Defense Management

Military Exposed to Toxic Fumes From Burn Pits Set to Get Bipartisan Boost

Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio were set to roll out a bill Friday that could help unknown thousands of service members who are sick from toxic substances they were exposed to from burning garbage in Afghanistan, Iraq and other war zones.

Third Defense Audit Shows Some Progress, Watchdog Says

Some components are performing better, but overall, the department’s books still don’t add up.

Better Weapons or More Soldiers? Army Chief Says He's Being Forced to Choose 

“We'd like to make it bigger, but what we have to do is prioritize,” said Gen. James McConville.

American Special Ops Forces Are Everywhere

They’ve become a major military player—and maybe a substitute for strategic thinking.

Americans’ Trust in Military Is Declining, Survey Finds

Yet people still trust the military more than six other U.S. institutions.

Space Force Sounds like a Joke Thanks to Pop Culture – that Could Be a Problem for An Important Military Branch

Science fiction has often had an inspirational and positive relationship with space endeavors. But the new Space Force is struggling with a pop culture public relations problem.

Deported Veterans, Stranded Far from Home after Years of Military Service, Press Biden to Bring Them Back

At least 92 US military veterans were deported between 2013 and 2018. These deportees are not currently included in Biden's effort to reunite families as part of his new immigration reform plan.

Biden Rescinds Memo Granting Defense Secretary Authority to Ban Unions

Last year, then-President Trump granted the Defense secretary authority to strip Pentagon employees of their rights to bargain collectively, although it was never acted upon.

What Happens to the Space Force Now?

President Biden is inheriting one of Trump’s pet projects.

Biden Orders New Review of Sexual Assault Policies in Military

Combatant commanders are to send plans and best practices within two weeks.

Here’s Who Will Be Running the Pentagon When Biden Takes Office

Dozens named in the most comprehensive roster published to date of who will be running DoD when the president-elect is sworn in.

Acting SecDef Defends Capitol Reaction, Says DoD Is Prepared for Next Week

Defense Department “absolutely” concerned about domestic terrorism next week but feels bureaucratic issues that delayed national guard are resolved.

For Pentagon, Biden Picks Two Obama-era Policy Veterans to Help Austin

After passing on Flournoy, Biden taps Kathleen Hicks and Colin Kahl to be Austin's deputy defense secretary and undersecretary for policy.

Acting Defense Secretary Visits Troops in Afghanistan

Trump's designee returned 19 years after serving here, this time to oversee a controversial order to rush troops out before Joe Biden is sworn in.

Viewpoint: Keep Politics Out of National-Security Advisory Boards

Trump’s appointment of loyalists to DHS and DOD boards sets a dangerous precedent.