devices “could pose operational and cybersecurity risks to DOD information and information systems.”

New Pentagon Rules Keep Many Military Court Records Secret

Despite a 2016 law requiring transparency, the Defense Department is limiting public access to court records in the military justice system. A recent ProPublica lawsuit appears to have spurred the new Pentagon guidance.

What We Know About U.S.-Backed Zero Units in Afghanistan

Deadly night raids. Faulty U.S. intelligence. A “classified” war loophole. Reporter Lynzy Billing’s investigation offers an unprecedented insight into the civilian casualties of Afghanistan’s Zero Units.

Zelensky to America: Our Fight Is Your Fight

“Your money is not charity," the Ukrainian president said, but "an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.”

Let’s Make It Easier to Share Top-Secret Data With Allies, Intel Leader Says

The Defense Intelligence Agency’s CIO wants to expand collaborative workspaces—and resist the urge to mark everything NOFORN.

Gillibrand Ditches Military-Services Style Cyber Academy Idea for DOD Scholarship Program in NDAA

The new plan proposed by the New York senator would offer cyber scholarships to students at colleges and universities, followed by DOD service.  

GovExec Daily: Vacancies, Inspectors General and Oversight at the Pentagon

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the newly-confirmed Defense Department inspector general.

Just Half of Americans Trust the Military, Survey Finds

Most want to continue helping Ukraine—and most don’t think there’s a clear China strategy, according to the Reagan Institute poll.

Defense Department Health Plan Cuts Its Pharmacy Network by Nearly 15,000 Outlets

Many of the pharmacies were small, independent operations that had decided not to participate next year because of the lowered reimbursement being offered. But they were surprised by an early dismissal, and some patients with specialized drug needs could face difficulties in the transition.

Future Air Force Officers Get a 30,000-Foot View of Death in This Course

Views on death and the afterlife vary from person to person and culture to culture. This course gives Air Force cadets a broad perspective on mortality and its effects on people and society.

U.S. Military Will Pay for Troops to Travel for Abortions

Post-Roe abortion restrictions are hurting recruiting and retention, defense officials say.