Defense Management

The Navy Needs More Money, Its Top Admiral Bluntly Argues

The sea service is pushing for a fleet of 355 ships in the next decade, and that’s not counting unmanned vessels.

Meet the House Republicans Who Want to Rein In Trump On War

After the Soleimani strike, a working group of moderate Republicans and Democrats trying to “clarify” Congress’s war responsibilities hope they can build momentum.

House Passes War Powers Resolution to Limit War With Iran

The measure is legally toothless, but could still have some political impact.

Why U.S. Officials Are Revealing More about Cyber Ops

It’s part of a “costly signaling” gambit. Will it deter America’s enemies?

U.S., Iran Back Away From Conflict—For Now

The crisis appears to be cooling, at least for now, as U.S. lawmakers — and presumably the president — return their focus to the looming impeachment trial in the Senate.

Iran Is Getting Ready to Blow Up A Fake Aircraft Carrier, Again

To test weapons, try out tactics, and intimidate adversaries, Iranian forces may attack its barge-borne “carrier” as soon as March.

Iran Launched Missiles at Iraqi Bases with U.S. Forces, Pentagon Says

More than a dozen ballistic missiles were fired at the Al-Assad air base in Anbar province and a base in Irbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, a Defense statement said. 

Viewpoint: Don’t Use the Iran Crisis As An Excuse To Boost Pentagon Spending

Use it to reconsider the American approach to national security.

Soleimani Strike Splits 2020 Democrats

It also opens up a key weakness for frontrunner Joe Biden.

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Iraqi Lawmakers Ask Government to Expel U.S. Troops

Iraq analysts say the nonbinding vote is important but removal of U.S. troops is far from a done deal.

Federal Agencies Need to Improve Oversight of Security Aid to Lebanon

Hizbollah's influence “heightens the importance of ensuring strong management controls.”

Why Trump and Biden Can’t Cut Troops in Afghanistan Much More

Even ‘bare minimum’ counterterrorism forces require critical intelligence only U.S. personnel can provide, officials warn.

Pentagon Remains Bullish on 3D Printing, Despite Regulatory ‘Slog’

Military officials want to put additive manufacturing to broader use, but barriers remain.

Space Force Is Go for Launch, But ‘Thousands’ of Decisions Remain

The 2020 defense authorization act ushers in the first new service branch in 72 years.

Top U.S. General Defends Afghanistan War

CJCS Mark Milley denied that officials “lied” to the American public about the 18-year conflict.

How Donald Trump’s Daring Diplomacy With Kim Jong Un Fell Apart

When it comes to America’s last-ditch effort to prevent North Korea from becoming a nuclear power, timing has been everything. Now time’s running out.

U.S. Military Should Deepen Its Use of Deception, Pacific Air Forces General Says

“Gadget" culture won’t beat China, says Gen. Charles Q. Brown.