Defense Contracting

Defense Experts Throw Warning Flags As Congress Mulls Tighter Buy-American Rules

The House NDAA would require major defense programs to be all-American by 2026.

GovExec Daily: How the U.S. Can Further Human Rights Through Procurement

NYU's Isabelle Glimcher joins the podcast to discuss how the federal government can further goals through contracting.

Revealed: US Air Force Has Secretly Built and Flown a New Fighter Jet

The new digital tools that designed the full-scale flight demonstrator could herald a sea change in weapons acquisition.

Lockheed-Boeing Battle Heats Up as USAF Looks to Buy F-15EX

The F-35 maker is fighting to keep its monopoly on the Air Force’s fighter-jet shopping list.

Boeing’s Coronavirus Losses Now Bleeding Into Its Defense Accounts

More layoffs, production slowdowns and factory closures are being considered, executives said.

Raytheon CEO Projects Three-Year Coronavirus Downturn

It’s "a hell of a lot worse than what we originally projected," says the head of the new company formed by the United Technologies-Raytheon merger earlier this year.

US May Need to Nationalize Military Aircraft Industry, Air Force Says

That’s unless the Air Force can find a way to keep both competition and the few remaining U.S. plane-makers alive, the service’s acquisition chief said.

We Need $10B to Pay Contractors’ Coronavirus Expenses, Pentagon Tells Congress

It’s the first time a defense official has put a specific price tag on DoD’s COVID relief efforts.

GM Believes Army Troop Transport Deal Is Jumpstart to More Military Work

Now the company has its sights on Marine Corps, international, and more Army contracts.

Lockheed Says It’s Hired 8,300 Since Coronavirus Hit

The company also says it sent $1.1 billion in accelerated payments to keep suppliers afloat amid COVID-19.

Pentagon Starts Bailing Out Companies That Have Lost Business Due to Coronavirus

The Defense Department is sending millions of dollars to keep companies afloat, and more deals are expected.

CEOs of Major Defense Companies Speak Out About Racism, Call for Unity

In many cases, their internal messages and social media posts went out days before military leaders issued their own calls for reflection.