Defense Contracting

Cutting Civilian Defense Jobs Won't Eliminate the Real Waste at the Pentagon, Union Says

If lawmakers want to find savings at the Pentagon, they should start with underperforming weapons systems and service contracts, AFGE officials said.

CEOs Downplay Anticipated Gridlock on Capitol Hill, Defense Spending Cuts

Lockheed, Raytheon chiefs also say pandemic-era supply-chain woes are subsiding.

What We Know About U.S.-Backed Zero Units in Afghanistan

Deadly night raids. Faulty U.S. intelligence. A “classified” war loophole. Reporter Lynzy Billing’s investigation offers an unprecedented insight into the civilian casualties of Afghanistan’s Zero Units.

Aides Recall How Ash Carter Changed Pentagon’s Weapons Buying

Over decades, the physicist-turned-defense leader worked to speed up and streamline arms procurement.

Why The Pentagon’s Crush on Elon Musk is Dangerous For Democracy

Once considered a cross between Thomas Edison and Moses, Musk is revealing himself to be an ill-informed, modern-day tyrant.

DISA’s Sweeping New Plan Takes Aim at Data Silos, Mistagged Info

The Pentagon’s IT agency has policy and culture ideas to encourage freer, more secure info-sharing.

The U.S. Military Is Buying Electric Jet-ski Robots

Tests will see whether battery-powered personal watercraft can help with search-and-rescue

Defense Firms Sound Inflation Alarm as Congress Mulls 2023 Budget

One trade association says Pentagon would lose $110 billion in buying power.

New Air Force Space Buyer Eyes Fixed-price Contracts

Frank Calvelli, the assistant secretary of the Air Force for Space Acquisition and Integration, said "fixed-price contracting is not a bad approach for space things" and could help keep acquisitions on time.

Boeing Can’t Find Enough Workers to Build the New Air Force One

A new GAO report details the latest setback for the presidential planemaker. 

Raytheon Technologies to Move HQ from Massachusetts to Northern Virginia

The move means the five largest defense contractors will all call the D.C. region home.

Solarium Successor Wants the White House to Lead on Cyber Workforce Strategy

One recommendation: establish cyber excepted service authorities, like the Department of Homeland Security's newly launched cyber hiring initiative, government-wide.

Here's How the Pentagon Plans to Manage Inflation Costs in Contracts

The Defense Department urged contracting officers to "be mindful" of the varying impacts of inflation and "limit the scope" of equity pay adjustment clauses, according to new guidance.

The New Air Force Ones Are Late, So the Old Planes Need More Cash, Official Says

The Air Force acquisition chief cites a 2- to 3-year delay, which Boeing blames on subcontractor and supply problems.


Biden’s No. 2 Defense Industry Policy Official Leaves Post

It’s unclear why Jesse Salazar has left, the latest in a string of recent Pentagon departures.

The Pentagon's Acquisition Reforms May Get More Scrutiny

William LaPlante, who has been nominated to be the undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment, indicated that he would review recent acquisition reforms and champion modern software practices if confirmed.